Psychiatrist Visits Paris Hilton in Jail

    Paris Hilton got her second visitor in jail: her psychiatrist.

    Dr. Charles Sophy, the Beverly Hills therapist who has been treating her for the past eight months, entered the jail with Hilton’s lawyer Tuesday and stayed for about two hours.

    Both left without commenting.

    Last month, Sophy had told a judge that Hilton was so upset by her jail sentence that she was “not capable of any meaningful participation” in a $10 million slander and libel lawsuit against her.

    “She is emotionally distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing, the jail sentence imposed upon her by the judge, and her fear of incarceration,” Sophy wrote in papers filed by Hilton’s lawyers.

    Sophy was the second person to see Hilton, 26, since she surrendered late Sunday night to serve at least 23 days for a probation violation in an alcohol-related driving case.

    On Monday, her lawyer Richard A. Hutton saw her for several hours and said she was coping as well as possible to 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.


    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    Scott: I Will Make Sure That Hilton Gets No Special Treatment

    The jailhouse captain overseeing socialite Paris Hilton for the next few weeks has seen her share of celebrity inmates — and others in the department say she‘ll make sure that Hilton gets no special treatment.Hilton won‘t be the first celebrity in Scott‘s charge. Last year, “Lost” actress Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating probation after her drunken driving arrest in Hawaii. She was released in hours because of overcrowding.

    Actress Daryl Hannah also was there briefly after being picked up for trespassing during a tree-sitting demonstration a year ago.

    “She possesses the administrative and interpersonal skills to perform her duties in an extremely competent manner,” he said.

    Scott refused an interview request Monday.

    She was promoted to her current rank two years ago by Sheriff Lee Baca and took command of the downtown Twin Towers Correctional Facility. She later moved over the Lynwood jail.


    Rule #1: Never hire a woman. I hope she’ll be fair to Paris.

    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    Inmates Love Paris Hilton!

    Day 2 from TMZ insiders

    TMZ has multiple inside sources who have painted a bleak picture of day # 2 in the slammer. In three words, “Paris is scared.”

    Paris has been crying on the phone, saying she’s not sleeping or eating. Paris says her cell is “freezing cold.” She has three little blankets and no pillow. She’s using one of the blankets as a pillow. The room is bright and jail noise echoes through her space.

    Sleep isn’t the only problem. Paris says she has no appetite and has eaten almost nothing.

    Inmates actually struck up a chant when Paris went back to her cell earlier today. As she walked by they struck up a chorus, “Paris! Paris! Paris!” We’re told she smiled and waved. Some inmates have been coming up to her cell door, mostly to say hi. One inmate said, “You don’t deserve to be here.” Another made an origami butterfly from a magazine page and slipped it under her door. Another slipped a drawing book under her door. The guards, Paris says, have all been nice.

    She’s called her lawyer and family, but found it really hard to talk because there’s a recording, “You have one minute left. This call is being recorded.”


    So they’re not the monsters we thought they would be!! On the hand, I see that Paris is having a hard time, but this will be temporary, hopefully. She should stay strong and know that hundreds of thousands of fans are thinking about her. We also recognize that she has become the victim of a discriminating system and that we understand she’s enduring a tougher time than we would have if we were in her shoes!

    Oprah has no comments about Paris Hilton

    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    Exclusive: Is Back In Business?

    ParisExposed Re-Launch Busted

    Is alive again? The website appears to have reopened and is actually selling to its members her private videos, images and documents.

    Now there is a Sign Up page where it says:

    PAY A ONE-TIME ONLY FEE of $19.97
    (50% DISCOUNT until June 30, 2007 from the $39.97 REGULAR PRICE) and ACCESS IT ALL for 30 days!

    However, it’s not clear if it is offering new contents.

    The website is supposed to be shut down.

    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    An Ignorant Journalist Named Yoni Goldstein Gets Caught

    Just by fooling around the internet, I found a journalist named Yoni Goldstein who wrote this shocking statement in his article:

    “how she’s managed to star in a successful TV show and record an album that sold relatively well is beyond me”

    Here you are a splendid example of an ignorant and careless Hater (?). No, Yoni Goldstein is not a hater judging from his article, but he has more of a prejudice problem.

    You know what’s even more embarrassing for him? It’s that he wrote it without even bothering to watch the Simple Life or to listen to her album.

    And this is only one example of hundreds of similar statements made by journalists on the internet and in the media. How could someone like Paris have fans? It’s unimaginable.

    Part of this big problem is ignorance. As long as journalists won’t listen to Paris’ fans, they will never take us seriously. Most of them believe that we just like her because she’s glamorous.

    So say it with me: I love the Simple Life and “Paris” the album!

    Yoni Goldstein’s article

    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Bentley Overheats

    Paris Hilton began the hot summer social whirl with a three-week trip to the cooler this week, and we’ve learned her Silver Bentley has a few cooling issues of its own.

    TMZ has obtained photos of Hilton’s Silver Bentley up on mechanic’s blocks at the Santa Monica Bentley dealership. Sources inside the dealership tell us that her car was brought in just hours after she checked herself into lockup. The car was apparently overheating, which caused the coolant tank to burst. That’s TOO hot!

    It’s hoped that the car gets out before she does … or she’ll be forced to slum it in her Ferrari or Range Rover.


    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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    In Defense Of Paris Hilton By Ray Hanania

    Oh the whiners in the mainstream American media. As if Paris Hilton is somehow below them, the dredge of American professions.

    Paris Hilton is an icon to young Americans, and maybe that is why most journalists and media pundits, cantankerous old souls with no sense of real life remaining in their thin skins, despise her so much.

    Hilton entered the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California Sunday night to begin serving her 22 days in the hoosgow for for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. She is set to be released June 26.

    Yet the media won’t let up, joking about the challenges she’ll face. Mocking her because, well, she was a celebrity before she became a TV star.

    Rich socialites become famous long before they ever achieve anything. It is the American way.

    But the hypocrisy in all this is that Paris Hilton would be nothing save for the unquenchable vicious thirst of the mainstream media which put her 26 year old face in the media limelight from the time she was just the young Hilton Hotel heiress.

    If Paris has been in our face, blame the media, not her.

    Is she any different than any other young person, except for the fact that she is wealthy?

    Maybe that’s why journalists hate her so much.

    Most journalists are poor wretched souls who barely make enough to live on. Those that do, usually do it by glomming on to the celebrities they cover and transforming themselves into celebrities themselves.

    Others do it through more sordid ways, selling off clout for riches, faking up news stories – there have been dozens of “famous” journalists who lied and made-up all kinds of stories but who got better media treatment than Paris Hilton.

    Journalists, as a profession, are also old. The average age of a journalist is 102.

    And according to public opinion surveys, most Americans rank journalists way below used car salesmen, realtors and bill collectors, or salespeople for Orbitz, the online travel ticket company that has left me burning up the past few days.

    You know what? I admire Paris for having the strength to serve her 22 days in the pokey.

    She’ll come out a far better person than all of the lazy-assed journalists who are hammering her in their columns, broadcast reports and radio commentaries.

    You go girl.

    And when you come out, make sure that every Hilton Hotel and related hotel chain creates a special surcharge for journalists who stay at their hotels, especially the ones who take the graft, are on the dole and who trade principle for a price.

    There’s something innocent about Paris Hilton that the news media hates.

    Maybe that’s why I, for one, am cheering her on.

    And when she gets out, I hope she writes a book that sells a billion copies, and then buys one of the big newspapers that put her in the spotlight so they can knock her back down. (That’s what journalists do for a living.)

    She should then fire each and everyone of those lazy-assed reporters – I like that term, and replace them with young kids with no experience in professional journalism who have only one commitment to fairness and truth. It’s something you rarely find, as a rule, in the journalism profession.

    It’s true, as much as I hate to admit that about my own profession.

    The truth is journalists, as a profession, have done worse and more offensive things than anything Paris Hilton has ever done.

    Wow, simply wow. The only thing it’s missing here is the reasons why fans like Paris Hilton, but this article is a good slam on the media.

    Can you believe it? This actually comes from a journalist!

    Posted: June 5th, 2007
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