Paris Hilton becomes new ambassador of the Heart Fund

    According to the Heart Fund, an organization dedicated to help children suffering from heart disease, Paris Hilton is their newest ambassador. Her first mission will be in Haiti, where she will likely meet children who are dealing with cardiovascular issues.

    Posted: May 24th, 2016
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    Picture: Paris Hilton attends the Power Up We Are The Future Gala in Beverly Hills

    paris hilton

    Posted: May 18th, 2016
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    Picture: Paris Hilton attends the Heart Fund Generous People Gala in Cannes

    paris hilton

    Posted: May 18th, 2016
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    Video: Inside Paris Hilton’s closet and Denim collection

    Posted: May 14th, 2016
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    New Paris Hilton documentary in works

    Reported by Screen Daily

    9.14 Pictures and XYZ Films will produce Untitled Paris Hilton Documentary, to be directed by Don Argott and Sheena Joyce. XYZ commences sales in Cannes this week.

    The authorised documentary will be produced by Hilton, Jamie Freed and 9.14 Pictures, with XYZ Films on board as executive producer and worldwide sales agent.

    A production start has been earmarked for Ibiza at the end of summer.

    The film will focus on Hilton’s life as socialite, entrepreneur and media icon. The subject will discuss her celebrity and examine her impact on young women.

    “Paris Hilton is a modern day Marilyn Monroe – beautiful, iconised, world-famous, shaped by mass media, and misunderstood,” said Argott and Joyce.

    “We are thrilled to work with Paris to explore her complicated relationship with the public, the press, and the politics that shape our perception of a modern celebrity.”

    Argott and Joyce are best known for such critically acclaimed documentary films as Rock School, Last Days Here and The Art Of The Steal.

    XYZ Films is currently producing and handling sales on Vince Vaughn starrer Brawl In Cell Block 99, among others.

    Posted: May 11th, 2016
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    Paris Hilton apologizes to United Nations body over orangutan cuddling photo

    Reported by People magazine

    Paris Hilton apologized to animal advocates on Thursday, after a video the hotel heiress posted with a pet orangutan drew concerns from the United Nations.

    The video in question, posted to Instagram in 2014, features Hilton cuddling a 1-year-old orangutan from Dubai named Dior. “She’s the cutest little girl in the world,” Hilton said in the clip, kissing Dior on the head.

    “This is baby Dior,” Hilton captioned in her post. “She’s a lil princess.”

    The U.N.’s Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) came out against the Hilton’s post – and another from Khloe Kardashian – saying images like Hilton’s hurt conservation efforts to protect the endangered species and promote captive abuse.

    “Great apes are neither playthings nor pets,” GRASP wrote, “and Ms. Hilton’s lack of perspective is appalling.”

    At the 10th annual Delete Blood Cancer DKMS Gala Mary 5 in New York City, Hilton responded to GRASP’s statements, explaining she never intended any harm.

    “I do agree with what they’re saying,” Hilton told PEOPLE, dressed in a black and sequence Semsem dress.

    “I’m an animal lover,” she explained. “I have friends who actually rescue [captive] animals from these places and they can’t be put back in the wild. So these are animals that have actually been rescued. I just did it because I love animals”

    Hilton recently returned from Coachella, and is getting ready to return to Ibiza this summer, where she’s been a resident DJ for the past four years at hotspot Amnesia. The singer tells PEOPLE she’s also prepping the release of her second album.

    Posted: May 6th, 2016
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    Paris Hilton reveals her new skin care line in an interview with InStyle magazine

    Reported by InStyle

    Sometimes you come across a topic of conversation that just ignites passion in your friends. For some, it’s hair care. Mention Gigi Hadid and expect zero productivity for a good 15 minutes. For others, it’s copying Kylie Jenner’s matte lip look — and scoring every product she launches on the first try.

    For Paris Hilton? Well, girl eats, sleeps, and breathes all things beauty. At least, that’s what I got after asking her about her beauty transformation, the products she lives for, and being a beauty entrepreneur, if you will.

    In case you’re unaware, Paris is the proud owner of a makeup line, a hair care line, and, brace yourselves: 21 fragrances (19 out now with 2 on the way this summer!)

    We met at The Plaza Hotel for our modern-day Marie Antoinette shoot (minus the beheading), where Paris arrived in sky-high platforms, oversized sunnies, and head-to-toe black. Make no mistake, she is a presence, but incredibly down to earth. There, she immediately changed into hot pink Juicy Couture sweats — I was a proud adopter of early aughts fashion and, um, The Simple Life, so this was monumental, naturally.

    “I really loved a lot of color. I wore MAC all the time—that was the biggest brand for me back then. I lived for their lip gloss,” she told me of her beauty habits back in the day. “…I really liked the Barbie look.”

    I think we can all recall memories of Paris and Nicole Richie in similar garb, pigtails, and lots and lots and lots of gloss. Today, it’s less about the Barbie world (except the sweats, obvi) and all about skin care.

    She says she’s been particular about it since a young age, seriously following her mom’s advice when it came to care and prevention. And, the amount of time and dedication she puts into her routine is impressive — and that’s an understatement. I thought my regimen was intensive…

    Paris dedicates an hour in the morning and an hour at night just to her skin. Aside from obviously taking off her makeup before bed, she’s also slathering on moisturizer, serum, night cream, and basically all things anti-aging.

    She attests to treating her face to masks and facials every few days as well. Oh, and you better bet she has suggestions.

    Read the rest of the interview here.

    Posted: May 5th, 2016
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