NBC Is Angry

    A rep with NBC told TMZ there was never anything to kill, because they never sealed the deal on a Paris interview.

    Allison Gollust, Senior VP of NBC News Communications, told TMZ, “There’s nothing to pull the plug on because we never committed to this.”

    But here’s the deal. TMZ knows a producer was already assigned to the interview, which was supposed to air on “Today.” Multiple sources tell us that camera people and associate producers were told to be ready, and that the piece would be shot in L.A. and edited in New York.

    As TMZ first reported, honchos at the net told selected staffers today that the interview was dead. To that, Gollust said, “It can’t be dead if it was never alive to begin with.”


    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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    NBC Cancels Paris Hilton Interview

    Inside sources at NBC tell TMZ the network has just canceled its interview with Paris Hilton.

    As TMZ reported, the Burbank bureau was preparing for the interview with Paris and Meredith Vieira for “Today.”

    But just a short time ago, honchos informed selected staff that the interview is dead. No reason was given.


    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is A Destiny Number 11


    How Paris Hilton Has Changed
    Did she really get a sign from God?

    According to Synchronicity expert, Bill White, Paris Hilton “is a number 11 destiny path. This means she has a [mission] to bring spiritual insight to the world…this is her larger purpose if she chooses to accept it.”

    What is Destiny Number 11?

    Number 11’s are conduits of spiritual information that often feel a great need to transform the world with their visions. This master number often sets goals for himself or herself that are almost impossible to live up to.

    11’s have an innate spiritual strength and acute awareness of others that often has a positive transformative effect on other people’s lives. They often display a positive and upbeat attitude that others find contagious. Their ability to inspire others makes them excellent teachers, social workers, philosophers and advisors.

    This deeply intuitive sign is also very interested in occult, religious or supernatural matters. Many of them are born psychic and at some point in their life become priests, nuns, tarot readers, astrologers, metaphysicians, light-workers, channellers and Reiki masters. Usually they are propelled on the spiritual path after taking a hard fall after a period of fantastic success very early in their life.

    The strain of being so omniscient often deteriorates the delicate nervous systems of number 11’s that fit the profile of the “wounded healer.” Practices such as yoga and meditation keep the flighty number 11’s feet on the ground.

    Did she really get a sign from God?

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    TMZ Reports: The Interview Will Be Conducted By NBC

    This makes much sense than Page Six’ article. However, I still can’t say for sure if this is 100% accurate.

    It does indeed look like Paris & family have inked a deal with NBC. TMZ has learned the NBC bureau in Burbank has been put on alert for a “possible Paris interview” and the project is so secret, it has a code name — ROME!!!

    Sources say the camera staff, production assistants and others have been told the interview will be conducted by Meredith Vieira sometime next week and will air on “Today.”

    The buzz is — NBC paid a cool mil for the sit-down. NBC rules prohibit paying for interviews, so our sources say the party line is that the network is paying for videos.


    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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    No Post-Jail Party For Paris Hilton

    Page Six’ earlier reports about a party organized by Rick Hilton were made-up. Did you believe them? Do you think they’re going to write an article about Kathy’s comments? Don’t count on it.

    There’s no gigantic blowout in the works to celebrate Paris Hilton’s release from jail — at least according to her mom. Sorry, Greasy Bear.

    TMZ caught mama Hilton, Kathy, at The Ivy yesterday, where she told our cameras the only thing the family has planned for their jailed daughter is some time at home with the family. “We’re just gonna let her decompress, be at home for a while, get the family together” Kathy told TMZ, adding, “she is doing much better.”

    That million-dollar interview with “Today” must just be part of the “decompressing” process.


    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s First Post-Pics Will Be On People Magazine

    ALERT: This Comes From The Lying Six Page

    The Post has learned that the cunning con also inked a deal to sell her first photos to Getty Images,. They will run in People magazine, along with the first print interview, next Friday.

    The Getty deal is worth a staggering $300,000, sources said.

    People managing editor Larry Hackett acknowledged that there was a “photography deal” with Getty Images, but declined to disclose the price.

    “It’s a fascinating story and we’re thrilled to have it,” said Hackett, who declined to discuss terms. Hackett said the appearance with Vieira will only whet the appetite for the People story.

    Page Six

    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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    Club Paris Closes Its Doors

    I wonder if the firing of its star caused this. It’s still interesting to see what happened to Fred Khalilian’s Club Paris after all the bad-mouthing he did behind her back.

    Club Paris, that is. Opened in 2004 with promises of regular appearances by hotel heiress Paris Hilton, the nightclub will close its doors in Church Street Station on Aug. 12.The club’s lease for Church Street Station was voided when developer Cameron Kuhn bought the property at a bankruptcy auction in April.

    Last week, Dior Entertainment Group, investors led by Club Paris’ owner Fred Khalilian, signed a contract to buy Cairo Nightclub on Central Boulevard and to sublease the building from Cairo’s owners for five years.

    Khalilian will renovate Cairo and reopen it as dior Nightclub on Aug. 31.

    Now in jail for violating probation in a reckless-driving case, Paris Hilton never made regular appearances at the club.

    Dale Sexton of Dior Entertainment Group said the group’s members had been considering starting a new nightclub since November. But Hilton’s jailing and Lou Pearlman’s bankruptcy “forced our hands much earlier than we wanted to.”

    Club Paris doesn’t fit into Kuhn’s plans for Church Street Station because it’s where 18- to 34-year-olds go for “a night out,” while Kuhn wants “a food and retail family hangout,” Khalilian said.

    “It worked out for the best, anyway, with Paris in jail,” he added.

    Another club in Church Street Station, Bliss Ultra Lounge, signed a five-year lease with Kuhn in early June.

    “He likes exactly what we have,” said owner Vito Badalamenti Jr. “It’s an upscale lounge, and that’s what he wants.”

    Bliss offers live entertainment, a dance floor and VIP service, Badalamenti said.

    Kuhn was not available for comment.

    Another Church Street Station entertainment hub, the Orlando Improv Comedy Club, will keep its doors open but renovate its exterior to look more “contemporary,” said box-office employee Melanie Ryan.

    Though exiled from the station, Khalilian is excited at the chance to start afresh. Unlike the pink-themed Club Paris, dior will be completely white, Khalilian said.

    “Club Paris was all pink and red and the glam of Hollywood,” he said. “This is for everybody.”


    Posted: June 22nd, 2007
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