News About The Dropping Of Paris Hilton By Record Label Starts Poisoning The Internet

    Why did it take so much time for all the lower-class news websites to report this fake (?) report?

    Well, it looks like the gossip websites have started to happily report that Paris Hilton’s record label has dropped her. Not a single website has question about the source of this report. They all report it because they know it is a negative article about Paris, so why not mention it! Let’s make Paris’ life appear more depressing and pitiful for the haters.

    The only websites, the real news websites, who haven’t report this news is the CNN, CBS, FOX types who depend on the Associated Press. Of course, the Associated Press won’t report a opinion-oriented article that doesn’t want to name its source, but the low-class articles will fool as always a good portion of fans and haters.

    This is interesting because it will likely make more awareness about Paris Hilton’s music. Sometimes, I feel like screaming at the media “TALK ABOUT PARIS HILTON’S MUSIC!”

    All of the new websites who are reporting the news have now quoted, which is not a reliable source, because they quoted a more unreliable source, the Mirror!

    Clearly, the writer who wrote another version of the original article did some sloppy research and ended up making this laughable claim:

    “Warner Bros invested 250,000 dollars in a music video and world promotional tour for “Stars Are Blind,” which brought in less than half a million record sales, reported. The song reached number 18 on the charts. A second video, “Nothing in This World,” sold 77,000 copies.” LOL

    Check it out.

    Members of the media settle in at the Century Regional Detention Center as they wait for Paris Hilton arrive for first day of her three week prison sentence, Saturday, June 2, 2007 in Lynwood, Calif.

    Posted: June 2nd, 2007
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    Rumour: Paris Hilton Might Go To Jail Today

    Media from around the world have gathered at a Los Angeles County women’s jail this evening – hoping for a glimpse of Paris Hilton.There’s a rumor that the woman famous for being famous may show up at a detention facility in Lynwood to start serving a sentence for violating probation in a reckless driving case.

    Hilton has until Tuesday to surrender and begin serving a three-week stay.

    Some inmates aren’t happy that a celebrity is coming to their crowded jail. Susannah Johnson, who was released today, said they believe officials are making room for Hilton at the expense of others.

    Hilton will be housed in a special-needs area where she will take her meals in her cell.

    Other inmates seem excited by the prospect.

    Tishan Bell, who’s in for drug offenses, told reporters: “If it was me, I’d want to see her, because she’s famous!”

    Meanwhile, Susannah Johnson has some advice for the heiress. She says Hilton should “shut her mouth and do the time.”

    Associated Press

    Posted: June 2nd, 2007
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    Media From All Over The World Are Already Camping At L.A. Jail!

    LYNWOOD, Calif. – Media from around the world converged on a Los Angeles County jail Saturday in hopes of spotting Paris Hilton arriving for a three-week stay for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.Some 15 photographers, reporters and television crews staked out positions at three entrances to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood. Authorities had also cordoned off a grassy area outside the jail for members of the media.

    “Today, Paris is the story,” said Robert Penfold, a TV reporter with Australia’s Nine Network.

    As of late afternoon, however, the hotel heiress had yet to appear.

    Hilton has been ordered to turn herself in by Tuesday to begin her sentence.

    The prospect of Hilton’s arrival was on the minds of some at the 2,200-bed facility.

    “If it was me, I’d want to see her, because she’s famous!” said 29-year-old Trishan Bell during a visit with her mother, who is serving an 8-year sentence for drug-related offenses.

    Susannah Johnson, who was released Saturday after a one-day stay at the jail, said many inmates were angry at Hilton, believing officials were making room for the starlet at the expense of other inmates already coping with crowded conditions.

    “The only advice I could give her when she comes is to shut her mouth and do the time,” said Johnson, 35, of Claremont.

    The 13-year-old jail, located five miles south of downtown Los Angeles, has been an all-female facility since March 2006. The two-story concrete building sits in an industrial neighborhood, beside train tracks and beneath a bustling freeway.

    Though a judge sentenced her to 45 days behind bars, Hilton is expected to serve only 23 days because of a state law that requires shorter sentences for good behavior, said sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore.

    Once she arrives, the “Simple Life” star will be housed in the jail’s “special needs” unit.

    Like other inmates in the special-needs area, Hilton will take her meals in her cell and will be allowed outside the 12-foot-by-8-foot space for at least an hour each day to shower, watch TV in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone.

    Inmates are not allowed to bring cell phones into the jail.

    Besides a decidedly unglamorous orange jumpsuit, inmates are issued a standard-issue kit that includes: a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, soap, a comb, deodorant, shampoo and shaving implements, along with a jail-issued pencil, stationery, envelopes and stamps.

    Officers arrested Hilton in Hollywood on Sept. 7. In January, she pleaded no contest to the reckless-driving charge and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

    She was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol on Jan. 15. Officers informed Hilton she was driving on a suspended license and she signed a document acknowledging she was not to drive. She then was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 27, at which time she was charged with violating her probation.

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    Happy Happy Interviewer And Interviewee Discuss About Paris Hilton

    With Paris Hilton heading off to lockdown what is she doing to prepare for her stay? Also, what is the Jail doing to prepare? MSNBC’s [Hater] Alex Witt talks to Dawn Yanek for the lowdown.

    Again hardcore Hater of Paris Hilton and Hilton family, Alex Witt interviewed lemming-like Dawn Yanek to talk more about the rumours.

    Laughing and all happy, they report rumours that they learned from other sources, and really, pretend as if they’re 100% true. That’s typically how MSN works. Their news reports are all based on lies and rumours.

    Two things I want you to notice:

    A: They never talk about how harsh the sentence is. Certainly, hater Alex Witt would never question Yanek about it.

    B: When they talk about her book, they never say that perhaps, she could use the book and show everyone that she has changed.

    I was going to mention something else, but I forget, hehe.

    Anyway, this is a typical disgusting MSN video report filled with misunderstandings, sloppy research and hatred.

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    Expect To Face A Torrent Of Evil Hatred Next Week predicts that starting from Monday, we will face a major circus as Paris Hilton heads to jail. The Associated Press is expected to write more articles about her. Slowly, but surely every other news network such as CNN will jump in the same bandwagon with their grinning reports, interviewers, interviewees, commentators and mindless lemmings who don’t know what they talk about and do what is fashionable, hate Paris Hilton.

    Once all of this is done, there may be a lack of Paris Hilton news for about two weeks, and a couple of embarrassing moments if photos of her in jail ever leak out.

    But above all, the thing that we have to be concerned about is to see if, despite this injustice, Paris Hilton has “grown up” and has started to take her career, not her partying, but her career seriously. And by career, you know what I mean! I hope that she stays away from firms who want her to promote their products. That won’t work forever; she needs to be creative and work harder.

    Next week, hate groups such as Resistance Manifesto and laughable the Exies will do whatever they can to profit themselves by spreading lies and hatred.

    A visitor of this website has alarmed me about arrogant the Exies and their absolutely evil activities against Paris. They even went on FOX news and talked about “real artists,” good thing, the interview didn’t take them seriously, but then again, FOX gave them more than 3 minutes to explain their hate propaganda.

    This visitor’s posts on my Guestbook stroke me and prompt me to write the following page: Speaking out against the hate compaign launched by hate groups such as The Exies

    Be sure to read it; it’s very interesting and will help you understand how wrong the Exies and other anti-Paris Hilton groups are.

    Posted: June 2nd, 2007
    Comments: 3 Paris Hilton Has Been Dropped By Record Label Warner Music?

    BREAKING NEWS? Hardly!

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it, but another report indicated that Paris Hilton has been dropped by Warner Music. As some of you know, I follow such reports very carefully and seriously. We’ve already seen two similar reports in the past, and I predicted that both of them were false ones, and I was right.

    Now another one pops up (notice, the timing is perfect), but the only bad news is that this one came from another source. The two other reports came from the same source.

    However, I’ll tell you now this is not a confirmed report. If Paris was dropped by her label, the Associated Press would report it all over the internet, and no, it hasn’t been reported on CNN, CBS or on any other major network.

    The good news is that all three reports (including this one) came from the U.K., the land of false rumours.

    I will dissecting and respond to paragraphs in this report and will point out what is right and what is wrong.

    From its source:, a highly unreliable source!


    [The author of this article is already gloating that “Paris hasn’t got a record,” whatever that means.]


    [This is the same type of expression used last time]

    AS if facing 23 days in the slammer isn’t bad enough, Paris Hilton has now been dropped by her record label.

    We can exclusively reveal that the 26-year-old socialite has been given the boot by Warner Bros. She is said to be gutted after learning of their decision this week.

    [Hrmm, has Paris been seen very sad this week? No. Most of the time she was smiling and talking to paparazzi.]

    A spokesman for the record label confirmed: “We are not expecting any new Paris Hilton material in the foreseeable future.”

    [This is the almost same type of quote we got last time. Nothing new here]

    It marks an embarrassing end to a pop career that Paris once confidently declared would “leave a mark on music”.

    But as one music insider puts it: “It’s fair to say she totally stiffed. Her worldwide sales were barely negligible and her efforts tanked big time.” Ouch!

    The decision to drop the blonde – who will be banged up on Tuesday after breaking the terms of her probation following a drink-driving charge – comes after Warner Bros spent a small fortune promoting her.

    [“small fortune promoting her” False! Warner Bros didn’t spend a small fortune to promote the album. This was a massive promotion.]

    Her one and only video, for first single Stars Are Blind, cost $250,000 (£125,000) after it was re-shot twice to make it more raunchy. She was also flown around the world to promote her album – Paris – and put up in some of the world’s swankiest hotels.

    Despite warm reviews for Stars Are Blind, which reached No.5, her pop career went downhill from there. The follow-up single, Nothing In This World, scraped in at No.55, while the album itself charted at No.29 before disappearing. Despite a blitz of publicity, it has sold just over half a million copies worldwide.

    [Reread the last paragraph. The author is only writing about UK charts, not even mentioning the American charts]

    [Notice “sold just over half a million copies worldwide.” I think the author received this information from Wikipedia, where I personally posted the numbers. On Wikipedia, it says that about 600 000 copies of “Paris” were sold, but believe it or not, those are not official numbers, and they don’t include digital sales. Only Warner Bros knows exactly how many copies were sold. But still, I can’t say for sure if he got the real numbers from Warner Bros]

    Yet this dismal showing seemed totally lost on Paris herself, who once proclaimed: “I think the combination of my taste, style and voice, along with the vast range of musical influences on my album, creates a sound that will leave a mark on music.”

    And the hotel heiress went further, bizarrely declaring: “I still cry when I play my CD in the car or at home because it’s so good.”

    [This is the typical respond of a hater. He’s using those quotes and trying to make us believe as if they were a joke. Paris’ music was supposed to leave a mark on music. Many people agree that it was the best album of 2006. Sales don’t reflect the opinion of music fans, since most of them are haters (in the case of Paris only).]

    It also left Warner Bros execs in tears. Apart from getting little return on their outlay, they were increasingly put-out by her behaviour – Paris clearly preferred shopping and hanging out with pals to promotional duties.

    A label source tells us: “Paris was sweet but she became more and more unreliable, which was a shame as the first song showed real promise.

    “She started missing interviews and everyone lost patience. She claimed she’d been working on the album for years and was proud of it. But the sales just didn’t add up and in the end it was an easy decision to make.”

    [Aside “Warner Bros execs in tears,” the guy who wrote this article is quite a smart-ass if he’s trying to fool the average fan and hater. Yes, it is true that Paris Hilton preferred partying and shopping instead of working on music, but this may be because of her DUI arrest. Maybe, Warner Bros. told her that she should not go on tour or do more promotions. Did she miss interviews? Not that I know of! I haven’t heard anything about missing interviews and promotional tours. Paris worked very hard to promote the ablum before its official release, not after.]

    [Has Paris Hilton been working on the album for years? False. It took one year to produce “Paris.”]

    Poor Paris. Still, she’ll have time to reflect on where it all went wrong when she’s behind bars.

    [Ohh, poor little author who thought that everyone would agree with his hateful article]

    End of article.

    Well, you know, I can’t say if this guy really received this information from Warner Bros. And I can’t say if it’s true. But my prediction is that it is not. If it was, the American media would be the first one to get it, not the most lying UK media. I’ll let you know if any reliable source reports it. Paris Hilton’s official music website is working fine. And Warner Bros is still promoting her album on its websites.

    Posted: June 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Meets Avril Lavigne At Private Party

    Turns out Paris’ retinue of suitors wasn’t her only company last night – our photographers weren’t able to get any snaps for proof, but they all reported that Paris Hilton took off from the private party she’d been attending and made a beeline for Teddy’s – where she hung out with Avril Lavigne! No word as to what the pair might have been talking about, but Avril’s a pretty tough cookie – maybe Paris was just picking up a few self-defense pointers for her stay in the Lynwood Hilton!


    Paris and Avril have already met before.

    Posted: June 1st, 2007
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