Paris Hilton To Music Fans: I Hear Ya!

    Yesturday It Was For Acting Skills; Today, It’s For Singing Skills

    Paris Hilton says YES to music career

    Paris Hilton left a singing lesson with a book titled ‘Singing For The Stars’ in Hollywood, LA. She had an hour and a half lesson with Rachel Riggs, daughter of the famous vocal coach, Seth Riggs, who is the author of the book Paris took away. It’s clear that Paris wants to get back to her singing career after just being released from jail (6 Jul 2007).

    Posted: July 6th, 2007
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    Links of [Extra Paris July.06.2007]

    This is the finale week of “Extra Paris.”

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    Paris Hilton In Malibu

    Paris Hilton followed up her 4th of July bash with a little alone time. A party girl needs her rest!

    TMZ cameras were outside Hilton’s rented Malibu dream home last night, where our photog spotted the heiress getting home around 7:00 PM. Miss P traveled from her home in West Hollywood to the beach in stealth mode — staying low in the back seat while her assistant drove her car.

    Paris sauntered into her beach pad and didn’t come out the rest of the evening. It was lights out at 1:00 AM, with no visitors. Hawaii travel and holiday partying are exhausting.


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    Paris Hilton Resumes Her Acting Classes

    Famous heiress Paris Hilton had a lot of time to think about what to do with her life while she was in jail. She even said that, when she was released, she would take up humanitarian work. 

    She has not yet started helping those who need it most because she concluded that the first thing she needed was a good vacation on the beautiful isles of Hawaii. Along with that, naturally, she also needed to do some serious shopping to forget the ordeal of having to wear the bland prison outfit. 

    After all this, Paris enrolled in Ivana Chubbuck’s acting class and had her first lesson yesterday. In light of her latest achievement in film, an acting course is not such a bad decision after all.

    I just want to correct one mistake: This is not Paris Hilton’s first acting class. I think the author of this article assumed it is.

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    Director of Rush Hour, Brett Ratner, Is Working With Paris Hilton On A New Movie

    Director Brett Ratner says he has big plans for Paris Hilton.

    TMZ spotted “Rush Hour” director Ratner outside of Mr. Chow last night, where he revealed his plans to work with the fresh-outta-jail heiress on, um, one of his next projects.

    The only clues Brett would give were that it’s not “X-Men 4” (please, keep this man away from that franchise!) and that it was “better than that.” With “Rush Hour 3” already in post-production, the only things on his plate right now are an untitled crime caper with Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy, and the just announced biopic of Playboy grandpa Hugh Hefner.

    Paris opposite Chris and Eddie? Or Paris as a dumb bunny? That was easy.

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    I think it’s a super-hero movie, or the movie about Marilyn Monroe.

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    [Extra Paris July.06.2007] Won’t Be Delayed

    The videos for [Extra Paris July.06.2007] will be released as scheduled at 8:30pm. Sorry for the mix-up.

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    Too Many False Reports About Paris Hilton Lately

    I just want to warn everyone that there are too many false reports/rumours about Paris Hilton and her projects on the internet at the moment. I’ve been receiving many reports which aren’t true.

    I think the main reason why people are making-up stories is simply because there is a lack of news about her in the real media. Since she’s just living her life and hasn’t done anything significant lately, people and bloggers seem to have a need to create stories.

    Just be careful not to believe everything. I always try to make sure that the reports I get are correct before posting them.

    Hopefully there will be some significant news about her and her career in the near future, but for now, I believe she’s still enjoying her summer break, and so should we!

    Posted: July 5th, 2007
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