Chaotic Paris Hilton Day Comes To An End

    25 Hours Left For First Interview

    Paris Hilton got out of jail Tuesday and immediately got back to being Paris Hilton, summoning a hair-salon van and, by her mere presence, creating a huge traffic jam that angered the neighbors.”There‘s not going to be a press conference today. I just spoke to Mr. Hilton. They have no plans to make any statement,” police Sgt. B. Anthony Roberts told reporters assembled outside the front gate of her grandparents‘ estate as the newly freed heiress kept a low profile inside.

    “Delivery for Paris from Taco Bell,” one of two delivery people who arrived with bags of food said into the intercom outside the front gate.

    Her transition back to celebutante started hours earlier when she was let out of jail shortly after midnight in a seedy section of Lynwood. Hilton managed to transform the event to almost the equivalent of a red-carpet arrival.

    From there it was a quick drive to fashionable Holmby Hills, home to Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner among others, and a stop at her grandparents‘ house.

    Hilton was scheduled to break her silence Wednesday night with an interview on CNN‘s “Larry King Live.”

    A makeup artist arrived on foot with a little pushcart filled with cosmetics. A stylist also walked up to the gate carrying several designer bags filled with stuff.

    “Oh please!” said retired attorney Martha Karsh who was out for a morning walk with her 21-year-old daughter, Katie, when she came upon the media onslaught. Until then, she said, she never knew a Hilton lived in the neighborhood.

    “I‘m trying to get my daughter to her dance class,” an angry Mindy Mann said as she called police on her cell phone.

    It was driving, not parking, irresponsibly that put Hilton in jail. She failed a field sobriety test after being stopped last September, then got caught twice driving with a suspended license while on probation for reckless driving.

    She reported to jail June 3 after walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards but was sent home under house arrest four days later after Sheriff Lee Baca said she developed psychological problems while in jail. Ordered back to the slammer by her sentencing judge, she remained locked up another 2 1/2 weeks.


    Posted: June 26th, 2007
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    L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca Is Probably Pissed Off At Paris Hilton

    Lee Baca is right. Paris needs to be more responsible, but I bet he’s very mad at her for making him face the malevolent force from the media and public. Hopefully, he finally understands that most people are irrational, but poor him, he’s going to face harsh attacks in the future. He already got the “fan treatment,” if you know what I mean.

    L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca addressed reporters in the hallway before facing the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, and he had a few choice words for Paris Hilton.

    While to be interviewed at the meeting, he addressed reporters with, “Paris, do a better job in your life.” When asked if he had a more specific message for the heiress he replied, “Redirect your energy … Stay out of trouble and follow the law.” When a reporter asked about Paris receiving special treatment, the Sheriff said, “Yes, she got special treatment … she got more time in jail than anybody in her situation.” Burn!

    Baca is waiting for his turn in the hotseat while the Supervisors discuss other topics.


    I love this quote: “Yes, she got special treatment … she got more time in jail than anybody in her situation.” LOL

    He’s going to have to repeat that 1000 times.

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    Analysing Paris Hilton’s Handwriting

    TMZ spoke with Chessa Roth, a handwriting expert with a masters in Graphoanalysis. Roth claims Paris’ note to Harvey Levin reveals some interesting tidbits about her personality.

    Roth began her analysis with, “By looking at the cursive signature of Paris Hilton, she put much more emphasis on the word Hilton than Paris … I think if she had been born Paris Doe, she probably would have had a distinctively different character.” And a different trust fund!

    “She placed a great deal of emphasis on the eyes,” Roth continued, “She pays attention to all the little details and she can remember them.” Too bad she forgot that little expired license thing!

    “Her handwriting shows she is an impulsive young woman — so in many cases, even though she has the ability, her impulsivity causes her to act before she thinks.” Well, that would explain a lot of things.

    And finally, what’s with all of those hearts above the lower case “i”s? “Again that’s an idiosyncrasy that says, ‘Look at Me!’ And it also shows her desire to be seen — it’s an intentional device.”


    Aha!!! TMZ didn’t reported everything she said in the video.

    1. She’s a perfectionist. | Hint!!! Her album is perfection!

    2. She’s intelligent. | We know that!

    3. She has difficulty getting goals and staying with the goals. | Ah! Can this explain why she put aside her album and tour? Note again she has difficulty “staying with the goals.”

    4. She’s gregarious | We know that!

    5. She’s outgoing, easily not get along with and doesn’t feel alienated. | We know that!

    6. She knows how to party. | We know that, too!

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    Paris Hilton’s Manager, Jason Moore: Watch Out For Paris Products

    Thanks to Sabrinia for pointing this out.

    PARIS HILTON took her first steps of freedom just minutes after midnight early Tuesday morning.

    Our CHERYL WOODCOCK spoke with her manager, JASON MOORE, this morning. He tells ET that Paris is talking to LARRY KING Wednesday night, doing a magazine interview and then taking a few weeks to rest. He adds that Paris has an “incredible work schedule” ahead of her over the next several months, with launches of perfume and other products.


    Jason moore is a very informative person. He should speak out more about Paris’ plans. I’m wondering if those products include a new album.

    Actually, I think he’s talking about clothing lines and stuffs like that. The perfume he mentioned is of course, Can Can, which will be released during Christmas.

    I’d like to see a rerelease of her album, and the new movie, The Hottie and the Nottie, on big screen.

    We’ll see! Hopefully, Paris will give us more insight tomorrw!

    Posted: June 26th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Taking A Break Before Big Interview is reporting that Paris Hilton is presently at her grandparents’ pad in LA’s ritzy Holmby Hills area. I’m assuming she’s at Barron Hilton’s house. It would probably be a good idea for her to disappear for awhile before doing the interview tomorrow night.

    Actually, you might have noticed that the media attention has already decreased rapidly. The peak of today’s event was when they released her obviously. It was again breathtaking. Every news channel covered it, but then, then they quickly moved on to other stories, unlike last time, which is good.

    Paris deserves a good meal and break before doing that interview with Larry King.

    She also looks happy and healthy. There are still haters in the media giving their cruel opinion. I’m sure you saw that video where a reporter said that she doesn’t deserve the attention she is getting because she hasn’t done anything, but instead of agreeing with her, I laughed at her. Anyone who says Paris has contributed nothing to society or to any individual cannot be taken seriously. Providing good music is only one among many contributions she has done. At least for me, I’ve discovered what real music is through her album.

    Anyway, I predict a 24 hour break ahead before tomorrow’s interview at 9pm, on CNN’s Larry King Live. It’s going to be amazing!

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    Paparazzi Henri: Paris Hilton Is Currently At Her Parent’s House

    Miss Hilton – released from jail where she has been for almost 20 days reaches her parents’ house in the exclusive and posh Bel-Air.

    Initially, it was not clear where she would be taken to.
    Her pets had been moved from her house earlier in the day, so she would not be returning to her house in West Hollywood.

    At a little past 1:00am a huge SUV pulled up and PARIS HILTON and her Mom, Kathy Hilton were seated in the back.

    She looked relieved to be home and extremely happy! She smiled, waved and looked giddy with delight. The SUV could barely move into the long and winding driveway.


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    Singer/Actress/Model Paris Hilton Leaves Jail With Smiles

    Paris Hilton is released from the Lynwood, California jail where she served a 23 day sentence.


    Posted: June 26th, 2007
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