This Is What Paris Hilton Is Wearing In Order To Supervise Her Punishement

    TMZ has the lowdown on the electronic monitoring device that will adorn Paris Hilton’s ankle for the next 40 days. Luckily, it’s black and will match anything she wears! Swarovski crystals not included!

    L.A. County law enforcement officials tell TMZ Paris is wearing the Sentinel DualTrak ankle bracelet, which operates on a radio frequency and comes with a Home Monitoring Unit. The heiress must stay within distance of 500 feet of the unit. The bracelet, which has an internal backup battery life of 50 hours, snaps on, so Paris won’t need to worry her purty little head with any tools or complicated strap harnesses. Get your mind out of the gutter! For hygienic reasons, the bracelet also comes with a disposable back plate, which eliminates any tedious cleaning on Paris’ part. Phew!

    Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that Paris’ house arrest does not come with any provisions regarding visitors or restrictions on alcohol use.

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    Probation Department In Los Angeles Release Official Statement About Paris Hilton

    The following is a statement released by the Probation Department in Los Angeles:

    “Paris Hilton was granted a conditional sentence in Los Angeles Metro Superior Court on January 22, 2007. A conditional sentence or “summary probation” is monitored by the court for compliance unless the court orders formal probation. Although not on formal probation, Ms. Hilton is supervised by the Los Angeles County probation department in regards to electronic monitoring.

    Electronic Monitoring is an integral part of community-based alternatives to custody. The Electronic Monitoring (EM) program is available to Los Angeles County Courts as an alternative to custody in accordance with penal code. The probation department contracts with a private vendor to provide electronic monitoring services. Eligible post-sentence inmates are screened for eligibility or it may be court-ordered either prior to conviction as a pretrial release or after conviction as a sentence option.

    Paris Hilton applied for the community based alternative to custody program and qualified as low-risk but the department did not recommend Electronic Monitoring because the court order specified ”no Electronic Monitoring.’ The Sheriff Department exercised the authority to reassign Ms. Hilton to an Electronic Monitoring sentence.”


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    Hatred Against Paris Hilton Is Reaching A New Level Report

    It is now 3PM, eastern time, and can safely say that the irrational hatred against singer/model/actress/heiress/socialite Paris Hilton is reaching a new level, close!

    The situation is so bad that even news anchors are showing their true colors. Extreme Hater FOXNEWS and her news anchor have gone nuts, and are extremely intolerable. The CNN network’s evil “Showbizz” program is infecting the whole CNN network. Let me just tell you the people who run CNN’s Showbizz program are the most hateful haters of Paris Hilton, no question about it. MSNBC is another massive hate network, always joking around and run by totally unserious journalists.

    The fact is every network and news anchor are showing their colors and officially declaring themselves as Haters. Every one of them is a massive bigot. Not surprising since the media can be incredibly vicious, and fool millions of people by its use of words and tone of voice.

    And of course, there is the individual haters. They are not happy at all! TMZ gets filled with extreme hate comments everytime they post an article about Paris. A lot more of horrible comments related to death is being written. Haters have seriously gone nuts.

    But we know that this situation is insane, and profoundly abnormal. In the middle of all of this, only an “unjealous” tiny percent of the population can actually see what is happening. Haters don’t understand that already Paris is being treated too harshly. None of the media commentators will discuss about it?

    They talk about “Is Paris going to change?” and ask all their stupid questions. Can they be a bit more specific when they ask “Is Paris going to change”? What do you mean exactly? Change how?! Some people think she is spoiled, but others realize that she isn’t, and actually works! Anyway, bascially you see that the media commentators will never mention anything positive about Paris, and thus, confuse the public.

    So… the haters now can’t understand that Paris Hilton had to leave the jail because of personal medical issues. Just keep that in mind everything you read a hate comment on blog or in the media! And read Paris Hilton’s new statement five times if you have to (suggested to haters only).

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    L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe Dismiss L.A. County Officials

    The decision to allow Paris Hilton to serve the remainder of her time under house arrest is already under heavy fire from L.A. County officials.

    In a sharply-worded statement from L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe, he claims that Paris’ “reassignment” is a load of crap: “This incident with Paris Hilton is just the most recent that highlights the problems our criminal justice system has with making sure sentences stick, whether it is in a County jail or under electronic monitoring.”


    You know what’s unfair, Don Knabe? You know what? 45/23 days in jail. SO DON’T EVEN COMPLAIN!

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    Paris Hilton Speaks Out

    Richard A. Hutton, attorney for Paris Hilton, today issued the following statement on behalf of Ms. Hilton:

    I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally. I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes.


    Thanks to Paris.

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    Timeline of Events Since Paris Hilton’s DUI Arrest

    Here is a chronology of events since Paris Hilton’s arrest last year.

    Sept. 7: Officers arrest Paris Hilton in Hollywood for investigation of driving under the influence after she was spotted “driving erratically.”

    Sept. 26: Hilton is charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence.

    Jan. 9: Hilton’s lawyers enter not guilty pleas on her behalf to one count each of driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or above.

    Jan. 15: Hilton is pulled over by California Highway Patrol and informed that her license is suspended. She signs a document acknowledging she is not to drive.

    Jan. 22: Hilton pleads no contest to a reduced charge of alcohol-related reckless driving. She is placed on three years probation, ordered to enroll in alcohol education and pay $1,500 in fines.

    Feb. 27: Hilton is ticketed for misdemeanor driving with a suspended license. A copy of the document signed Jan. 15 is found in her glove compartment.

    March 29: The city attorney’s office says it will ask a judge to revoke Hilton’s probation.

    May 3: Prosecutors recommend Hilton serve 45 days in jail for a probation violation.

    May 4: Judge Michael Sauer sentences Hilton to 45 days in jail.

    May 6: Publicist Elliot Mintz says he and Hilton have parted ways over an apparent “misunderstanding she received from me regarding the terms of her probation.”

    May 8: Hilton rehires Mintz.

    May 9: Hilton hires a new attorney, Richard A. Hutton, who specializes in DUI cases.

    May 14: Psychiatrist Charles Sophy says in court documents that Hilton is “distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing … and her fear of incarceration.”

    May 16: Sheriff’s officials say Hilton will serve 23 days in a special unit away from the general population.

    May 17: Hilton drops an appeal of her jail sentence.

    June 3: Hilton reports to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood after attending the MTV Movie Awards and saying she’s ready to serve her sentence.

    June 4: Hilton’s attorney says his client is doing well under the circumstances.

    June 7: Hilton is released from jail because of an undisclosed medical problem and is ordered serve the rest of her sentence in home confinement.


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    Dr. Sophy’s Psychological Evaluation On Paris Hilton Showed Serious Medical Issues

    Last month, on the eve of a trial in which Hilton was accused of slandering socialite Zeta Graph, Dr. Sophy told the judge that Hilton was “emotionally distraught and traumatized” over her jail sentence, which prevented her from participating in a meaningful defense. That trial was put on hold until August.

    Law enforcement sources have just told TMZ the County Jail medical team made the final decision to spring Paris based on Dr. Sophy’s psychological evaluation. And we’re told, Sheriff Leel Baca gave the final approval.

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