Hugh Hefner Wants To Degrade Paris Hilton

    Hugh Hefner is not a Paris Hilton hater.

    He is a “smart” guy and understands what’s really going on with Paris.

    Most importantly, Paris should never ever accept his offer. Never!

    She might not even be a free woman yet, but Paris Hilton has at least one standing offer once she’s out of jail — just ask Hugh Hefner.

    Access Hollywood caught up with the Playboy icon in the French Riviera last week, as he and his three girlfriends — Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson — promoted their E! show, “The Girls Next Door,” at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. And while Hefner enjoyed the sights and sounds of the sunny hotspot, he took some time to share his thoughts on the incarcerated heiress.

    Would Hefner welcome the idea of Paris posing in Playboy once she’s released from jail ?

    “Well, that’s a standing offer,” he replied, without missing a beat. “I think the problem quite frankly is mama. Mama doesn’t want her to pose.”

    And though he suggested that Kathy Hilton is to blame for Paris’ absence from Playboy’s pages, Hef didn’t seem to think that her daughter was to blame for the trouble she finds herself in right now.

    “I think to some extent [Paris] lives in a celebrity bubble,” he reasoned. “I don’t even think she was aware of the fact she was breaking the law. I think it’s sad.


    Posted: June 19th, 2007
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    Kathy And Rick Hilton Open Up About Paris Hilton In A Phone Interview

    Greta Van Susteren from FOX (On The Record) does it again!

    Kathy and Rick Hilton visited their 26-year-old daughter on Sunday. They told Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren that Paris is passing the time reading letters from fans, relatives and friends and reflecting on her life.

    Rick Hilton said her daughter is doing “much better” and gave him a handmade Father’s Day card.

    Paris Hilton is expected to be released next Monday, when she will have served about 23 days of a 45-day sentence for violating probation in a reckless driving case.

    Her father said: “She sees the light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Posted: June 18th, 2007
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    Top Prosecutor Rocky Delgadillo’s Wife Gets Special Treatment

    Delgadillo quietly gets a special treatment for his wife, just like other politicians and high profile members in our society who aren’t hated for no good reason.

    Paris Hilton was sent to jail because of probation violation, and it had nothing to do with drunk and driving.

    Rocky Delgadillo is of course an evil creature just like Sauer who thinks he can fool the public easily, is above the law and can do whatever he wants to rich, pretty and famous celebrities just because he has the backing of an empty-headed and jealous mob. He knows this, but he keeps his mouth shut in order to prove to us that the judicial system works in America!

    The city’s top prosecutor’s office got Paris Hilton jailed for violating probation by driving with a suspended license and then condemned her early release.

    On Monday, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo was the one apologizing for keeping quiet about a 2004 accident in which his wife crashed his city-issued vehicle – while driving on a suspended license.

    “I realized that I should have spoken up earlier. That was a mistake,” Delgadillo said at a news conference. “I mishandled the situation and I apologize.”

    Delgadillo insisted his wife did not receive any special treatment.

    He also said his wife’s violation is not comparable to the Paris Hilton case.

    “Paris Hilton was driving drunk, was on a probation … she violated that probation more than once,” he said. “My wife had a suspended license and then she received a ticket. She was never driving drunk.”

    Michelle Delgadillo’s license was suspended beginning in July 2004 after her personal vehicle “bumped another car” earlier that year, said Delgadillo’s spokesman, Nick Velasquez.

    She did not file a report to the state motor vehicles department, but the other driver did. When she didn’t provide proof of insurance to the DMV, her license was suspended “unbeknownst to her,” Velasquez said.

    The same month her license was suspended, she crashed her husband’s city-issued GMC Yukon into a pole.

    She was ticketed in September 2005 for failing to obey a turn-only sign and paid a $186 fine, but was not cited for having a suspended license.

    The case went through the usual traffic court channels and was not handled by the city attorney’s office. Delgadillo acknowledged the violation to the Los Angeles Times earlier this month.

    He said neither he nor his wife knew her license was suspended. He said his wife didn’t know about the suspension until 2006, when someone broke into her car and stole her license.

    “She discovered her license was suspended when she went to the DMV to get a new license,” he said.

    Delgadillo said he reimbursed the city Monday for the $1,222 repair bill. Delgadillo said he did not initially pay the cost because he believed that city policy allowed for personal use of the vehicle.

    Under city rules, city vehicles assigned to elected officials such as Delgadillo cannot be driven by a family member for personal reasons, but the city attorney said that the rule is ambiguous.

    He said he will no longer allow his wife to drive the SUV.

    Hilton was sent to jail earlier this month after failing a sobriety test and violating her probation twice by driving on a suspended license.

    When Sheriff Lee Baca abruptly released Hilton from jail early, Delgadillo pushed for more jail time for the hotel heiress and filed a petition questioning whether the sheriff should be held in contempt of court.

    Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer’s decision to send Hilton back to jail to serve out her sentence came shortly after.


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    Paris Hilton Collection To Expand Even More

    Just In

    Principals: Jason Moore, G.M., Paris Hilton Entertainment; Michael Stone, CEO, the Beanstalk Group
    Licensees include: Dollhouse, JCS Apparel, Little Lilly (pet accessories), Parlux Fragrances

    The story: Hilton was ubiquitous even before started updating her whereabouts every five minutes.

    Overshadowed by all of her notoriety, however, has been a savvy merchandising campaign.

    The cornerstone of her licensing efforts is with Parlux Fragrances, which has had tremendous success with Hilton-inspired scents for several years.

    The Beanstalk Group has since taken the lead on licensing Hilton, moving her brand into the apparel, apparel accessories and health & beauty categories.

    In apparel, cutting-edge design company Dollhouse is the anchor licensee, rolling out in August a line of junior sportswear for department and specialty stores.

    JCS Apparel follows in September with a line of outerwear including overcoats and jackets in down, wool and leather aimed at a young demographic.

    Also new is a line of pet accessories and apparel from Little Lilly. More launches are in the works, with a new fragrance, Can Can by Paris Hilton coming from Parlux in October.

    And in 2008, Hilton will expand into footwear, hair care, swimwear, eyewear and luggage as well as launch into the European market.

    POV: While Hilton recently told an Los Angeles court that she’s not real hands-on when it comes to managing her personal affairs, she apparently has a different mindset in regards to merchandise with her name on it.

    “The real difference between the Paris Hilton line and the other celebrity-based lines is that Paris is so involved,” says Deke Jamieson, Dollhouse’s senior VP marketing and licensing. “She and her team understand what it means to be a true brand.”

    Pure Paris!

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    Paris Hilton’s Life In Prison

    X17 has learned, exclusively, from an inside source, that staff at the Twin Towers jail treated Paris Hilton like a queen! Okay, maybe not quite like royalty, but the fourth-floor medical facility cell was repainted just ahead of Paris’ arrival, the mattresses were replaced in her room, and the heiress Paris had access to a ping pong table in the common area of the ward. Paris played multiple times with deputies but now, back at the less-comfy Lynwood correctional facility, she’s isolated in a cell by herself and no longer has access to ping pong! At Lynwood, Paris has no TV and has access to a recreation area defined as “an empty room with a basketball hoop.” Horror!

    Our source says the food at Lynwood is about two-stars below Twin Towers’ fare. In fact, Paris stopped eating when she returned to her old stomping grounds, until staff threatened to put her on an IV — then she finally acquiesced.

    X17 has also learned that during her stint at Twin Towers, Paris did not receive the ADD medication, Adderall, that her own private doctor had prescribed. Now that she’s back at Lynwood, she’s getting her meds, but apparently they’re freaking her out! Our source says she’s much worse off mentally, than she was at Twin Towers and that the drugs make her very nervous.

    And coming later … you’ll never guess what the California penal system has denied Ms. Paris Hilton while she’s incarcerated! — Stay tuned!


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    Paris Hilton’s Neighbors Are Fed Up

    Paris’ problems are just beginning. Apparently, her neighbors are fed up with all the paparazzi and helicopters she attracts. So, they are trying to rally the community against her by passing out flyers and encouraging locals to file a formal complaint with the LAPD.

    “Heiress Alert: Time for Action” is the flyer’s title, and it begins as such: “Since the arrival of Paris Hilton to our neighborhood we have seen our quality of life deteriorate.”

    Can you really get someone evicted for being annoying. And wouldn’t pitchforks and burning torches be more effective than a paper trail? Just asking…


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    L.A. Civil Rights Association: Paris Hilton Should Represent People Who Need Help In The Mental Illness Area

    I’d like to see Paris stand up against her injustice first

    Representatives from the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association and Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable tried to hand deliver a letter to Hilton requesting she speak out on the jail system and its treatment of inmates in need of medical and psychological care.

    “This will be a time for Paris to step up, and step her game up, and do what’s right and represent people who need help in the mental illness area,” said Eddie Jones, of the L.A. Civil Rights Association.

    “We’ve seen celebrities now who have made statements they want to get involved in social causes,” added Hutchinson of the Urban Policy Roundtable. “This is a challenge to Paris Hilton.”

    Hilton, who has admitted to being “severely depressed” behind bars, need to become “a poster girl for the mentally challenged,” Hutchinson said.

    Correction officers promised to forward the letter to Hilton.

    There was no comment from Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz, who said he wouldn’t speak to reporters on Paris’ behalf until she is released.

    In other news, Sheriff Lee Baca is putting off a request from the L.A. Board of Supervisors to file a report and appear at a meeting Tuesday to explain his ill-fated transfer of Hilton to home detention. Baca, who is also being targeted by a recall campaign, has instead flown to Turkey for a conference on international security issues.

    He promised to attend a meeting on June 26—the day after Paris is due to be discharged.

    Edited Eonline

    How about:

    “This will be a time for Paris to step up, and step her game up, and do what’s right and represent true justice in order to prevent judges and prosecutors from abusing her celebrity status.

    “We’ve seen celebrities now who have made statements they want to get involved in injust causes.”

    I’d like to see Eddie Jones speak out against the injustice and harsh punishment on behalf of Paris and the insane American public who can’t understand how dangerous the judicial system in America is becoming.

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