Kyle Richards Opens Up About Paris Hilton In An Interview

    This interview is so informative that I just can’t list everything about it here. Be sure to watch it if you really want to understand exactly what happened to Paris Hilton since her DUI arrest.

    Posted: June 15th, 2007
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    DeGeneres: Paris Hilton Should Drop The Dumb Act

    LOS ANGELES – Ellen DeGeneres hopes Paris Hilton changes her ways when the partying socialite gets out of jail.

    Hilton is expected to be released on June 25 after serving about 23 days of a 45-day sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

    The hotel heiress told Barbara Walters in a recent jailhouse phone call that she wants to stop acting dumb because “that act is no longer cute.”

    “She’s not getting anywhere doing that,” DeGeneres said backstage Friday night at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

    “If that really is an act, if she really was playing dumb, than what does that say about our society that we’re celebrating someone who was successful because they’re not smart?

    “I just think it’s a bad sign and she shouldn’t contribute to that. It’s just amazing if that was an act the whole time.”

    DeGeneres said she would be willing to have Hilton as a guest on her daytime talk show and tell her the same thing.

    “Hopefully, she means what she says,” DeGeneres said. “I hope she is reading good books and I hope she comes out and changes her life a little because she needed to.”


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    Sheriff: Paris Hilton Is A “Cooperative” Inmate

    The disruptions caused by Paris Hilton’s medical problems won’t be held against her and she’s still eligible for early release from jail, a sheriff’s spokesman said Friday.

    “Ms. Hilton has been cooperative since her incarceration,” says spokesman Steve Whitmore. “Her good time/work time credit is accruing.”

    The 26-year-old heiress is serving a 45-day sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related driving case. With those good behavior credits, the sentence drops to 23 days, putting her on a schedule to be released June 25.

    Hilton has been bounced from facility to facility due to an undisclosed medical problem. Most recently, she was transferred to the medical clinic of the women’s jail in Lynwood, Calif., from a downtown Los Angeles jail hospital.

    “Her assessment is ongoing,” says Whitmore. “Her condition is still stable.”

    The Lynwood jail clinic has six to eight beds – two of them contained in 12-by-15-foot cells. “They’re both currently occupied, one of which by Ms. Hilton,” says Whitmore. “She’s housed alone in the cell.”

    “From here,” he adds, “it will be determined by medical staff whether an inmate can be moved back into the original module (cell block) where they were before. I don’t know when that day will be, it’s a day-by-day situation.”

    In the meantime, Hilton is allowed outside her cell at least one hour a day, depending on her medical condition. The rest of the time she remains in solitary confinement.

    Hilton received one visitor Friday – her lawyer.


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    Paris Hilton Is Emotionally Extremely Fragile

    Paris Hilton is turning to a higher power — no, not Lee Baca — to get through her prison ordeal. Heaven help us!

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that while Paris’ medical condition has stabilized, she is emotionally still extremely fragile and is holding on by a (100 count) thread. We’re told she prays constantly in her cell, asking for strength.

    According to sources, Paris says support from her family is the only thing that is sustaining her. That and the prison gruel.

    God bless Paris!


    Posted: June 15th, 2007
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    Sheriff Lee Baca Faces The Paris Hilton Insanity

    Poor Sheriff Lee Baca, he probably doesn’t understand why people are so irrational. Now he’s tasting the malevolent force, and he’s going to understand that no matter how much he explains, the haters just won’t get it.

    As Sheriff Lee Baca weathers a storm of criticism, his spokesman has defended his department’s handling of the Paris Hilton case.

    “At the end of the day, when some of this Jerry Springer-like atmosphere has settled down, people will see that Sheriff Baca … went out of his way to do what was right,” Steve Whitmore said Thursday outside the Lynwood, Calif., jail to which Hilton was transferred the night before.

    In response to allegations that Hilton’s family had been allowed to skip the line during jail visiting hours, Whitmore explained that “because Ms. Hilton is administratively segregated, we have to have the visiting area clear, so her visits were done at noon break.”

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has demanded that Baca give a full report on Tuesday explaining why he reassigned Hilton, 26, to home detention for an undisclosed medical condition last week. (She was quickly ordered back to jail.)

    “We want to hear from the sheriff as to his rationale for his decisions,” explained Tony Bell, assistant to county supervisor Michael Antonovich.

    Meanwhile, the organizer of a campaign to remove the elected Baca from office filed a “notice of intention” with the county clerk on Thursday. Once the notice is certified, the campaign will have 160 days to collect more than 395,000 signatures – 10 percent of the county’s registered voters – to get Baca fired.


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    Inmates At Lynwood Thank Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton’s fellow inmates are celebrating her returns to the women’s jail where she was originally detained, saying the heiress’s presence has apparently prompted prison staff to shower them with extra rations.

    The 26-year-old hotel heiress was transferred from the medical ward at Los Angeles’ Twin Towers jail after fives days of observation when staff determined she was “stable”.

    She is now serving the remainder of her sentence for violating her probation for a drink driving offence at Lynwood jail, California.

    Several inmates at Lynwood told reporters that prison guards were treating them to extra shampoo, blankets and biscuits amid fears they could be accused of giving the reality television star special treatment.

    “Since she was here last week, they started giving us double bologna, double apple juices. Two blankets instead of one – and a sheet, too! Everyone has cookies coming out of their pockets,” Rosemary Gibbons, 35, who was released from the jail on Thursday, told the New York Daily News.

    “Now we feel like we are in the Hilton Hotel,” she added.

    “The whole facility is benefiting from her. We all thank her,” Soraya Lopez, 35, who served a week for failing to appear in court for repeated traffic violations, told the New York Post.

    “She’s the talk of the jail. I’d call her ‘top dog.’ Everyone is thanking her because people are getting fed more and the food is being left behind longer for people to finish.”

    Waynnisha Brown, 19, who was also released yesterday, agreed.

    “There is extra food everywhere, and now they take you at the clinic right away if you are sick and they don’t charge you. It’s usually three dollars for medical, now it’s free,” she told the Daily News.

    Both Gibbons and Brown said they were being released early from the general section of the “very overcrowded” facility after serving only a small portion of their sentences.

    According to an extensive survey of jail records, Hilton, who is being held in the medical clinic, is likely to serve 80 percent more time behind bars than most offenders convicted of a similar offence.


    Posted: June 15th, 2007
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