Want To Buy Paris Hilton’s Dresses?

    PARIS HILTON’s post-jail outfits are sparking a shopping frenzy, as fans flock to copy the heiress’ demure looks from “Larry King Live” and People magazine.

    Beverly Hills’ NANETTE LEPORE store reps tell ET that their chi-chi Robertson Blvd. store has received “tons of calls” about the ivory lace dress Paris is seen wearing in the July 9th issue of People magazine. The empire waist dress retails for $305 on www.nanettelepore.neimanmarcus.com.

    Lepore reps say that Paris bought about 40 items from the boho-chic shop before her big interview with CNN’s LARRY KING, including the cardigan she wore on People‘s cover, a navy lace dress and a ruffled sweater seen inside the mag.

    For her on-air chat, Paris actually wore the Trapunto Lace, empire-waisted dress by BCBG MAX AZRIA, available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $338, with black, round-toed CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels.

    She likes BCBG so much she even chose their black crocheted, cut-out one piece to frolic in the waves this week in Maui. It was previously available at Nordstrom’s.


    Posted: July 3rd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes On Shopping Spree In L.A.

    Paris Hilton is adjusting to life outside jail with some retail therapy.

    The heiress, who arrived back in Los Angeles Tuesday after a post-prison trip to Maui, went on a Hawaiian shopping spree this week. The freed heiress hit the upscale Shops at Wailea – the antithesis of the jail commissary – stopping in Guess, BCBG Max Azria, the art gallery Celebrities (featuring works by famous people), the Enchantress Boutique and its new sister store, Fifi & Bootsie.

    On two different private shopping excursions, Hilton, wearing linen shorts, a silk top, big straw hat and white sunglasses, spent “a lot” in Enchantress and Fifi & Bootsie, eclectic specialty boutiques that carry 600 different designers between them, a source says.

    Her purchases included T-shirts by Brokedown and Hello Kitty, jewelery, candles, a pink leopard caftan by Monique Leshman, a tunic by Gold Hawk, and a princess-themed toilet roll dispenser for $29.

    “She was in a really good mood; she’s a sweet girl,” said one observer. “And she looked great. She’s got so much style.”

    The shopping spree also spared her the solitude she endured in her single-person cell: Eighty to 100 people followed her around the outdoor mall trying to snap her picture or obtain an autograph.

    “She was so nice and peaceful,” said Enchantress/Fifi & Bootsie co-owner Britta Alexandra. “She’s awesome; it was really great to see her again.”


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    Paris Hilton Is Back From Hawaii!

    Paris landed at LAX just a short time ago, abruptly ending her Hawaiian post-pokey getaway. A socialite must have some post-holiday holiday plans!

    Seen here sauntering through the airport this morning, she looked relaxed and happy, clinging a mind-expanding Vanity Fair and a notebook, the heiress was traveling alone … except for her omnipresent paparazzi pals.


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    The Changing Paris Hilton

    Many people think that Paris Hilton is supposed to change in a certain way. More specifically, she has to change in their way, but not in her way.

    I see a lot of haters saying “she said she’s going to do charity work, but she’s in Hawaii vacationing!” You know, that’s really stupid, even when it comes from a “fan.” Kyle said that she’s going to take a break and then try to figure out her plans.

    Even more stupid is this statement: “Paris is shopping in Hawaii, and this is proof that she hasn’t changed!” Now that’s a sign that the hater wants Paris to change in his or her own way, which would be destructive for Paris.

    When Paris says that she’s going to change, most haters assume that she’s going to stop shopping and partying altogether, or even stop promoting herself and her brand. Their vision of a changed Paris is clearly suicidal for her… or her business.

    This is why I’ve said many times that we have to wait and see what she wants to change, not what the haters and not even the fans want. She promised that she is going to reduce her days of partying and work harder on her career, but we won’t see any result right away. It will take a couple months before judging the “new Paris Hilton.”

    Posted: July 2nd, 2007
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    MADD Would Wait Before Hiring Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton’s expressed desire to work on behalf of Mothers Against Drunk Driving got a less-than-enthusiastic response Monday from the organization. “We have reservations about her behavior thus far,” MADD spokeswoman Misty Moyse said. “Typically, we’ve only worked with high-profile figures if there’s true responsibility for those actions.”MADD’s “primary concern” about Hilton is “the kind of messages being sent to the public and young girls nationwide about the seriousness of drunk driving and drinking by those under 21,” the bulk of Hilton’s fan base, Moyse said.

    In her first television interview since being freed from the Century Regional Detention Facility Tuesday, Hilton said on “Larry King Live” Wednesday said she would love to work with MADD and repeated her desire to help female inmates and people with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

    Moyse said she was not aware of any contact between her organization and representatives for the hotel heiress-entertainer-entrepreneur.

    “We haven’t heard from them. We haven’t reached out to them,” Moyse said. “Typically, we wait until the case is closed. There’s just a lot of parameters we have to look at at our end, regarding the person taking responsibility and other things.”

    There was no immediate response to a telephone message and e-mail sent to Hilton’s publicist, Elliot Mintz, seeking comment.

    Hilton was jailed for 23 days for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case by driving on a suspended license. She has repeatedly cited a miscommunication with her lawyer for driving on the suspended license.

    When asked by King if she got “a raw deal,” Hilton said she did, later saying “the crime did not fit the … punishment.”

    “I don’t feel like I deserved to go to jail for it,” Hilton said.

    Hilton also told King she will never drink and drive again and had only one drink before her arrest that led to her no contest plea to the reckless driving charge.

    Experts have said Hilton must have had more than one drink to have a blood-alcohol level of .08, the minimum for a drunken driving charge.

    MADD issued a statement June 7, the day Sheriff Lee Baca ordered Hilton transferred from jail to house arrest, calling for alcohol ignition interlock systems be placed on her vehicles.

    The system requires the driver to blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor unit attached to a vehicle’s dashboard. The car cannot be started if the blood alcohol level is above a preset level, usually .02 to .04

    A variation in California law has kept that from happening, Moyse said.

    “We do believe she should still be on an interlock given the driving on a suspended license more than once,” Moyse said.


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    We Haven’t Forgotten About Rocky Delgadillo And His Wife’s Offenses

    Another Rare Article About Paris Hilton

    Personally, I like Paris Hilton, always have. She’s pleasant, not pushy, and just the kind of person bullies, like that judge she had, like to pick on. So she’s just perfect to push around. You know she’s not going to beat you up like that guy who foolishly tried to mug an ex-prize fighter.

    It’s not just the (tough) judge who overruled the sheriff and sent her back to her claustrophobia-inducing jail cell, but did you get a look at the prosecutor, Rocky Delgadillo? He claimed that, “The rich and powerful receive special treatment,” and made sure she got put back in jail, regardless of medical advice to the contrary. To prove you’re even more powerful, drag her back to jail in cuffs.

    By the way, it seems his wife had committed the same crime of driving with a suspended license in 2005. In fact, she even had an accident driving his state-issued car. Jail time? Of course not. In fact, they hadn’t even paid for the damage to the state car till the publicity about it all. He admitted he was wrong. His wife said she didn’t realize her license was suspended, as did Paris. But you can’t make much of a name for yourself putting your own wife in jail.

    In fact, there was a warrant out for his wife’s arrest for failing to appear in court on charges of driving without insurance and other charges in 1998. Delgadillo didn’t have to look far to find people to put in jail. Furthermore, he also acknowledged that he had gone a year himself without insurance coverage and got away with it.

    The Los Angeles Times has published a “Rocky Watch” which lists further inappropriate use of state vehicles and other probable “crimes” by the diligent city prosecutor and his wife. A Times editorial wrote, “Any police officer who committed Delgadillo’s offenses would be fired and appropriately so. Why does the city’s top law enforcement official get a better deal than its rank and file?”

    It looks as if celebrities do “receive special treatment” and it’s certainly not in their favor in this case. Now maybe it’s time to take a closer look at that headline-grabbing vindictive judge who, along with Rocky, probably think they should be running in the upcoming presidential elections after this coup.

    Let’s hope this extreme confinement doesn’t change Paris Hilton. She’s a lovely person who just has to be a little more aware that there are a few mean people out there who want to get her. She must be more careful. Let’s hope also that the incident doesn’t affect the law enforcement and judicial systems in the country which, by and large, are there to serve and protect us all and are doing a good job of it. This case was hopefully not typical and certainly extreme.

    Jack Rivers is a resident of Framingham.


    Posted: July 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes On A Shopping Spree In Hawaii

    Paris Hilton is certainly enjoying her time in Maui — and was spotted on a carefree shopping spree over the weekend.

    Cameras snapped the socialite strolling solo around Hawaii — save for a bodyguard — where she worked a crowd gathered near her car. Paris lost the ridiculous disguise she donned at the airport on Friday, once again sporting her blonde extend-a-locks and a somewhat more subtle sun hat. It’s hot!

    The smiling heiress stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with the group, again soaking up the attention — and natural sunlight — that comes with life outside the pokey.


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