Rocky Delgadillo Should Be Fired

    Rocky Delgadillo And His Wife Are Receiving Special Treatment

    New leak: Rocky Delgadillo who drove without insurance a whole year.

    Times editorial: “Here‘s a sobering observation. Any police officer who committed Delgadillo‘s offenses would be fired, and appropriately so. Why does the city‘s top law enforcement official get a better deal than its rank and file?”

    Hypocrites Rocky Delgadillo and his wife deserve the harshment punishment, just like one they imposed on Paris Hilton who committed unconscious offenses.

    When Paris Hilton was sprung from jail early, few were as outraged — and as outspoken — as the prosecutor who put her there.

    Soon after Hilton was sent back to jail earlier this month, he acknowledged his wife had committed a similar infraction — driving with a suspended license. Among other things, he also admitted sticking the taxpayers with the bill after his wife crashed his city-issued car in 2004, and acknowledged that staffers have occasionally run personal errands and baby-sat his children.

    The disclosures have led the California bar and the city Ethics Commission to open investigations of one of Los Angeles‘ highest-ranking law enforcement officers.

    Delgadillo is a 46-year-old up-and-coming Democrat whose close advisers are said to refer to themselves as “Team 1600,” a reference to the Pennsylvania Avenue address of the White House.

    He was a deputy mayor to Richard Riordan and an entertainment attorney for powerhouse legal firm O‘Melveny & Myers, where former Secretary of State Warren Christopher practices.

    Apart for some questions about his claims of gridiron glory, including a boast he played pro football (he tried out for New York Giants but didn‘t make the team), he had had little trouble in office up until two weeks ago.

    On the same day, he acknowledged that his wife, Michelle, got a ticket for driving with a suspended license in 2005.

    More than a week later, amid mounting pressure from the Los Angeles Times and other local news media, he disclosed that his wife banged up his city-issued GMC Yukon in 2004 while driving with a suspended license and that he left the taxpayers to foot the $1,222 repair bill. He reimbursed the city last week.

    Then it emerged that his wife had an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on charges of driving without insurance and other offenses dating to 1998. She resolved the case Wednesday by pleading no contest to a misdemeanor.

    It turned out she wasn‘t the only one in the family who drove without insurance: Her husband later acknowledged he had gone a year without coverage.

    The Times, which followed Delgadillo‘s troubles in an editorial page fixture it called “Rocky Watch,” also reported that the city attorney had used members of his staff to run personal errands and baby-sit his two young sons. A spokesman for Delgadillo confirmed that staff members have tended to some family and personal needs, but on their own time or during lunch breaks.

    Finally, it was discovered that a consulting and business development company operated by his wife failed to file state tax returns for several years and did not have a city business license. On Friday, she paid an undisclosed amount in fees and penalties for not registering her company with the city, but said she reported the consulting income on her personal tax returns.

    “Here‘s a sobering observation,” the Times editorial page wrote. “Any police officer who committed Delgadillo‘s offenses would be fired, and appropriately so. Why does the city‘s top law enforcement official get a better deal than its rank and file?”


    Posted: June 25th, 2007
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    Actress Ashley Scott: “[Paris Hilton]’s learned a lot about herself”

    Paris Hilton got a visit from actress Ashley Scott (TV’s Jericho) on Sunday night – her final visit before she leaves jail Tuesday.

    Scott, 29, arrived around 7:15 and stayed for 45 minutes. Was it an emotional visit? “Yes, of course,” she said afterwards. “You can’t touch or hug. It’s hard.”

    What’s the first thing Paris wants to do after being released? “Eat!” said Scott. “She’s looking forward to eating.”

    The actress added that jail hadn’t taken a toll on her friend’s physical appearance: “She looks gorgeous!” she said. “She looks stunning.”

    Her mindset right now? “She’s learned a lot about herself,” said Scott. “She’s strong. She’s very excited about getting out and eating a good meal.”


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    Kyle Richards: “I Am So Happy She’s Coming Home”

    Paparazzi Henri’s comments

    “I am so happy she’s coming home…very happy. I am very proud of her, the way she has handled this. I couldn’t do it, personally.” “She really has been a trooper and I am very proud of her…and I can’t wait to have her home…Tuesday!”

    Hilton family is planning “a quiet celebration.” for the comeback.

    “She’ll be home Tuesday and you guys can say hello again.” “She’s feeling much better and she’s handling this much better than I ever could, or anybody I know could.”

    Kyle says she spoke to Paris a couple hours ago and her neice said “That she’s looking forward to being home…she is excited to be home and being out of there…it has not been fun!”. Paris is not happy but she is being a trooper, she is being strong and handling it well and looking forward to being home and starting her life again.

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    Barbara Walters Has Some Respect For Paris Hilton

    “Look, I’ve done prison interviews before, but people like the Menendez Brothers were really important news stories. This wasn’t. And even though I’d already written my questions, when all that pay-for-play stuff happened, I suddenly felt this was not up to my standard. It felt sort of tawdry. The whole thing somehow was beneath me. Besides, it was a no-win. If I did a tough piece and her tears started to flow, it would be, ‘Oh, there’s Barbara Walters making people cry again.’ Too soft, and I’d be criticized. [ABC] they wanted it. For them it was ratings. For me it was respect. I’m fortunately at a point in my life where I can choose what I want, and this was solely my decision. But I must tell you how classy ABC was. They didn’t try to force me or say they’d place it on Nightline, or give it to someone else to do or any of the things they could have done. They respected my decision and walked away. Some agreed with my decision, some didn’t. For me it was just a question of respect.”

    – Barbara Walters

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    Paris Hilton’s Lawyers Are Still Sleeping

    Will this wake them up?

    Some of Paris Hilton’s “friends” are already welcoming her home — with a spray-painted message on the side of her Hollywood pad.

    The tagging, an obvious stunt to promote a website that proudly displays some of Paris’ most private items — including sex videos and diaries — was carried out late last night. Hope she can afford a good painter.


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    The Vicious Article Of Constance Droganes On Canada’s

    Larry King is doing a happy dance — and it’s all because of Paris Hilton.

    King won the hottest interview since Monica Lewinsky boo-hooed about that stained blue dress of hers during the Clinton sex scandal.

    The cost of chit-chatting with Hilton?

    A big whopping zero, say King’s producers.

    There are many reasons why I love Larry. His suspenders. His laugh. The way he gasps like a stabbed blow fish when comedians like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin come onto his show and start working him over.

    I also respect him for never dishing out a dime to talk to guests. No self-respecting journalist should.

    But is interviewing the woman famous only for partying and porn a step down for “The King”? In recent months, King has said she’s famous for nothing.

    On Sunday, Bob Schieffer, the host of “Face the Nation,” ended the show with a poke at the ongoing Paris broo-ha-ha.

    “I want everyone to know why I didn’t ask Paris onto my show,” he smiled wryly. “I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to ask her”

    Larry King won’t have a problem interrogating the newly transformed party girl. He’s the bomb at grenading guests with tough questions.

    Has your opinion of Larry fallen now that he’s riding the Paris bandwagon and keeping her saga in our faces?

    How to destroy this article in a “Heartbeat” – My Respond

    How dare you say Paris Hilton is famous for nothing. Haven’t you ever heard of the Simple Life series? Don’t you know she is a singer, actress, model and businesswoman?

    Your article is pure trash, and shows how clueless you are. It is an insult to Paris fans who love her music and her products.

    Well, Larry King only formed his opinion about Paris by listening to other clueless and jealous guests who come and give their own opinion. The fact and the matter is, Larry King is only a lemming. He never had Paris as a guest on his show, so of course, he can’t say much.

    Constance Droganes is pushing pushing pushing to degrade Larry for inviting Paris on his show, and this is because of the powerful malevolent force.

    I’ve noticed that Canadian journalists are more aggressive, but this is mainly because they don’t know anything about Paris, much less than Americans. I think that those who run CTV, eTALK are all extreme haters and show a very lemming behavior.

    I choose Droganes’ article among many because it expresses a very old way of thinking. He should refrain himself or herself from writing about her.

    People like this journalist will be very surprised see Paris defend herself. What she’s going to say will be very unexpected for them.

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    Download The Fifth Episode Of Simple Life 5

    Flirting with Disaster

    Couples therapy camp begins at Camp Shawnee just as Paris and Hunter’s relationship takes a major turn.

    The Simple Life 5 – Episode 5 XviD.avi

    Thanks to SiS

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