Lies, Lies And Lies!

    If a lie is repeated 1000 times more than the single truth, people will believe the lie. If the lie is repeated in 1000 articles, people will think it’s the truth, especially if it is professionally written, which always is.

    If you’ve been visiting other websites that mention that Paris Hilton is going to record another album, you will notice false facts.

    The people who wrote these reports DID NOT deliberately lie, but they did receive their lie from one source. The one source that caused to spread lies about Paris’ music career is: This is the website which reported a month ago that Paris was dropped by Warner Music. Who wrote the article (–89520-19234217/)? We will never know.

    Look at this professionally written statement, and see how easily it can fool you.

    “We are not expecting any new Paris Hilton material in the foreseeable future.”

    Then, after Paris was released from jail, Access Hollywood did some investigation and was told by Warner Music that Paris Hilton was not dropped. Access Hollywood also repeated this on July 16 in a news article (

    Despite reports that Hilton had been dropped by her label, Warner Brothers confirmed to Access Hollywood last month that the socialite is still on their books.

    I’m sure that some of you still can’t believe it because the lie was reported by so many websites. And AH’s investigation was only reported by ONE website: A negative article will always gain more attention.

    And now many websites believe Warner Music won’t be promoting her second album. I mean how can they promote it if she was dropped? It just doesn’t make sense! It can’t be that maybe she wasn’t dropped! There are 1000 articles about it on the internet:

    “Paris” was released in collaboration with Warner Bros and Hilton’s own label, Heiress Records. Warner Bros stated it would not be part of the new album release due to past sales.

    Another lie which is always mentioned is that Paris Hilton only sold 77 000 copies of her debut album. This is not a lie, but a misunderstanding. This came from Page Six who reported that Paris only sold 77 000 copies in one week and that this shows that her album flopped. Most entertainment writers reported this, and it seems that it has been burned inside their brain. Since no major entertainment site like Page Six decided to update us on her album sales, many writers still believe that till this day, it only sold 77 000 copies, when in fact it sold more than 600 000 copies. Big difference!

    Despite being dropped from Warner Brothers after selling only a dismal 77,000 copies of “Paris” she is going to try her hand at the recording studio once more.

    And finally, again, haters don’t understand what Paris meant when she said she wanted to change. They don’t understand that it meant working harder on her career and her goals. Actually, if you look at the number of projects Paris is working at the moment, it is quite impressive. I say that she is finally back on track and understands what is important and what is not, but it remains to be seen if she has completely changed. Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten about her charity plans. is keeping a close eye on this.

    Remember all those promises of personal growth and maturity Paris Hilton made when she got out of jail? Apparently she’s not ready to grow out of her misguided attempts to be a pop star.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article! 😉

    Posted: July 19th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Barrage Of Projects

    Project News

    In our exclusive sit-down with the heiress, she told us that she hasn’t found the right guy yet, but that she’s very happy being single.

    And with all of her new projects, like her new venture into fashion designing, the reality TV star is keeping busy. She tells us, “I have been working very hard — I’m 26 years old now and started Paris Hilton Entertainment and my clothing line, which I’m actually wearing right now.”

    She tells us that her new line is extensive: “I do jeans, I do sportswear, we’re going to do shoes, purses” — she also says that she’s working on a new fragrance and her second book.

    And despite her recent publicized challenges, she is keeping a very positive outlook, telling us: “It’s exciting — this has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl — I’m fashion designing, I have my own doggie line coming out and just being an entrepreneur at such a young age. My grandpa, my dad, my mom, everyone is so proud of me, so it feels really good to accomplish so much so young.”

    When it comes to her spare time, Paris says she enjoys tennis and pilates to stay fit, and loves her menagerie of animals — she tells us she has 11 dogs, and even has horses and monkeys on her ranch!

    Watch our exclusive video to hear what Paris tells ETonline only!

    The EXCELLENT work of

    Posted: July 18th, 2007
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    Stan Lee: Paris Hilton Cartoon Is Very Refreshing

    Comic book guru Stan Lee is working with Paris Hilton on a new cartoon series for MTV.

    Details are sketchy at present but the Marvel Comics superhero creator admits he’s delighted with the project so far.

    He tells TV Guide magazine, “She won’t be your typical superhero. It’s a very refreshing and compelling situation comedy.

    “I like her, she’s a very nice, lovely girl.” and TV Guide

    Posted: July 18th, 2007
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    Hilarious Article From The Sun UK

    PARIS HILTON was reduced to tears on Tuesday night after getting the finger from former pal COURTNEY LOVE.

    The socialite fled the ex Hole star’s gig at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood after being subject to the abuse.

    It was the second snub in a week for the poor Paris after revelations that VICTORIA BECKHAM refused to be associated with the hotel heiress.

    An onlooker said: “Paris was just dancing at the side of the stage to Celebrity Skin when Courtney stuck up a finger to her.

    “No one really knows what the reason was.

    “Paris burst into tears and left the gig early.

    “I thought they were friends.”

    Posted: July 18th, 2007
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    What’s Up With The Media?

    Has anyone heard any comments about Paris’ announcement of recording a second album on TV?

    I know E! channel has made several small videos about it, but that’s not a surprise. They usually always get first positive news about her. And they certainly are interested in her music career.

    Since AP refuses to report it, did other news channels mention the news? Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight? Did they all ignore it as I predicted they would? ‘Cause it’s been more than a day now.

    Maybe they ignored it because it came from Eonline and because of competition issues, they can’t quote E! But that’s no excuse. Even X17 reported it with a video as proof.

    Can anyone tell me where “expert” Ashlan Gorse is? So she can come back on TV and explain to us how Paris still hasn’t changed? Because you know, this is part of the changing Paris.

    Why didn’t MSNBC give time to some of these experts to discuss about the recent news. They can explain to the public that she has been taking singing lessons and working with Scott Storch. I’ve checked my video library and not one major network posted any video about this important news.

    Ok! Now maybe, these haters in the media don’t consider this “important news” because they just can’t imagine Paris as a musician, but still, over the past two months, they have been screaming “she does nothing in life and so why should we pay any attention to her?” In the first place, these people aren’t even interested in seeing Paris as a singer or an actress, or seeing her in a positive way. That’s no fun. It’s actually sick and cruel!

    Many bloggers did report it with their hateful comments of course (most of them, but some welcomed the news), so I do believe that a good portion of the public is interested in her career.

    Anyway, damn the bias media!

    Posted: July 17th, 2007
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    Only E! Makes A Video Coverage About Paris Hilton’s Latest Music News

    I’m still waiting for the Associated Press who was more than happy to report a week ago about possible-fake accusations of Paris getting special treatement in jail. This is news. I believe in 2005, the Associated Press released a report about Paris collaborating with Three Six Mafia for her debut album. Where are AP’s SANDY COHEN’s so-pessimistic articles? They’re now all keeping their mouth shut?

    See who’s helping Paris breathe life back into her music career!

    Posted: July 17th, 2007
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    LA Times’ Report On Paris Hilton’s Music Career

    By Chris Lee

    Is Paris Hilton a glutton for punishment? A year after trying — and failing — to set the world on fire as a pop singer and less than a month after serving a 23-day jail sentence for probation violations, the socialite-heiress announced that she has begun laying tracks for a new album with hit-making hip-hop producer Scott Storch.

    “I’ve been working on it with Scott for a few weeks,” she told E! Online late Monday.

    Contrary to earlier reports, Hilton has not been dropped by her record label, Warner Bros., distributor of her boutique imprint, Heiress Records, a spokesperson confirmed.

    Storch — responsible for chart-topping singles for R. Kelly, 50 Cent, the Game and Beyoncé, among others — was also the musical architect behind much of Hilton’s 2006 CD “Paris.” Although that album entered the national chart at No. 6, selling 77,000 copies in its first week and spawning the Top 20 single “Stars Are Blind,” it’s generally considered a flop and one of the few commercial missteps in the celebutante’s burgeoning brand “presence,” which includes a bestselling book, endorsements for products such as Champagne in a can, a signature perfume and a reality TV show.

    Although Hilton hasn’t elaborated upon her plans in any of the usual Information Age confessionals — that is, on her MySpace page, her record website,, or her personal website — she made her musical intentions clear in an interview with The Times last August.

    “I plan to be doing this for a long time,” Hilton said. “This is something I’m going to be doing when I’m 40 years old. I’m serious about this.”

    Hrm! Chris certainly makes it sound as if Paris Hilton tried and failed as a singer. And I suspect that he wants us to believe that the album didn’t do well simply because it isn’t good.

    Well, this doesn’t appear to be a bias article, but I will point out that she did not work for a whole year to estalish herself as a successful singer. No, she didn’t! Instead she wasted her time by going to parties and all of that.

    But now, after the jail sentence, she understands her priorites. Again, the number one priority should be music. As I fan I say this because I believe that’s what she’s most good at as an entertainer. She’s not the best singer and doesn’t have to be.

    Once again, reliable souce LA Times, confirms that Paris was never dropped by Warner Music. And yes, as I said, it was “some” writer from Mirror UK who wrote a fake article before she went to jail and spread it like fire. But most haters still think she was dropped, and now they’re all confused.

    Paris going into music is no “misstep” or mistake. It’s what she wanted to do before she became famous and filmed the first season of the Simple Life, but our dear Paris took forever to take her music career seriously. Something that even the haters don’t realize or mention.

    “Paris,” the debut album, was no mistake. It is, according to many fans, perfection, but I don’t think Chris sees that way. It was because of bigoted haters and critics that the album didn’t perform well. And it is because of Paris not taking her serious work seriously that caused this whole mess.

    In the long run, she’s going to have to work much harder to become a serious and successful artist. This is a test and part of the “changing” Paris we’ve been talking about. Is she going to end the hate phenomenon? We’ll see! It’s a big task and I don’t think I could do it if I were in her shoes. It’s especially going to be hard when you have news sites ignoring your work, accomplishments and positive aspects.

    Posted: July 17th, 2007
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