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    Paris and Nicole learn what it takes to really rough it in the wilderness when they become counselors at a Survivalist Training Camp.

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    Posted: July 8th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Resumes Her Social Life

    Paris Hilton hit the hotspot Les Deux for a girls’ night out, her first visit to a club since being released from jail.

    The heiress arrived at the Hollywood club a little before midnight Friday with a group including her sister Nicky and Erin Foster (daughter of music producer David Foster).

    Wearing a gray sleeved shirt and black fedora, Paris, 26, sat at a table protected by two bodyguards who struggled to keep fans from snapping pictures.

    She later stood on a couch and – with most eyes on her – danced seductively against a wall with an arm extended up in the air, singing the words to every song that played, including her own single, “Stars Are Blind.”

    “Paris was super happy and full of smiles,” says one clubgoer. “She was laughing, having fun, drinking, dancing, singing along to songs, talking to everyone and hugging all the girls at her table.”

    Once a fixture at clubs, Hilton had not been spotted on the town until Friday night since she was released from jail after serving more than three weeks for a probation violation in an alcohol-related driving case.

    She told PEOPLE just hours after her release that she had learned “there is so much more to life than that whole club scene,” but that she wasn’t going to give it up entirely.

    “I’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s fun. I’m a social person. I love music. I love to dance. I love to hang out with my friends,” she said. “But that’s not what I care about as much anymore. Obviously I’ll still go out sometimes. I’m young and I like to be social, but I’m going to focus more on my work.”


    Posted: July 8th, 2007
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    X17 Doesn’t Want To See Paris Hilton As A Singer

    Apparently the post-prison Paris thinks she can save the world with her voice — the heiress didn’t inflict enough pain on us with her first album, now she’s threatening us with another?! At least she’s taking lessons – we spotted her leaving a private class yesterday – but really, can’t she find anything better to do with her time? What happen to helping support the fight against breast cancer? Volunteering in a soup kitchen, maybe? We’re still waiting to see if Paris will deliver on her promises …


    Unfortunately, this is a very ignorant article from X17. X17 is not hate site, but clearly, they don’t understand the real Paris.

    The problem, you see, is that Paris is not a humanitarian and, charity work should not be her first priority. I, too, like the haters except her to fulfil her promises, and you know what? I’m sure she will, but it should not be her first piority.

    She seriously needs to catch up with her career first, but charity work is also very important for those who need it and for her own image.

    X17 and haters need to understand that Paris Hilton is an entertainer.

    Posted: July 7th, 2007
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    Did Paris Hilton Listen To “Love Me For Me” Before Doing Her Interview?

    “Love Me For Me” was one of her unreleased songs that didn’t make it to her debut album. The lyrics of the songs are clearly written by her. And she revealed what the song is really about in her interview with Larry King in some weird way!

    This is pretty cool; compare her quote with the lyrics of the song.

    On Larry King:

    “It’s — it’s — it’s hard, you know, the media. Every time you’re in a relationship, they all make up stories. And I think it just takes someone who doesn’t care about that and someone who is just going to love me for me and not pay attention to all the other gossip.”

    Beginning of “Love Me For Me”:

    Do you know who I am
    I don’t think you do
    What you heard and been told
    Isn’t always true
    I got pain, feel the strain of it just like you
    So before you believe what others say [unreadable]

    [unreadable] don’t ya let somebody tell you that I’m not [everybody?]
    You should be with
    You should be with

    Cause I’m real and I feel
    And I want it to
    So let go, if you don’t
    It’s all on you

    Posted: July 7th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Possibly Preparing For Her World Tour

    All rumors seem to indicate that Paris Hilton might finally be preparing for a world tour.

    Many of you may not remember this, but Paris actually took singing lessons with the same vocal coatch, Seth Riggs, in October 9, 2006. I’ll rewrite that date: October 9, 2006. That was the time when Paris said she was getting ready for a world tour.

    TMZ reported back then that the reason why Paris visited him was to give her a “more complete sound.” Riggs told TMZ that she was “getting there.”

    Then, of course, as I’m sure you remember, we didn’t hear anything about the tour or her music career. This week however, she not only took singing courses, but also acting courses, which clearly shows that she is very serious about her career. Since her release from jail, she is barely going out and partying, etc.

    Quite a difference from the time after she released “Nothing in this World” last fall? Do you remember this? The media hasn’t talked about it, because they never talk about her career. For more than 7 months, we, the fans, waited for the tour and for a musical performance from her.

    What was Paris doing during the whole time? Nothing much except, filming “Hottie and the Nottie” and “Simple Life 5.” She mostly stayed silent and “normal.” She partied and went out a lot. In other words, she wasted her time and disappointed her fans, very much, indeed. The public, on the other hand, was still interested in her, but hadn’t understood that since the release of her debut album, she had greatly changed and matured. But we saw the result when we watched the hateful coverage of her jail sentence. Almost everyone had/has forgotten about “Paris the singer.”

    Now thanks to the harsh sentence, all of that has changed. She’s committed to her work more than ever. And this is the image of her that the media *should* be showing to the mass public, and get over the old partygirl type of image.

    Even though I’m sure most of you would love a second album, I still don’t think it’s time for one. I feel that “Paris” the debut album has been left incomplete. She should rerelease the album with a new single, music video, TV performance and of course, a worldwide tour. She needs to press the “RESUME” button.

    Posted: July 7th, 2007
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    The Day When Paris Hilton Was Spotted Taking Singing Lessons In 2007

    Paris Hilton was making up for lost tanning time at Portofino Sun Center yesterday. On her way out the door, the tanorexic star began her campaign to make the world a better place by hugging one very special young friend before quickly jetting off into the, uh, sun, in her car.

    Paris proved that she’s a paparazzi pro – post-pokey she’s the same as ever!

    Posted: July 7th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Haters Are Not Happy To See Her Sing Again

    Turn It Up

    Anna Shanks from (a hate blog) is a vivid Paris Hilton hater who wants nothing but bad to happen to her. I believe Splash News was the first to capture the pictures; this is the hateful hater’s message:

    If my spies are anything to go by, ex prisoner #9818783 is ‘attemping’ to launch herself as a singer. Before you all start sending me hate mail for imposing such bad news upon you on this fine day, I have pics to prove it and yes unfortunately for the world’s ears it does appear to be true. Paris Hilton was spotted by our moles leaving the Hollywood home of who we gather is her private singing tutor. The tutor was dressed in a maxi dress, flip flops and holding an empty cup which probably had some kind of concoction that ‘helps to soothe your voice’ in it was at Paris’ side later that day. I can only but speculate that Paris will reinvent herself as some kind of ballad crooning wannabe, think Tori Amos or like Amy Lee from Evanescence. Either way it’s not good for us! More to the point don’t you think she should have reinvented herself as a the first white chick on Fiddy Cent’s G-Unit label. After all she has done time now, so that makes her GHETTO!

    Well, Anna Shanks, sorry to break it to you, but this is the new reinvented Paris Hilton we want to see.

    Posted: July 7th, 2007
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