Offers From Chip and Pepper To Paris Hilton

    In a letter mailed to Paris and obtained by TMZ, jeans giant No makeup. No designer hair products. No high-end wardrobe. While Paris Hilton continues to endure the Century Regional Detention Facilty, TMZ has learned that the deprived diva is already getting offers from some of the world’s top designers — who want to replace her jail-issue jumper with top-of-the-line gear — the moment she gets out!

    In a letter mailed to Paris and obtained by TMZ, jeans giant Chip and Pepper claim that they feel Hilton’s pain and have offered to hook her up with their fall collection at their downtown L.A. warehouse, conveniently located on her way home from the pokey. C&P wrote, “We know they aren’t allowing you to look as amazing as you always do, without your hair, makeup and wardrobe … we want to be sure you look like the Paris Hilton we have all come to love.”

    And just to show how deeply they really care, C&P want Hilton to know that they’re holding a candlelight vigil at the office for the “entire duration of your erroneous incarceration.”


    I think Paris is getting too many offers these days. I can imagine what will happen after she’s out of jail. She should as I said concentrate on her career.

    Posted: June 15th, 2007
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    Kathy And Nicky Hilton Talk To People Magazine

    Kathy Hilton and daughter Nicky are still reeling from their visits to Paris in jail, they tell PEOPLE.

    “It’s tough. It is,” said Kathy, who saw her daughter on Tuesday. “It’s just one hour a week: 30 minutes on Sunday and 30 minutes on Tuesday. We talk through glass.”

    “And this one” – gesturing to Nicky – “left in hysterics,” Kathy added. “Nicky tried to keep the brave face but – I never see Nicky cry.”

    Nicky and her mother spoke to PEOPLE on Thursday after attending family friend Barbara Walters’s ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Interviewed at a private luncheon, Nicky described her visit to the jail on Sunday as surreal.

    “It’s sad. It’s like right out of the movies,” she said. “The glass partition, the orange jumpsuit. Everything.”

    Nicky spoke of what she saw as the unfairness in Paris’s case.

    “What’s annoying is all these people are going on television saying that she was drinking and driving,” said Nicky. “She’s not in jail for DUI. That’s a big misconception. She’s in jail for driving on a suspended license, just like the D.A.’s wife was. … She got a $186 fine.”

    (On the day he sought more jail time for Paris Hilton, Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo acknowledged his wife got a traffic ticket two years ago while driving with a suspended license. She received the ticket – and the $186 fine – for failing to obey a turn-only sign, but wasn’t ticketed for driving with the suspended license).

    Kathy Hilton reiterated Paris’s statement that she will not fight her sentence, which could end as early as June 25.

    “There are no appeals – as Paris said. But the point is that I hope this will shine a light on everybody (in those jails). That’s the positive,” said Kathy. The jails, she said, “need financial help, and it’s very sad to see what’s going on in there.”

    Kathy adds: “I always believe that where there’s a negative there’s a positive. And I feel that maybe this whole ordeal can shed light on other people, and that really maybe everybody should be treated exactly the same. I don’t care who you are. As Paris said, she’s just going to do her time and try to make the best of it, and hopefully” – she paused, chocking back emotion – “I always believe there’s a reason for everything.”


    Posted: June 14th, 2007
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    90% Of The World’s Population Believe Paris Hilton Is Getting Special Treatment


    Read the question carefully: “Paris Hilton: Do you think she is getting special treatment?”

    Of course, 90% of the readers responding to yes is not a surprise. We expect that.

    The result would likely be the same if they had asked “Do you hate Paris Hilton?”

    But what’s more interesting is understanding how both camps view Paris and her jail sentence.

    The 10% of the readers who voted yes are probably thoughtful people who have no hateful feelings towards Paris and understand (and admit) that yes Paris Hilton is not getting special treatment. And perhaps, they understand she’s getting a more twisted special treatment instead, something the media barely talks about.

    I suspect that in the no camp, most of them voted no because they hate Paris for who she is and think she’s some sort of evil monster as the media portrays her to be. These are the same type of people who believe that the character Paris plays in the Simple Life is really her in real life. Furthermore, they also mindlessly agree with everything their news anchors and commentators say about her.

    The media is used as a tool for manipulation in some cases. If they had reported nice things about her, which outweights the bad things in real life, most voters would have voted no. But then again, these haters can only think about money, fame and beauty. These things are too irresistible for them, so they have to hate her! It’s a natural feeling for them. Still, I think Paris can change their opinion about her.

    However, a portion of them also really believe that somehow she’s getting some sort of special treatment only because she’s a celebrity. Perhaps, it’s because they saw the Sheriff sending her home after 3 days, and thought that this is special treatment as suggested by many pushy “experts” in the media. What a nice way of thinking. Don’t these people understand that this is how it’s suppose to be for everyone who commits the same crime?

    The media in “collabortion” with the politicians, city prosecutors and judges want to persude the American public that the judicial system in America works by using this malevolent hateful force, which has affected millions of normal people subconsciously. It is a source of evil, and only jealousy, hate and cruelty comes out of it. The media people, who are mostly “liberals,” clearly also want to use this occasion in order to push the idea of egalitarianism by reminding us a 1000 times a day that everyone must be treated fairly, even though it’s clear to decent people that Paris is NOT being treated fairly.

    The 10% of the readers who voted for yes are likely to be judges, lawyers, doctors, mixed in with fans. Some fans will clearly always be on Paris’ side and protect her against any criticism. Others, like me, will try to explain how the system failed.

    A good portion of them are decent people, the finest among normal people. They are the people who don’t need to hate Paris in order to “feel good” about themselves. They live very good and healthy lifes and love their daily jobs, and obviously, see Paris as an entertainer, even though the majority of them think she’s a spoiled brat, but they have no inherent resentment against her.

    I believe this the whole truth behind the results of this crooked poll by CNN.

    Posted: June 14th, 2007
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    Barbara Walters Will Likely To Interview Paris Hilton First

    It appears Barbara Walters has secured—or at least is very close to securing—Paris Hilton’s first postpokey interview.

    Not only did Paris’ mom, Kathy, and sister, Nicky, show up at the unveiling of Walters’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this morning, they joined the legendary newswoman at her luncheon at Wolfgang Puck’s Vert restaurant.

    And they weren’t just a couple of regular luncheon attendees. Kathy and Nicky, I’m told, sat at Walters’ table. 
    How about Paris as a cohost or maybe a guest cohost on The View? 

    When I asked Walters if Paris would be taking a seat at the her talk-show table, she didn’t give me a definitive yes or no. Instead, Walters said, “I think she has other things on her mind right now.”


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    Bunim/Murray Productions Send A Card To Paris Hilton

    A bigshot at the company that produces “The Simple Life,” has sent an interoffice memo asking his employees to sign a card of support bound for Paris Hilton’s medical ward prison suite.

    Edited TMZ

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    An Egalitarian And Hater Complains To Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

    Fact One: Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is run by massive Paris Hilton haters.

    Fact Two: Egalitarians still don’t understand that Paris Hilton is a popular celebrity.

    Fact Three: Paris Hilton shouldn’t be in jail in the first place at the moment. So why are these egalitarians and haters still complaining? She is not a hardcore criminal and would have been released with no problem if it weren’t for her “celebrity status.” I say celebrity status with “” because Paris Hilton is probably the only celebrity who is forced to do more time than normal and famous people for the same crime. That’s the undeniable truth.

    Fact Four: The jail is already overcrowded, and the Sheriff said he has no room for a low-offense prisoner like Paris Hilton. Imagine if everyone who commited the crime that Paris did had to complete his or her jail time. What would happened to the prison population? Why aren’t the egalitarian experts discussing about this issue in the media? WHY!?

    Fact Five: Massive Haters like Al Sharpton and this egalitarian are fighting a stupid and losing war against the Sheriff because of the reasons I mentioned abvoe. And the media of course won’t talk about it.

    A TMZ user fired off an e-mail to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, complaining re: Paris, “Money talks, regular folks stay locked up.” Here’s the response he got from the Sups:

    “Thank you for your note regarding Paris Hilton. We have received thousands of e-mails from members of the public on this matter. Please know that the Board of Supervisors shares your concerns and has asked Sheriff Lee Baca to make a public report next Tuesday, June 19. The Sheriff has been asked to provide the reasons for the premature release of Paris Hilton from the Sheriff’s Century Regional Detention Facility, including the reasons for not placing her in an appropriate medical facility such as the jail ward of the LAC+USC Medical Center. As you may know, the Sheriff is an elected official, so the Board of Supervisors has limited authority over that department.”

    Carol V.

    Posted: June 14th, 2007
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    Kathy and Nicky Hilton Watch Barbara Walters Get A Star On The Walk Of Fame

    Kathy Hilton and daughter Nicky attended an event today that was soooooo Hollywood — Hollywood Blvd., that is.

    Paris’ mom and sister showed up to cheer Barbara Walters on as Babwa received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Kathy and Nicky dodged questions about their feelings on Paris being returned to the Lynwood pokey. They also wouldn’t comment on Nancy Grace’s never-ending tirade against Paris.

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