Paris Hilton Won’t Be Transferred Back To Lynwood

    Paris is doing OK

    Paris Hilton may be in a somewhat better place than the Lynwood jail, but one thing hasn’t changed — the food sucks. Hilton is only eating cereal and bread.

    We’re told she is doing a lot better today, mostly because she is on her meds and the facility is better than the cell she called home for a few days.

    She is still having a hard time sleeping, because her room is bright and noisy. She is alone for the most part, but is allowed to use her phone. We’re told she is still crying but a lot less today than the last two days.

    Today is family day, but she is only allowed two visitors. She chose sister Nicky and on-again, off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. Her mom and dad will visit on Tuesday.

    We’re also told that it is a done deal that she’ll do her time where she is and won’t be transferred back to Lynwood. Finally, she is “shocked” that she is in the middle of a political tug-of-war between the Sheriff on the one side and the judge and City Attorney on the other.


    Posted: June 10th, 2007
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    “Extra Paris” To Resume On Monday

    Extra Paris Banner

    “So here’s your chance, better make that move! [Better make that move]. Baby it’s now or never, it’s all up to you, aha!”’s project “Extra Paris” will resume its program on Monday night, at 8:30pm, Eastern time, if everything goes well. For now, it seems that everything has went back to normal.

    Notice that we haven’t heard much about Paris in the last 12 hours, probably because it’s Sunday. But the good news is that Paris is doing fine. Even though some of us don’t approve of what happened to Paris, she has accepted this “horrendous unique sentence” as lawyer Robert Shapiro put it the other day.

    Next stop for Extra Paris:

    Three important releases for tomorrow


    The files of [June 08, 2007]
    | Paris Album – Remixes And Unreleased (75+ MB)
    | Late Show With David Letterman 28 04 2005 Paris (126 MB)
    | Carls Jr Burger (Commercials And Interviews).zip (19.7 MB)
    | Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Friends Again 13 10 (11.1 MB)
    | Simple Life – Original Theme (Soundtrack Version).zip (3.84 MB)


    Paris Hilton’s Music Petition
    The release of a petition called “Preserving Paris Hilton’s Music.” I want every Paris Hilton music fan to participate and let me know if you agree with my demands. If you don’t, write it down; I’ll see what I can do.


    The list of [Extra Paris June.15.2007]
    This is a very interesting one!

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    Nicole Richie Interviewed About Simple Life 5 And Paris Hilton By Associated Press

    Nicole Richie helps promote Simple Life 5 while Paris Hilton is serving jail time.

    Third episode of Simple Life 5 airs tonight at 10:00pm, on E!

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    Paris Hilton Is Doing Better: X17


    So are the fans, and we’re so proud of ya Paris! And always stay strong!

    An X17 eyewitness told us today that there was a noticable improvement in Paris’ demeanor this afternoon. Perhaps not coincidentally, Paris released a statement saying that she would NOT appeal Judge Sauer’s decision to have her finish her 45-day sentence in jail. It seems she’s stepping up to the plate and has decided to tough it out.

    Now here are some inside details on Paris’ situation at the Twin Towers Facility in downtown LA where Paris is currently being held:

    – she is alone in a room with four beds
    – she gets two cold meals a day at 7 and 11 am and one hot meal at 6 pm
    – she has been eating at least some of her meals today
    – Paris is allowed one hour/day on the phone and has a phone in her room
    – she is NOT on suicide watch, but is checked on every 30 min by staff at the jail
    – Paris does not have a television in her room by has access to one in a community room that she has chosen not to visit
    – perhaps motivation for her positive shift in mood was the threat of being transferred to the eighth-floor mental ward if she had continued to deteriorate
    – she is currently in the MSB (Medical Services Bureau) on the fourth floor

    Our source tells us that if all goes “well,” Paris will be transferred back to Lynwood on Monday morning, but there’s one hitch … Lynwood doesn’t want her. Here’s why:

    – the warden there (and apparently Sheriff Baca) believe the jail is understaffed and unable to ensure her safety
    – our source said staff at Lynwood expressed fear of what they believe to be a high risk of Paris being stabbed during recreation hours where the jail population comes together in large groups
    – also, jail staff at Lynwood were annoyed with the new rules imposed the first time Paris was encarcerated there … the entire staff was banned from carrying cell phones, iPods, or any other recording devices for fear that images of Paris in jail would be leaked … because of insufficient staff, many guards work overtime and rely on cell phones, PDAs, etc to get them through the day

    The source tells X17online exclusively, that the situation with Paris going back to Lynwood is not good … He fears that after her having been there, having been sent home, and now, likely being sent back, staff and inmates at Lynwood will be looking to give Paris a hard time. He said he fears for her safety.

    Posted: June 9th, 2007
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    Are You Being Fooled By The Media?

    Images can be very deceiving. Most of the hate emails and comments I’m receiving from haters are only repetitions of what they’ve learned from the media. They aren’t really evil people. Most of them are good people of course, but they just don’t like a rich, pretty and famous woman. Paris Hilton is an alien to them. And this is not fair for Paris.

    “Everytime I turn around” to watch CNN, FOX News and MSNBC, all I can see 90% of the time is pure evil. I guess I’ve said that word 10 times already, but really! How sick do you feel when you have news anchors and commentators jerking and laughing over Paris Hilton’s case? How seriously can you take these people?

    I ask this question and others many times when I look at their grinning faces. I ask myself, can these haters be taken seriously?

    Of course, not! You see, these individual haters, news anchors and commentators only think of Paris as a punch bag. They don’t really care about justice or about who the real Paris is! At least, a good portion of them don’t. When you see them laughing and enjoying themselves, it should tell you that these people are only jealous of Paris Hilton, and know that they can’t be who she is, even though they don’t understand she is not all that!

    What really shocks the hell out of me is when I see, for example, a hard-face smirking woman saying to the lemmings of this world that yesturday, justice was served and that everyone is being treated equally, just like the woman I just saw on FOX News moments ago.

    Don’t be fooled by these networks. Don’t believe everything they tell you. Some of them don’t understand Paris Hilton the way we do. Some of them don’t even know that they are telling lies to the public.

    The media has become a God for many people; it is extremely easy for anyone to come out in the media and tell you any whopper they want you to believe (again, not necessarily knowing that it is not true). This is exactly what it is happening with Paris’ case, except it is driven only by a malevolent force, or the hate force if you prefer.

    Once again, question everything you see and listen from the media. Know that it is because of the media that Paris can’t show her true character. Ask yourself why Paris Hilton is crying and be rational. Look at which questions the media shrinks from giving you full and clear answers.

    If you see something really bizarre, your instinct is probably right. If they tell you that Paris was planning to throw a party after her release on Thursday, there should be a little click inside in brain telling you that it is unbelievable, no matter how persuasive the news anchors and the commentators appear to be.

    If anyone tells you that you need psychiatric examination for defending and supporting Paris Hilton, know that you are not insane. And remind yourself that you a huge fan of the character Paris Hilton plays in the Simple Life, of her music album and of countless other things.

    Remember the plain Paris is going through while the media is laughing at this injustice. Keep in mind that Paris Hilton has agreed to the demands of evil men and has the courage to complete what-appears-to-be one of the most undeserving judicial punishements ever imposed on a human being.

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    Paris Hilton Intends To Accept Unfair Treatment


    Paris Hilton to attorney: Don’t appeal!

    Once again, Paris Hilton won’t fight for her rights, and we, as fans, must listen to what she says, even though we know it is not fair. But there is a strong message behind this. Today, Paris Hilton is sending a very powerful message. It is more powerful than the previous one.

    In a letter, Paris Hilton says she won’t fight and has dropped the appeal once again, according to TMZ.

    Paris Hilton has issued the following statement:

    “Today I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge’s decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff’s concern for my health and welfare, after meeting with doctors I intend to serve my time as ordered by the judge.

    This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to reflect and have already learned a bitter, but important lesson from this experience.

    As I have said before, I hope others will learn from my mistake. I have also had time to read the mail from my fans. I very much appreciate all of their good wishes and hope they will keep their letters coming.

    I must also say that I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to the amount of time I would spend in jail for what I had done by the media, public and city officials. I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world.”

    Someone has probably and unfortunately, announced to her that fighting for her rights would only cause a bigger irrational backlash against her in the future. Well, it’s true. It is the sad reality. This is the human nature.

    What Paris Hilton is basically saying is this: You want to have me in jail and do the harsh punishment? Fine, I’ll do it, and I’ll show you what I’m made of. I’m not going be like other inmates and get a fair treatment. You think I’m a spoiled brat? I’ll show you who the spoiled brat is. You are the spoiled brat! You’re the one who would have gladly accepted the Sheriff’s decision to release you earlier due to overcrowding if you were in my shoes and not famous. You, the ordinary citizen, would have happily taken the easy step. And you know what? You actually would have to leave prison because our prisons are already overloaded, whereas I, don’t even have that option due to my celebrity status.

    This is the message that Paris Hilton is sending to the world. It is an earthshaking message. What’s even more stronger is that she will use herself as an example for others. She will sacrifice herself, even though she is sick, like Jesus Christ did, for you.

    Well, I guess her advisors strongly recommended her to take this approach because they and I know that the public would still be irrationally mad if she were to fight for her rights even though the situation is critical.

    I will post more comments about this later, but right now, I want Paris to say that she is doing OK, and I must tell you she’s stronger than I thought she was!

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    Trends Are Shifting; Showdown Is Imminent Predicts A Showdown

    The judge has crossed the line, and we’ve lost our patience

    With Paris Hilton’s health deterioting by the minute, believes and we can feel that a stand-off between the judge and city prosecutors, and Paris’ attorney and the Sheriff’s Department who is trying to defend its right, will hit soon.

    The situation is so bad that even the media is having hard time to not take Paris’ health condition seriously, although the Associated Press still refuses to release a report based on what we’ve learned so far from TMZ and X17. Now that, I find it extremely arrogant.

    But in the TV media, tones are starting to change, I’ve noticed, and they can’t keep it a secret or not take it seriously. Plus, they want new information. And all they’re getting is about her medical condition. Tones are changing, but these unbelievably-obsessed and brain-dead egalitarians still enjoy seeing Paris suffer.

    The individual haters, the sort of people who hang out on TMZ and X17, are eager to find excuses to keep on hating Paris Hilton, even though decent people all around them are strongly contradicting them. In fact, the haters’ arguments are so fragile that they are now trying to find very-negative aspects about Paris. Still trying to hold on to something. But you know, many of what they’re actually saying are misunderstandings and over-exaggerations. And they are nothing compared to what it is happening to Paris!

    But be sure about it, the smart and decent people are having second thoughts about this whole affair. Of course, misinfomed people still don’t understand that it is Paris Hilton who is being treated unfairly, but what can we do about them? At least, many serious people (doctors, lawyers, judges, etc) have realized that if we allow the system to continue to treat Paris this way, well, one day, they may also be treated in the same way. They aren’t being fooled by the lies and misinterpretations of the media, the intolerable news anchors and commentators, even though they know nothing about Paris or even assume to know. Basically, what we, the public, are doing is allowing a very dangerous move, which in the future, might go against us. You are basically allowing the judge and the court to treat certain individuals in a different way because the hating is too strong to oppose it. What these evil men did yesturday crossed the line.

    Think about it, even if you don’t understand completely what I’m trying to say. We can learn so much from Paris Hilton’s unique case.

    Posted: June 9th, 2007
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