Paris Hilton Is As Famous As Ever!!!

    Go on, and do a search on the keyword “Paris Hilton”!

    Look at the number of results! According to Google, at the moment, there are 97,500,000 pages with the keyword “Paris Hilton” on the World Wide Web!

    This is not always accurate, but just an estimation. This means that the number of pages have doubled since Paris went to jail. Usually, it used to be between 30,500,000 and 45,500,000.

    That is simply amazing!

    In contrast to Paris Hilton:

    Britney Spears: 27,400,000
    Lindsay Lohan: 14,200,000
    Nelly Furtado: 3,810,000
    Nicole Richie: 2,440,000

    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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    David Seaman Gives Up His Pointless Free Paris Hilton Protest

    Another one bites the dust …

    The self-described “online liberation movement” dedicated to the immediate release of Paris Hilton has officially given up on the cause, calling the ineffectiveness of its efforts “pretty obvious.” That’s cold!

    In a statement to the media, David Seaman, the guy behind the online action group “Free Paris Hilton NOW” said, “FPHN is finished with its efforts. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the movement won’t be able to quicken Hilton’s release.” Seaman added, “It’s been a good run and we wish Ms. Hilton an uneventful and safe time in jail.”

    Seaman, the driving force behind a memorable three-person protest in New York last month, will now focus his energy on “two slightly more pressing causes — Darfur and the Global Warming Fund.” Hopefully, he has better luck the second time around.


    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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    Howard Stern’s Friend Launches A Pointless Free Paris Hilton Protest

    Melrose Larry — a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show — held a riveting one-man protest to free Paris Hilton yesterday. Grassroots, people.

    An incognito, sombrero-wearing Larry was spotted outside Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles yesterday screaming “Freedom for Paris Hilton,” while waiving a sign that read “No justice, No Porsche!”

    What does that even mean?


    Howard Stern, BTW, is a massive Hater.

    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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    O.J. Simpson Talks About Paris Hilton

    For our morning dose of WTF!, we turn to O.J. Simpson, who says that Paris Hilton is less newsworthy than an astronaut in space, and that television is now “all about the ratings.” Like it wasn’t when O.J. decided to ride the white Bronco?

    In an impromptu interview with Editor & Publisher, self-appointed media critic and murderer O.J. also slams Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace as fake news people: “It is hard to tell the difference between legitimate news people and Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly.” But when it comes to Paris, Simpson’s head is clearly somewhere in the sky: “When Paris Hilton was going to jail last week, more people knew about that than knew that we were sending people into space that day.” Earth to OJ: Almost 500 humans have traveled into space. We’re over it.

    And he reserves some venom for the news media itself: “It is about time that the news media point out that they are not doing their job. Things have changed a lot from my trial today. It is all about ratings, unfortunately


    Posted: June 12th, 2007
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    Links of [Extra Paris June.08.2007]

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    Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Friends Again 13 10 (11.1 MB)
    | – Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Friends Again 13 10 2006.avi

    Simple Life – Original Theme (Soundtrack Version).zip (3.84 MB)
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    List of [Extra Paris June.08.2007]The Ellen DeGeneres Show Interview With Paris
    Paris Hilton Hosts Saturday Nigh Live
    Paris Hilton MP3 Interviews For Her Debut
    Paris Hilton’s Debut Album
    Exclusive US Interview About Paris Hilton’s Debut Album (Video).zip

    Posted: June 11th, 2007
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    Lawyer Hutton And Dr. Sophy Visit Paris Hilton In Jail

    There was no sign of Nicky or Stavros today, but Paris Hilton did get a visit from a couple of very important guests.

    TMZ cameras caught Hilton’s lawyer, Richard Hutton, leaving Twin Towers Correctional Facility earlier today, where he told us that Paris “is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances … and she’s receiving excellent medical care.”

    Speaking of medical care, Hilton’s shrink, the elusive Dr. Charles Sophy, also paid the incarcerated heiress a visit — but it was Sophy’s choice not to comment.

    Rick, Kathy and the rest of the Hilton clan were unable to see Paris today, as the medical ward only allows family visits on Sundays and Tuesdays. Keep an eye out tomorrow — you know we will!


    Posted: June 11th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton: “It’s not fair, mom, mom, mom!”

    What the hateful media won’t correct

    Well, it looks like the lemmings, the haters and even the fans were fooled by the media and very clever liars.

    Looks like we were all assuming that she was referring to the sentencing when she said “It’s not fair, mom, mom, mom!” in the courtroom, but we are wrong. At least that’s what Kathy Hilton is saying.

    I don’t know if she made it up, but in either case, even if she was referring to the sentence, I totally agree with her because she got a perverse special treatment.

    Explanation of “It’s not fair, mom” by Barbara Walters

    According to her mother, the reason it happened was that the first time she was send in, she was able to give them a hug and a goodbye. This time, when she started to…  the officials would not let her, and that’s when she said, according to her mother, “that’s not fair, mom.

    In other words, it’s not fair I can’t hug her.

    Posted: June 11th, 2007
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