Violates Court Order

    ABC News Investigation may not be completely shut down despite court violation

    From spice cakes to X-rated pictures, there were new attempts to cash in on the Paris Hilton craze this week.

    A Web site featuring racy photos, diary entries and other personal and financial information about the hotel heiress has re-emerged, apparently in violation of a federal court order blocking the site.

    In February U.S. District Court Judge George King issued a preliminary injunction against a site known as and its .net equivalent after Hilton sued the Web sites for copyright infringement and violating her privacy.

    King barred the sites from publishing a range of personal information about Hilton, including “any picture depicting [Hilton] in a state of undress and in a private setting,” until the conclusion of the lawsuit.

    The site, which recently reappeared online, features nude photographs and home videos of Hilton — an apparent violation of the court order.

    The photos, along with Hilton’s diaries, some medical and financial records, and personal writings, were apparently sold to the Web site’s operators after Hilton failed to pay the bill for a storage locker where those items were being kept. The site’s reappearance was first reported by the Web site

    ‘The Guy Came With a Bag of Cash’

    The publisher of ParisExposed, identified in court documents as Bardia Persa, could face contempt of court charges for continuing to publish the banned information — if he can be found.

    But Persa’s identity is something of a mystery.

    Hilton sued Persa and Nabila Haniss in January, alleging that Haniss bought the contents of the storage locker for $2,775 at a foreclosure sale after Hilton didn’t pay the $208 storage bill.

    Hilton said in court papers that she paid for the locker through her moving company, but the movers didn’t make the payments on time and never informed her when her payments were overdue.

    Haniss then sold the locker’s contents to Persa for $10 million, court papers say.

    But Haniss’ former attorney, Robert Shiri, said Haniss doesn’t know to whom she sold Hilton’s belongings, adding that the buyer contacted Haniss.

    “The guy came with a bag of cash and she handed him the videotapes and other stuff,” Shiri said.

    Hilton’s attorneys did not return several calls seeking comment. Haniss’ current attorney, Paul Berra, declined to comment.

    Court records don’t list an attorney for Persa, and no one showed up in court on his behalf to challenge the preliminary injunction. Messages sent to an e-mail address registered to ParisExposed were not returned and other efforts to contact Persa Wednesday were unsuccessful.

    Shiri said the original ParisExposed site was traced to an owner in Amsterdam, and that he believed Bardia Persa was a fictitious name. is registered in the West Indies.

    “I don’t think it’s a real person,” Shiri said.

    Court Order Difficult to Enforce

    The re-emergence of the Web site highlights one of the difficulties of controlling personal information on the Internet. If the site does originate from overseas, it would be more difficult to regulate, even with a court order, legal experts said, since U.S. courts have little control over the actions of people in foreign countries.

    “As a practical matter, a U.S. court can’t control a foreign operation,” said Thomas R. Burke, who practices media law at Davis Wright Tremaine in San Francisco.

    “News can travel too fast on the Internet,” he said. “It’s difficult for any court to issue an order that will have an effect worldwide. It’s virtually impossible to do so.”

    Orin Kerr, a professor at George Washington University Law School and a former attorney with the computer crimes division of the Department of Justice, said Hilton’s lawyers could probably shut down the domain name ParisExposed, even if they could not stop the photos from leaking out somewhere on the Internet.

    “It’s really hard to keep something off the net entirely, but you can certainly make it hard to find,” Kerr said.


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    Paris Hilton Made “A Beautiful Card” For Her Father

    Ms. Hilton got a special Father’s Day visit from her parents last night, but for some odd reason Rick described this year’s holiday as, “not one of my best.” Wonder why?

    Cameras swarmed Mama and Papa Hilton as they worked their way into Lynwood jail yesterday for a weekend visit with their locked up daughter. Nicky was nowhere in sight as the jail only allows two visitors per session, but she had stopped by on Saturday with boyfriend David Katzenberg.

    After spending some quality free time with their daughter, Rick and Kathy told photogs that Paris had made her dad “a beautiful card” while in lockdown, adding that her spirits are positive but she’s been cold in her cell. When asked what she does with all her free time Kathy said Paris “just looks at the four walls and reads some nice fan mail.”


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    Paris Hilton Is Freezing In Jail

    Inmate Paris Hilton spent Father’s Day with her parents, and the hotel heiress gave him a card with his picture on it.Rick and Kathy Hilton showed up at the Century Regional Detention Facility in a silver Chevy sedan about 7:15 p.m. and left about an hour later.

    Asked about his Father’s Day, Rick Hilton said, “It’s not ideally my best.”

    The 26-year-old’s parents said the “Simple Life” star is getting along better, though she’s still cold.

    “I thought her arm was broken,” said Kathy Hilton, making a motion like someone shivering in the cold.

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    Download The Fourth Episode Of Simple Life 5


    Paris and Nicole get their beauty queen campers and their moms ready for the big pageant.

    The Simple Life 5 – Episode 4 XviD.avi

    Thanks to SiS

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    Kevin Connolly: Paris Hilton Is A Cat

    Paris Hilton got a visit from her sister Nicky at the medical clinic of the women’s jail in Lynwood, Calif., over the weekend.

    Nicky arrived with boyfriend David Katzenberg and Julie Araskog, a longtime friend of the Hilton family. reported that Nicky left a small, unidentified red package with corrections officers as she was leaving the facility.

    Meanwhile, Paris’s jail sentence elicited a range of different reactions from celebs over the weekend. Is her punishment fair? Will she change her ways after jail? Here’s a rundown:

    Kevin Connolly: Paris Is A Cat

    Entourage star Kevin Connolly, who once dated Nicky Hilton, offered his love and support for the Hilton family – plus some insight into Paris’s resilience. “Rick and Kathy are absolutely fantastic people and I can not say enough good things about them,” he told PEOPLE Saturday at a Hampton magazine party. “They’re great people. They’re great parents. And they’re a tight family. They’ll make it through. Because they stay together as a family, they’re tight.”

    And Paris? “Paris is like a cat,” Connolly says. “She always lands on her feet she always has. She’ll be fine. It seems tough and for her, I’m sure it is tough. But like I said, they’re a tight family unit and they’ll get through it with each other. I love Rick and Kathy. They’ve been so nice to me . . . . they’re good people.”

    Ellen & Vivica’s Lessons Learned

    At the Daytime Emmy Awards Friday night, Paris was on the minds of several celebs, including big winner Ellen DeGeneres and Vivica A. Fox, who was recently cited for a DUI. “I just think it’s a huge learning lesson for all celebrities to learn that we are not above the law, that if you do commit a crime you will serve the time,” she said. “The main thing you should do is take responsibility for your actions.

    “I still love Paris Hilton, I think she’s great,” Fox added. “She’s going to get more coverage when her butt gets out of jail. It’s going to be a special alert. We’re all going to watch, right? But I think that’s a huge lesson for her to learn that you’re not above the law.”

    For her part, DeGeneres hopes Hilton is serious about dropping the “dumb act,” as she has promised. “If that really was an act, and she really was playing dumb, then what does that say about our society that we’re celebrating someone who’s successful because they’re not smart,” she told reporters. “I just think it’s a bad sign and she shouldn’t contribute to that.”


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    Nicky Hilton And Friends Visit Paris Hilton

    Tomorrow: Paris Hilton will be asked to help improve the medical conditions for all inmates in a press conference.

    Even though Paris Hilton is not slated for release at least another week, the paparazzi is still tightly focused on the Lynwood facility where she is incarcerated.

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    More Than 50 Fans Support The Continuity Of Paris Hilton’s Music

    Within a week, more than 50 people have signed the “Preserving Paris Hilton’s Music” petition.

    Music is supposed to be the most important aspect of Paris Hilton’s career. I insist on this a lot because I know she can establish herself as a great artist.

    And this petition proves that at least 50 people agree with me. After reading all of the comments, I was impressed to see that many people think the same way as I do. To me, it just goes to show that I am not crazy, and that “Paris” is a great album.

    It’s extremely important that Paris understands her priorities. When she comes out of jail, her first priority should not be working for other businessmen by promoting their club or product. It should not even be producing another season of the Simple Life. It should be music.

    Speaking of Simple Life, it’s really not clear whether or not she will want to make another season of it, now that she’s going to drop her “spoiled brat” act. They may have to modify the concept of the show…

    So again, she must reduce her days of partying and going out, and instead concentrate on her own career, namely on music and acting.

    Sign the petition

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