Tommy Chong Crushes A Hard-Headed Lemming News Anchor

    Many thanks to “Anonymous” who replied in my other post and pointed out this fascinating interview where a hateful news anchor is crushed by someone named Tommy Chong.

    Lemming Contessa Brewer was shocked to see Tommy contradict the partyline of the media with his opinion. Afterall, the hater was surrounded by mindless haters just like her.

    Brewer says that Paris deserves a harsh punishment because “she was driving under the influence, reportedly not only of drinks, but potientally of drugs as well!” LOL Is this hater confusing herself with Lindsay Lohan? Or just inventing to make Paris look more bad?

    I love this simple-minded statement from this hard-headed woman. I love the words “reportedly” and “potientally.” Typical hater.

    At some point, Tommy says “how much time did Mel Gibson do for his DUI arrest?

    The hater says Paris repeatedly violated her probation. Tommy then replies “Uhh, she has to go to jail for that?” LOL

    Tommy suggests that Republicans are making a media circus out of this because they are trying to divert attention. And I say well yes, it’s possible. The media does this often in order to avoid addressing more important issues. Of course, the arrogant hater shamelessly asks the guy “have you smoked anything today?” But I don’t know whether or not his claim is true in this case.

    Bottom line: Contessa Brewer is a jealous BITCH and HYPOCRITE!

    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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    Egalitarians Don’t Understand The Meaning Of The Words “Attention,” “Famous” And “Celebrity”

    The media and people scream mindlessly for equality

    Parents of Paris Hilton, Kathy and Rick Hilton, hold hands as they leave the Twin Towers jail facility Tuesday June 12, 2007 in downtown Los Angeles after visiting their daughter. No additional identification.  (AP Photo/Nick Ut)The parents of Paris Hilton did not have to wait long to visit their daughter Tuesday, breezing past people standing in line for hours to see loved ones and raising more questions of whether the hotel heiress was receiving special treatment.

    The visit came shortly after the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors ordered Sheriff Lee Baca to respond by next week to allegations of favouritism for reassigning Hilton to house arrest after she was sent to jail for violating probation. At the time, Baca cited an undisclosed medical condition.

    The 26-year-old celebutante was later ordered back to jail. She was sent to the medical ward of a downtown jail, where sheriff’s officials said Tuesday it costs $1,109 US a day to house a female inmate compared to $99 a day in the general population.

    At the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Alvina Floyd waited more than four hours to visit her fiance. It normally takes two, and Floyd, 20, blamed the Hiltons for the delay.

    “I have to be at work later,” she said. “I can’t wait here all day.”

    Shatani Alverson, 23, said she was hustled out of the visiting room moments after her husband walked in because of the Hiltons. She was told to come back after lunch.

    Steve Whitmore, a sheriff’s spokesman, deflected criticism about the Hiltons’ visit. He said it was routine for high-profile inmates to receive visitors during lunch, a time when the visiting room is normally cleared out and closed.

    County Supervisor Don Knabe said he and his colleagues had received many angry e-mails from people who believed Baca was treating the heiress better than other sick and mentally ill inmates.

    “If he would have dealt with this issue on an overcrowding basis, we would be on much better ground than a health assessment,” Knabe said.

    The sheriff, who was travelling to Istanbul for an anti-terrorism conference, did not attend Tuesday’s board meeting.

    In the past five years, the Sheriff’s Department has released more than 200,000 inmates after serving just a fraction of their sentences because there was no space, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

    Some prisoners who were released early committed murders and other serious crimes when they otherwise have remained locked up, the report said.

    Mary Tiedeman, who regularly visits the jails as a monitor for the ACLU, said the area where Hilton was being housed was usually reserved for high-security inmates or those worse off than Hilton has appeared.

    “I don’t know what her health issue is, but you have got to have a pretty intense medical or mental health problem to be in that part of the jail,” she said.

    After her visit, Kathy Hilton said her daughter wants “just to do her time and get on.” She added her daughter has not had much sleep.

    When asked if Paris Hilton was having nightmares, her mother said: “We all have nightmares.”


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    Analysing The Media Coverage About Paris Hilton

    There’s no doubt in mind that Paris is as famous as ever. Last week, she reached a peaking point, and all the media coverage was simply breathtaking despite the fact that it was a very negative publicity. The media almost covered it like a September 11 event, except it was filled with misunderstandings and lies. I really like the fact that many people are fascinated by Paris, but unfortunately, only for the wrong reasons.

    You know, I really wish that this whole coverage was dedicated to her music album, or for a second album. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

    Analysing the coverage of each media network (from worse to “OK”)

    FOX News: They did the most aggressive and arrogant coverage. Of course, FOX is massively bias and truly use Paris as a punch bag, and its commentators shout at each other on air. Many of them said so many stupid arguments that were irrelevant to the real Paris as we know. I always laugh and get angry at these commentators who pretend/assume to know Paris. Oh, yes, FOX never wastes its time to report the truth or to correct reports.

    MSNBC: It is a joke. It is not as aggressive as FOX, but its news anchors are hateful, just not as hateful as FOX’ anchors, but still are. The commentators, on the other hand, are very bias 75% of the time, and refuse to talk about real issues. All the commentators are just as clueless as FOX’ ones. Altogether, all their arguments are based on assumptions. I think what distinguishes MSNBC to FOX News is that MSNBC is less insulting and aggressive than FOX News is.

    CNN: The news anchors of CNN are completely clueless about Paris, and I’m very serious about this. They take her as a complete joke. I would say that their program “Showbizz” produces the most hateful coverages about Paris. It is horrifying, especially with all its lies and exaggerations. But it’s good to know that its poison hasn’t totally spread to CNN network. It’s not as bad as MSNBC and FOX News.

    CBS: It is probably the lest hateful, but still hateful! They hire a lot of bias commentators. News anchors are extremely bias in some cases and really don’t know Paris. But the good thing about CBS is that the clips they produce that are not so bad. The news anchors of their mini-news programs are not aggressive and don’t throw their hateful opinion out in the air like FOX and MSNBC’s anchors do. In most cases, they even like Paris or don’t take positions.

    ABC: I don’t know, and I don’t think they cover a lot about Paris. However, we know Barbara Walters is very interested in Paris.

    When Paris comes out of prison, she should never consider doing an interview for FOX or MSNBC or even CNN for a while, just for a while. She should go straight to ABC’s Barbara Walters and do an interview in which she could explain everything. This would be a perfect time for her to explain every misunderstanding and show us how she plans to renew herself.

    Most importantly, Paris should use all of this negative publicity and convert it into something meaningful. By proving to the world that she has “changed,” she could release another album, and finally, people will pay attention to her. Because remember, people pretend not like Paris’ music only because they don’t like her. So imagine what would happen if she somehow changed and people started liking her.

    I’ve seen a tiny transformation, but she needs to work on it after she’s out of jail. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that Paris is wise enough to consider using this opportunity in a serious way.

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    Raw Video Of L.A. Sheriff Defending Paris Hilton’s Release From Jail

    What the hateful media won’t report in a serious way.

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    George Clooney Did Not Slam Paris Hilton

    Well, of course, I hope no one believed the report that George Clooney is talking about. I knew when I first read it that it was made-up, and it was super-obvious, so I did not post it here. Again, there are many other news reports invented by writers and spread everywhere to make Paris look bad. Some are even reported in the media. The dropping of Paris by Warner Music is a good example. The claim that Rick Hilton is planning to throw a “out of prison party,” which was released today by Page Six, is probably another, although I still haven’t thoroughly looked into it, but I’m sure that it is slightly twisted to make Mr. Hilton look bad as usual.

    All of the lemming websites are now reporting these false reports and won’t bother correcting George Clooney’s article.

    And now this particular writer is in trouble. Wonderful!

    George Clooney did NOT slam Paris Hilton after the socialite was sent back to prison last week — and he’s pissed at the people who said he did!

    Several media outlets picked up quotes attributed to the “Ocean’s 13” star, saying, “You can only get so far without any discernible talent. Then you either work or use cheap publicity tricks to keep the public’s attention … Then you are in no position to complain if, like Paris, you are on the receiving end of bad publicity.”

    Clooney’s rep sent KP International, which disseminated the quote, a letter demanding an immediate retraction and an apology. Not only that, Clooney wants the source of the story to be named.

    Get ’em George!


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    Kathy and Rick Visit Paris Hilton In Jail

    The Beatles didn’t even have it this bad.

    The entire paparazzi nation turned up at the entrance of Twin Towers Correctional Facility today to cover visitation day — one of two days during the week when Paris Hilton is allowed to spend free time with two people. This time, Paris’ parents, Rick and Kathy, made the trip — and all hell broke loose!

    The photo-happy crowd swarmed the Hiltons, who were surrounded by uniformed, gun-toting officers as they attempted to leave the building. While Rick stayed silent while people fired question after Paris-related question, Kathy chatted it up with the snappers, and told TMZ’s camera, “It is what it is.”

    Paris’ next set of visitors will be allowed on Sunday. Expect the circus to return as well.


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    Paris Hilton Dropped By Talent Agent

    Paris Hilton has been dropped by her talent agent, PEOPLE confirms.

    “Paris is no longer a client,” says Endeavor agency rep Michael Donkis, who declined to specify a reason for the move.

    According to a source, Hilton was dropped last Friday – the day she was ordered back to jail from home confinement. The move was announced in a company-wide email, the source says.

    The Beverly Hills-based agency has represented Hilton since 2005, handling her deal for The Simple Life.

    Hilton, meanwhile, spent her fourth night in the medical ward of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. She is serving out a 23-day minimum sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related driving case.


    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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