It’s Official! Larry King Is A Clueless Interviewer!

    Interview Will Air Live In Less Than 4 Hours

    Bad choice? We’ll have to wait and see! I have a strong feeling that he’s not going to ask the right and important questions!

    A never-before-seen video will be shown on tonight’s show for the first time in public! Wonder what it is!

    JUST IN: PARIS HILTON is now on her way to LARRY KING’s studios for the talk-show host’s interview tonight!

    Three Escalades arrived at Paris’ property moments ago, as the celebutante was whisked away to Larry’s exclusive interview.

    Earlier today, Larry gave ET an exclusive look into what’s going down on tonight’s one-on-one with Paris.

    “She wants to discuss anything I want to discuss,” Larry tells ET. “So there’s no holds barred. Once we start, we go.”

    The host of CNN’s “Larry King Live” was at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA, today to be master of ceremonies for an auction of artist TODD WHITE’s original work.

    “Someone said this is the second biggest guest you can get in the world,” says Larry. “The first would be OSAMA BIN LADEN. Now, what is that saying about us? The first biggest get would be this villain. The second biggest get would be this girl. Why? So I think that’s an extraordinary concept, a statement of what we are as a society.”

    Larry says one of the first questions he’ll ask Paris will be related to the “mystery illness” that spurred her early release from jail the first time around.

    “I’m definitely going to cover that, because we had [Sheriff LEE BACA] testify yesterday that this was a very serious illness, so serious that he let her out of jail — and he has kept people in jail with serious illnesses,” says Larry. “So that’s one of the earliest things you wanna know is, what was it? And then since it was so serious, how can you go back in for 23 days?”

    Larry also reveals that never-before-seen video will be shown on tonight’s show for the first time in public, and that he hasn’t seen the footage: “When the audience sees it, it’s the first time I see it, so therefore I can react; I like reacting.”

    “These are videos that [Paris’ reps] were apparently negotiating with the other networks,” he elaborates. “Apparently one of the networks — I don’t know which — they don’t pay for interviews, but they’ll pay for a video, and then they call that not paying, I guess.”

    So, how did he get “the big get”?

    “Well, her new PR guy called me on Saturday,” explains Larry. “He recommended me, and he met with the family and said, how would I like to do it? I gotta be honest with you, it was a two-minute conversation.”

    Check back for ETonline’s full coverage of tonight’s interview, airing at 9 p.m. Eastern on CNN!


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    Have Kimberly And Kelly Replaced Paris And Nicole?

    Member Benji’s Investigation

    It has been reported recently that Kelly Osbourne and Kimberly Stewart have been shooting a reality TV series for E! []

    The two are childhood friends with Paris & Nicole themselves, but the premise of their new show thus far has been kept under wraps.

    It may be due to the fact that E! has been shooting either a sixth season or a spinoff of “The Simple Life” featuring the new duo!

    Today while on Youtube I stumbled across a video of Perez Hilton visiting Kelly on the set of the new series. []

    It was posted by Celebrity Babylon, who have listed in the description of the video: “Celebrity Babylon was there to watch your favorite celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, on set with Kelly Osbourne for the filming of The Simple Life 2”

    “The Simple Life 2”? Could this be true? With Paris stating she wants to start anew and Nicole facing jailtime, it appears E! may have found two new girls “both filthy rich” to fill their shoes.

    It just might be true. Time for some new blood in the series? Only time will tell…

    This was written by Benji, a visitor of

    I personally haven’t heard anything about this new reality show starting Kim and Kelly, but I just don’t think E! would consider replacing Paris and Nicole with them. I’m just more inclined to think it’s for another show.

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    Video: Kim And Kyle Richards Interviewed About Paris Hilton

    Must See

    Thank you, thank you and thank you to Greta Van Susteren for the interview, the only woman with a brain at FOX. Keep them coming!

    Paris Hilton’s aunts on what the future holds for hotel heiress.


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    Paris Hilton’s Exclusive Interview With People Mag

    “Thank God I’m free!”

    These were the words of Paris Hilton, smiling and fluffing her newly replaced blonde hair extensions Tuesday at her grandfather’s Bel Air mansion, just hours after her release from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

    In an exclusive interview and photo shoot with PEOPLE, Hilton, 26, gave a candid glimpse into her 23 days in jail – including her explanation of the medical problems that led to her brief transfer to house arrest, and what she says she’s learned from her experience.

    Julie Chen speaks with Jess Cagle, People magazine’s assistant managing editor, about his exclusive interview with Paris Hilton, given hours after her release from a Los Angeles prison.

    CBS and People

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    Paris Hilton To Disappear During Summer Before Going Back To Work

    Just In!

    Paris Hilton will leave us this weekend for a well-deserved summer break in Malibu before facing an “incredible work schedule.”

    ET has learned that since PARIS HILTON’s release from jail just after midnight on Tuesday morning, the celebutante has rented a $2.9 million dollar beach house in Malibu for the summer.

    And although we are not revealing the exact address to protect Paris’ privacy, we have learned that she could be moving into the 2,258-square foot, two-bedroom, three-bath, on-the-water home as soon as this weekend.

    Sources also tell ET that the star’s parents, RICK and KATHY HILTON, may be renting a separate house for the summer nearby.

    As for Paris’ other post-jail plans, our CHERYL WOODCOCK spoke with Paris’ manager, JASON MOORE, on Tuesday morning. He tells ET that Paris is talking to LARRY KING Wednesday night, doing a magazine interview and then taking a few weeks to rest. He adds that Paris has an “incredible work schedule” ahead of her over the next several months, with launches of perfume and other products.

    And the heiress is staying true to her glamorous image back in the free world — this morning, she had a 9:30 a.m. at-home appointment with Dream Catchers Hair Extensions.

    In an interview with RYAN SEACREST of “E! News” about her jail experience last week, the 26-year-old heiress said that once free, “I just want to start using what I’ve been given by God to bring light to causes that I believe in.”

    Stay with ET for all the latest Paris news!


    This shouldn’t have happened because I believe she still has to catch up with her career and she has already wasted a lot of time in the past few months, but now, I think she really deserves a break.

    I hope that her “incredible work schedule” will include many “creative stuffs” from her. Let’s just put it that way, but it will probably mostly be clothing and jewelry collections for now.

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    Paris Hilton’s Post-Jail Pledges

    Paris Hilton is in mode Destiny #11, according Synchronicity Expert, Bill White, which means it is only natural for her to give back to society what they have given her after years of success. In other words, since her happiness and success came to a big stop, it’s in her to do some good for society if she chooses to accept this natural feeling. Bill White also explains that this is how she will find a new purpose in life and become a better person.

    Let’s remind ourselves her new pledges.

    Boosting of Charity Work

    She is planning to do a lot more of charity work. Nothing will change, though. She will continue to work for the same causes: breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, etc. It’s just that she will help more.

    More Religious and Spiritual

    Paris Hilton who is already a Catholic Christian will probably take her religion more seriously since she claims to have had  an indirect contact with God, and that He gave her a second chance. She’s more likely to become very spiritual.

    Transition House for L.A. Ex-Cons

    In her own words: “These women just keep coming back because they have no place to go…[the home can be] a place to get food and clothes on their backs.” “[It will be] a place to get food and clothes on their backs.”

    In this regard, I’ve received an email from one of the families of an inmate in Lynwood:

    I am very happy to hear about the transitioal house!!
    My (almost)21 year old daughter has been incarcerated at Lynwood since February for a ‘receiving stolen merchandise’ charge. She got 270 days and has served more than 25% of her time and is in a working dorm.Every day is harder and harder, we just hold our breth between now and Sep 15 (her projected release date).I am struggling to raise her two young sons, by myself and know something like that would literally save our lives. I know it won’t be complete by the time my daughter needs it but from the stories she tells me, there are mnay many young mothers who just dont have the money or menas to stay out of there, it’s not as easy or cut and dry as people think. I wish her well in her endeavers..
    Good luck..a non fan but avid supporter.


    Paris Hilton Playhouse

    This is not confirmed but there’s a possibility that Paris might decide to build a playhouse for kids. It will be something like Ronald’s Playhouse.

    Kicking Out the Bad Guys

    From now on, she will surround herself with “good” people. This will probably mean less partying. She will continue to go clubbing, but much less. Of course, the media will probably not mention this, if she does.

    These are her promises, but will they turn into action? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Watch tomorrow night’s interview with Larry King Live at 9pm, on CNN to learn more about her future plans.

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    L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca: Paris Hilton’s Life Was In Serious Danger

    In an exclusive interview with TMZ, L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca revealed that he reassigned Paris Hilton to house arrest because he feared her life was “definitely in danger.”

    Baca said, “When people are not functioning normally, they’re not eating normally, they don’t have a sense balance in their lives, god only knows what could happen.” He added, “We’ve had plenty of people die in the county jail system, not because of anything we did, but because we didn’t understand the medical problem.”

    Sheriff Baca came under fire for releasing Paris early to serve the remainder of her sentence under house arrest. Baca was questioned about that decision by the L.A. Board of Supervisors today.


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