Paris Hilton: “I’m Gonna Focus More On My Work”

    In her interview with People Magazine, Paris Hilton mentions that she will finally work harder on her career instead of partying all the time.

    I’ve really grown and matured. I know there is so much more to life than that whole club scene. I’Ve been doing it for a long time. It’s fun, I’m a social person, I love music. I love to dance. I love to hang out with my friends. But that’s not what I care about as much anymore. Obviously I’ll still go out sometimes; I’m young and I like to be social, but I’m gonna focus more on my work.


    Posted: June 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Discusses About Religion And Spirituality

    Paris had this to say about religion in her interview with People Magazine:

    I don’t think anyone can really understand how it is to be in jail unless you’ve been in there. I was just trying to strengthen myself spiritually, and I continued to do so. I read The Power of Now, The Secret, The Alchemist. The Bible I read a lot.

    Just getting closer to God and my higher self. There was a nun who works at the jail for all the ladies, and she would come every day and we would pray. When I was alone I would pray to God to give me strength.


    Posted: June 29th, 2007
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    Details On Paris Hilton’s Secret Trip To A Hawaiian Hideaway

    After spending her first nights of freedom with family and doing post-jail interviews, PARIS HILTON is now relaxing in beautiful Hawaii.

    Wearing a long, flowing white sun dress with a dark wig, sunglasses and a large straw hat, the “Simple Life” star took United Airlines Flight 45 from LAX to Maui — landing there Thursday at 11:00 a.m. local time.

    Sources tell ET before she took off, Paris hung out in United’s VIP lounge and watched clips of herself from her “LARRY KING Live” interview. Because of her disguise, fellow passengers didn’t notice the famous heiress.

    After her arrival, the 26-year-old headed straight for the Four Seasons resort, and was seen at a gift shop in the area.

    Meanwhile, ET cameras spotted Paris’ younger sister NICKY enjoying lunch in Beverly Hills Thursday.

    Posted: June 29th, 2007
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    Posted: June 29th, 2007
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    Some Writer Is Spreading Lies Again?

    The only reason why she should sue one of her lawyers is because of the inaction taken against, but really, that’s not even necessary.

    Is Paris Hilton looking to sue her lawyer? The Scoop recently reported that the partying heiress was “furious” with Richard Hutton and was looking into legal action against him. “Your source got the story right, but the lawyer wrong,” an insider tells The Scoop. “She adores Richard Hutton and thinks he’s fabulous.”

    Howard Weitzman, an attorney who also worked on Hilton’s DUI case, insists all is well between the two. “This is the first I’ve heard of it,” he said when asked if Hilton was unhappy with him. “I continue to represent her in litigation matters.”

    But the source tells the Scoop that it won’t be for long. “She’s already signed papers in jail — although they haven’t been filed yet — for the substitution of attorney,” says the source, “taking Howard off the work he’s doing for her.”

    MSNBC, as usual.

    Posted: June 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Spending Some Time In Hawaii

    After a three-and-a-half week incarceration and a quick stop by Larry King, Paris Hilton bolted from the mainland and touched down in Hawaii on Thursday.

    As you can see from the photo, the raven-haired wig-wearing Hilty donned a straw hat and a comfy, casual dress for her grand island entrance.

    Paris was released from jail minutes after midnight on Monday. On Wednesday night, she gave her first TV interview on “Larry King Live.”

    And now, it’s time to say “Aloha, Paris.”

    Posted: June 28th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton DID Complete Her Alcohol Education Course In Time!

    I just have a couple of other comments about yesturday’s interview. I think I have a lot more, but I think it’s enough already.

    I’m more interested in the reaction of the haters right now. They still hate her of course. Paris doesn’t need to proof to them anything to make them change their mind. It’s really disgusting how they always dig for negative aspects, just to give a lame reason to hate her.

    It’s like trying to find something, anything in order to hate her. No mention of positive aspects. No honest opinion! You can read a lot of these comments at TMZ and other websites. There will always be haters, but the reason is because Paris is rich and pretty. Some of them just naturally hate her. It’s really a bad characteristic. Hopefully, some of the smart haters who are obsessed by her like we are will wake-up a bit.

    KING: But the way to put a stop to [fake stories] is to proclaim it. I mean, if you know …
    HILTON: I’m telling you right now I’ve put a stop to it.

    This part is tricky, but quite easy to answer. Larry King is a lemming, and everything he learned about her came from other people/haters. The fact is even if Paris said all of this long time ago, it still wouldn’t have any effect.

    Oh, what am I saying? Paris has always said that almost everything we read is false, but it’s the media who doesn’t report this. Many of the things she said yesturday had already been said by her. She repeats all the time because the media doesn’t take her statements seriously and always focus on the negative aspects. You can’t stop it; the media is too powerful, Larry. Period.

    KING: Did you think, Paris, that you didn’t deserve to be there?
    HILTON: You know, I think the crime did not fit the, you know, fit the punishment. I did my time. And you know, it was really hard, but I don’t feel like I deserved to go to jail for it.
    KING: You never felt you were a criminal.
    HILTON: No.
    KING: Not now, not then?
    HILTON: No.

    Well, of course, Paris didn’t deserve jail. People only wanted to see her go to jail, but didn’t care about the facts. I think people like Larry misunderstood her. I must say it’s good that she mentioned she didn’t deserve jail. It just happened for a different reason, and she wants to fix it.

    KING: And January 22nd you plead “no contest” to a reduced charge of alcohol-related reckless driving, you were ordered to take alcohol education. Did you?
    HILTON: Yes, I did. And actually when we went into court, they said that I hadn’t but the lady was sitting right in the courtroom and she said, “I will testify and say that Paris finished the course.” And they wouldn’t let her do it.

    The media (!!!) sure didn’t report this, now and then. So she did complete her educational course! See, even I didn’t know that. And the judge (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), grrr!

    Posted: June 28th, 2007
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