Sheriff’s Department Is Ready To Defend Paris Hilton: X17

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    An X17 source is telling us that Paris Hilton is not doing well at all, depsite being held at the downtown LA Twin Towers jail medical facility rather than the tougher Lynwood Detention Center, where she served the first three days of her 45-day sentence.

    The source, reporting exclusively to X17online, says physicians inside the jail have not administered any drugs (usually sedatives would be called for, for someone acting hysterical, as Paris has been said to be acting). The reason being, there was already something in Hilton’s system and medical staff at the jail were concerned that adding to that could cause an adverse reaction.

    The word is that Paris “is in bad shape” and our source says she appears to be “on the verge of a breakdown.” The source says, “I’m worried for her health, not just her mental health, but the effect all of this is having on her physically.”

    The Sheriff’s department is said to still be hoping to find a way to get Paris back on houe arrest rather than keeping her at the Twin Towers jail or at Lynwood, where our source says she is to be transferred on Tuesday.


    Posted: June 9th, 2007
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    Health Comes First

    *** News reports are being listed according to priority for the time being. Be sure to scroll down to find new reports. will not post any negative or cruel article about Paris Hilton until we are assured that Paris Hilton’s health condition is back to normal.

    At this point, I will only post *serious* news reports about Paris Hilton’s sentence and her medical condition.

    I cannot believe that there are people out there in the media and on the internet who are still showing their digusting and evil-infested spirit even if they don’t have a grain of understanding about Paris Hilton, and sympathize unconditionally with a Monster like Michael T. Sauer during this very critical time.

    “Extra Paris” is also on hold until everything goes back to normal.

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    Paris Hilton’s Civil Rights May Have Been Violated

    I’m receiving many letters from lawyers, doctors and older people denouncing the acts of judge Michael T. Sauer as unfair and unlawful. I really want to thank everyone who has send me an email and helped us better understand what is happening. And keep them coming.

    I would like to post a particular letter which claims that Paris Hilton’s Civil Rights are been violated. It makes perfect sense to me, and I hope that the Hilton family and their attorneys finally wake up and take serious action.

    It seems to me that her attorneys should obtain a federal injucntion against the judge punishing Paris for the enforcement of a federal ruling. His action of more than doubling her time to be spent in jail for the implimentation of the federal ruling on overcrowding is a violation of her civil rights. It also seems that he is retaliating against her for being mentally upset or Sick and being noticed by her jailors as being sick. It is their job to monitor their prisoners and make decisions on the running of the jail unhindered by a state authority judge. Her rights under the Americans with Disabilities act have been violated. The judges anger at her being released is unlawful in that he has allowed his perception of public opinion to sway his legal judgement and then punish her for the implimentation of the federal ADA law and mandated federal overcrowding ruling. It also seems that his sending her back to serve 40 some days in prison for the Sherrif’s decision to send her home is double jeopardy. Non the less until the issue of violation of her civil rights and the issue of fair and equal treatment has been addressed in FEDERAL COURT she should be released. What she did was wrong but her perception of that wrong was a product of the enviroment that she was raised and should be considered when deciding how to punish her. This has not been done and again perhaps this violates the ADA. She has a mental childhood related handicap.

    By “Larry”

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    Paris Hilton Is Under Close Medical Watch

    I can’t understand why Paris is still in jail!

    Paris Hilton spent her first night in a locked-down medical ward after suffering in jail what the sheriff called a deteriorating, life-threatening condition that left her speaking incoherently.

    Hilton, who wailed as she was taken out of court Friday, was sent to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility’s Correctional Treatment Center in the adjacent medical building.

    “It’s a jail,” says sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Bill Brauberger. “They do more on the psychiatric side at Twin Towers, which is reserved for more minor medical issues.”

    Hilton, 26, was placed in a room by herself with guards at the door, a source tells PEOPLE.

    She hasn’t eaten or slept since arriving, and was visited Friday morning by her psychiatrist, reports

    A former inmate tells PEOPLE, “You can’t sleep in there. All night and day people are screaming and crying.”

    Hilton was released from Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., early Thursday and reassigned to home detention after serving just three days of her minimum 23-day sentence.

    On Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ordered Hilton back to jail to serve the reminder of her term for violating probation for driving repeatedly with a suspended license.

    Sheriff Lee Baca, whose department runs the jails, said she was reassigned for medical reasons. He didn’t disclose the exact nature of them, but said that in her previous jail Hilton “was not speaking coherently and that her condition was life-threatening.”

    He added her “medical condition had been deteriorating.”


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    Paris Hilton “Teetering On The Brink”


    Paris Hilton is “teetering on the brink.”

    Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that Hilton has been crying a lot, praying and extremely withdrawn.

    Hilton is in the medical ward at Twin Towers, an L.A. County jail facility. She is in a room by herself with a glass door. A sergeant guards the door at all times for her protection.

    We’re told Hilton hasn’t eaten or slept since she arrived yesterday.

    Sources have described her condition today as “fragile” and “despondent.” One source called her “a train wreck” while another said she is “sullen and withdrawn.”

    We’ve learned her shrink, Dr. Charles Sophy, spent more than two hours with her this morning. Hilton’s family can’t visit today. In the medical ward, families can only visit on Sundays and Tuesdays.

    We’re told Hilton is receiving “appropriate medical attention.” We’re told she’s being given psychotropic medication.


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    Nicole Richie Talks About Simple Life 5 And Paris Hilton

    Friday morning, reality TV star Nicole Richie talked with Dallas-Fort Worth’s FOX 4 about the new season of “The Simple Life” starring Richie and Paris Hilton. Though, they are friends again, Richie offered very little about Hilton’s prison saga.

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    Questions And Answers From The Asssociated Press

    Paris Hilton was in jail, then out, then back again as the bizarre case became more erratic than the driving that landed the hotel heiress in hot water.
    On Saturday she was still behind bars, a long way from the red carpet she strolled down a week ago at the MTV Movie Awards, and the subject of endless Internet chatter and questions about her fate.

    To help sort it all out, or as much as possible, here are some answers to those questions:

    Q: Where is Hilton now?

    A: The 26-year-old is undergoing medical and psychiatric examination at the Correctional Treatment Center at Los Angeles County’s “Twin Towers” jail facility downtown.

    Q: Does she have a cellmate?

    A: No. “Most of the individuals in the Correctional Treatment Center are alone,” said Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore.

    Q: Will she go back to the same isolated cell she was in earlier in the week at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood?

    A: Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said he would determine the best place to house the heiress when he learns the results of her medical and psychiatric exams.

    Q: How did she end up behind bars?

    A: Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer originally sentenced Hilton in May to serve 45 days in jail for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless-driving case. She surrendered to sheriff’s deputies on June 3 and was booked at the Lynwood jail. She was released Thursday with an electronic-monitoring bracelet to serve the remainder of her sentence at home. Sauer ordered her to appear in court Friday and sent her back to jail to complete her 45-day term.

    Q: Why did the sheriff release Hilton in the first place?

    A: Baca said the heiress’ release was based on her “severe medical problems.”

    Q: What’s wrong with her?

    A: Baca said he couldn’t reveal the exact nature of her condition because of confidentiality issues, but he characterized her problems as “psychological.” Hilton’s spokesman had no comment on her health.

    Q: Is she a danger to herself?

    A: Baca said Hilton is being temporarily housed at a facility that “has a more intense form of medical support and will watch her behavior so that there isn’t anything that is harmfully done to herself by herself.”

    Q: Will the sheriff free her early again?

    A: Only if the court shortens her sentence, Whitmore said. “We will comply with the court’s decision.”

    Q: Will she serve all 45 days?

    A: Probably not. Hilton will serve about 18 days, Baca said Friday. State law requires that inmates get time off their sentences for each day they serve. Hilton was expected to serve 23 days of her 45-day sentence. She has already served five days, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

    Q: Are other inmates usually released before they’ve served their full terms?

    A: Yes. County jails are overcrowded, Baca said, and most misdemeanor offenders serve just 10 percent of their sentence. “Under our 10 percent early release program, (Hilton) would have not served any time in our jail or would have been directly put on home electric monitoring system,” he said Friday.

    Q: Are other prisoners released because of medical conditions?

    A: Yes. “It happens all the time,” Whitmore said, depending on the nature of the offense. Nonviolent offenders typically serve 10 percent of their sentence, he said, adding that Hilton “has done twice as much (time) as any other person with a similar offense.”

    Q: Can Hilton appeal?

    A: Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz said he expected an appeal to be filed by Monday.

    Q: What are the grounds for appeal?

    A: Legal experts say that Hilton’s attorney, Richard Hutton, will likely file a writ with an appellate court, possibly the superior court’s appellate division, seeking an emergency hearing on whether the judge overstepped his authority in forcing Hilton’s return to jail after the sheriff released her to home confinement.

    Q: Will Hilton ever work in Hollywood again?

    A: Of course.


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