Someone Is Lying To Us About Paris Hilton’s Current Condition In Prison

    Conflicting Reports

    Soon after Paris Hilton reported to jail late Sunday night, her famously fashion-forward look changed dramatically.

    After surrendering her possessions and changing into a standard-issue uniform, Hilton was escorted by two sergeants to her tiny cell, her hands shackled behind her back and her hair tied in a scrunchie made from an elastic sock.

    Just hours earlier, Hilton told reporters at the MTV Movie Awards that she was “scared but ready” for her time behind bars – but life in the lock-up hasn’t been easy for the heiress.

    “She cries all day,” a source tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “She looks unwashed, she has no makeup and her hair is tangled. She cried audibly through the first two nights.”

    The transition from the red carpet to the jail’s concrete floor was and swift and dramatic. So what’s an average day like for the 26-year-old at L.A.’s Century Regional Detention Facility?

    She’s confined to a 12-by-8-foot cell in the so-called “high power” pod, reserved for high-profile inmates and those who need extra protection. The prisoners all wear the orange two-piece cotton/polyester-blend uniforms produced by Los Angeles County inmates in sewing classes.

    The 12 cells share one TV – now playing: Brad Pitt’s Troy – that inmates can see through the windows in their doors. For meals, it’s the Simple Life, indeed – dinner June 4 was franks and beans, lunch the next day was a bologna sandwich and two chocolate-chip cookies.

    And for a young woman who is used to socializing every night, life must be lonely: “She’s in isolation for 23 of the 24 hours of the day,” her lawyer, Richard A. Hutton told reporters on Monday. “Because of who she is, they had no choice … but to place her in administrative segregation.”

    So far, Hilton has had just two visitors: Hutton and her psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy. Only professionals are allowed to see inmates during the week; visiting hours for family and friends begin on the weekend.

    Still, says Hutton: “She’s doing very well under the circumstances.”


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    Paris Hilton Prison Image Is For Sell!

    Breaking News

    X17 can also report that there is at least one photo of Paris inside the jail on the market. Photo agencies and media outlets have been hesitant to buy it for legal reasons, but the image shows Paris as she is being booked at Lynwood. Her long extensions are pulled back tightly and the heiress looks emotional.


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    Paris Hilton’s Post-Prison Exclusive Interview

    Paris is counting down the days until she gets out of jail – and is rumored to have already agreed to give her first post-prison exclusive interview to Barbara Walters and “20/20.”

    Though Hilton’s rep would make no comment, the reality-show star has a knack for turning embarrassing episodes in her life into gold mines of publicity.

    Post Media Ink columnist Keith J. Kelly reports today on Page 34 that publishers are hankering for a “Paris prison tell-all.” Maybe the heiress is keeping another, more salacious diary?

    Edited Page Six

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    Christian Haters Cancel Their Hate Party

    A nationwide Christian organization called The Resistance, led by founder Mark Dice, was set to have a huge soiree last night at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate Paris Hilton’s incarceration. Only trouble is… they didn’t.

    Mark Dice

    TMZ camera’s were on hand to catch what was supposed to be a riled-up group as they trashed Hilton memorabilia in celebration of a time they hope will allow the heiress some deep “self reflection.” So, just what did our cameras catch?


    In fact, our guy never even hit the record button. The gala was supposed to kickoff at 8:00 PM in a bar on the first floor of the hotel. Our camera guy was told to look for a guy with a “Pray for Paris” t-shirt on — which would allegedly distinguish Mr. Dice from the rest of expected crowd. Dice never rolled in!

    Perhaps Paris’ newly-found bible studies endeared her to her Christian detractors. As for the failed hater bash: *wahhh, wahhh!*


    Anyway, they would have looked stupid if they had done that.

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    Extensive Coverage Inside The Jail With Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton’s lawyer and shrink yesterday paid an extended visit to the jailed hotel heiress, who was seen crying through a second full day behind bars.Defense lawyer Richard Hutton and Dr. Charles Sophy spent about two hours inside the Century Regional Detention Center, cheering up the ditzy jailbird.

    Hutton and Sophy – who moonlights as medical director for the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services – refused comment as they walked out of jail.

    Hilton appears to be cracking under the pressure of prison, even though deputies have rolled out the red carpet and extended VIP courtesies to the ne’er-do-well hotel princess, sources said

    “They can hear her crying a bit,” said lawyer Paul Cohen, who is representing two murder suspects in the same segregated ward where Hilton is housed.

    “She came out of her cell to make a phone call. She’s not used to making collect calls and she needed help. A sergeant had to help her.

    “Apparently it’s tricky ,” Cohen sarcastically added. The lawyer did say Paris had been “friendly” with other inmates.

    Hilton skipped a humiliating cavity search routinely done on all incoming prisoners, sources said.

    “Paris didn’t have to go through the cavity search. When bent over, she didn’t have to cough,” said Saul Reyes, who does maintenance at the women’s jail as part of a work-release program.

    “She didn’t have to spread ’em.”

    Also, when Hilton checked into custody late Sunday night, jailers cleared the booking area and made inmates sit in a separate holding pen, witnesses said.

    Hilton spent an hour going through a process that can often take 24 hours for many inmates.

    “All the inmates waiting to be processed were taken into a temporary holding cell, and Paris was brought in and booked quickly. The inmates taunted Paris for getting special treatment,” a bail bondsman said.

    A day room available to all prisoners coincidentally had a soda machine added just as Hilton arrived, Cohen said.

    But jailers drew the line yesterday. Deputies turned back two deliverymen carrying a dozen red roses and a fruit basket with apples, oranges and a pineapple for Hilton.

    The unidentified gift-giver had written on a card: “I hope you’re OK. Call me when you can. Don’t feel bad, remember you’re Paris Hilton.”

    Hilton is serving a 45-day sentence for violating probation from a drunken-driving rap. But sheriff’s officials have said Hilton will spend no more than 23 days inside, and perhaps a lot less.

    Page Six

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    Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton’s Brother, Mugged

    WHILE PARIS Hilton was sneaking into prison in Los Angeles in the wee hours of Monday morning, her younger brother, Barron, was getting mugged at knifepoint near Penn Station.Barron, who is tall and blond and believed to be 18, had shown up earlier at Stereo on West 29th Street with three male friends and two girls. “They were all underage and they hung around for a while trying to get in the club,” said an eyewitness.

    “They were waiting outside Stereo. Eventually they all left together at around 4 a.m.

    “An hour later, two security guards from Stereo were driving by Penn Station on their way home and they saw Barron and his friends. Then they saw two muggers confronting the group, and they all got out. One had a knife and was trying to get money out of the kids.

    “One guy had Barron at knifepoint, and the guards got out and chased away the guy with the knife. The attackers didn’t get any money,” said the witness.

    “Eventually Barron and his friends all piled into a cab.” The insider added that the guards recognized Barron because “he tries to get into Stereo all the time.”


    Hilton’s rep, Elliot Mintz, said he could not confirm details of Barron’s mugging, but noted, “If there is any substance to the story, I am glad nobody was hurt.”

    Page Six

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    Hate Is On The Rise:

     Prediction predicts that there will be a rise in hatred against Paris Hilton now that she is in jail.

    Earlier reports suggesting that some haters were slightly softening up seem to be incorrect. In fact, there has been a dramatic growth of hate comments by old and also, new haters.

    What I’ve noticed is that many of them don’t understand the real Paris Hilton. The biggest problem is that while writing their comments, they assume to know who Paris is. Believe it or not, there are still bigots out there who believe Paris is spoiled and narcissistic. I don’t think any of them have seen how nice Paris is to her fans compared to other celebrities, or have heard about her contributions to charity. Many of them only assume. And of course, Paris is an easy target.

    Another problem is that most of them are enjoying to see Paris suffer, not because of her crime (haters don’t really care about that), but because she has something that they don’t have, so they see this punishement as a “revenge,” but in a sick way. Not a single one of them (even in the media) will seriously ask this question: “Is Paris Hilton being treated fairly?” Not a single one of these haters will praise Paris for sacrificing her days for this unfair punishement in order to set herself as an example for other people, even though she is not suppose to be doing this. Imagine if Paris had decided to fight with the appeal, how do you think these haters would react? Now do you understand what the real problems are?

    Of course, you can’t blame some of the haters for being haters because they don’t understand what is going on exactly. Some in the media will give their opinion when in fact, their opinion is irrelevant to what is happening and to who Paris really is. They just throw their hateful opinion, knowing that no one will bother to correct them.

    Assumption is the another big problem.

    But the more depressing stories websites like TMZ will write about Paris in jail, the more delighted the haters will feel in a truly sick and despicable way.

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