Paris Hilton Plans To Write A Book About Jail Time: Unconfirmed Report

    Paris Hilton is getting ready for her closeup.

    Sources say the jail-bound heiress has ordered a hair and makeup team to meet her at her Hollywood Hills home at 9 a.m. Monday.

    It’s understood that the glamorous inmate-to-be plans to turn the perp walk into a catwalk, and she wants the media to see her looking her best.

    “The timing is to make sure she makes all the celebrity weeklies,” an insider says.

    “Paris is a genius at marketing herself. She managed to turn having a sex tape to her benefit, and she’s going to do the same out of going to prison.”

    But the pal observes: “It’s not just about marketing, it’s about making money. If she can set up her entry into jail in a very grand way, the payoff will be greater.”

    Hilton is also said to have decided to write a prison diary during her 23-day sentence, for publication upon release. (No doubt Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Gaol” is one of her inspirations.)

    “Paris’ prison diary will make a more dramatic read than Martha Stewart’s,” says someone with knowledge of her business dealings.

    “If she can make it believable, and not exaggerate too much, she might expect to make a million dollars out of it.”

    Look for Paris’ star turn to be of the high-fashion variety, like Naomi Campbell’s community service for assaulting her maid earlier this year, or Lil’ Kim being released from prison in 2006 after serving time for perjury and conspiracy for lying to a grand jury. Whatever Paris has up her sleeve, it’s sure to be a far cry from the performance by a dour-looking Winona Ryder, who humbly reported to court in 2002 on grand theft and vandalism charges stemming from a shoplifting arrest.

    “Paris doesn’t do contrite very well,” says the source. “She will be glam, and Paris is the queen of the prop. Expect her hair pulled back in a ponytail, big sunglasses and maybe a Holy Bible under one arm. And she just got a new kitten, so maybe she’ll hand that to her sister [Nicky] as she gets out of the car.”

    Adds the insider: “There might even be tears.”

    A rep for Hilton did not return a call yesterday.

    I don’t know if this report is true, and it doesn’t even look like it. I know that they love the idea of Paris making a million dollars, and want to portray her as money-hungry, as they always do, by the way.

    But I personally think it’s a great idea. She will earn probably a million dollars, but what this article doesn’t mention is that she could use the book and show people that she is now changed. She can show everyone that she ready to take her career seriously. That’s the greatest advantage of this book. And I think that Paris should keep this in mind while writing her diary and book.

    All she has to do is to take this media coverage and this jail time and convert it into something good that will last for a long time.

    Is she thinking about it this way? I don’t know, but we certainly won’t find out from the media!

    Posted: June 1st, 2007
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    Another Clueless Hate Group Is Marked As A Paris Hilton Enemy

    – Notice the amount of misunderstandings and mistakes this article contains about Paris Hilton.

    – Look at the way they have stereotyped her and how they’ve boldened her negative aspects.

    In retaliation to an online petition asking the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger to show leniency, the outspoken rockers have a rival petition asking the Governor to ensure Paris serves her full 45-day sentence.

    The petition lists the times Paris had “knowingly and willingly broken the law” and urges the Governor to “ignore other petitions asking for clemency and show the people of California that no one is above the law.”

    The band posted on the New York Times’ website:

    “Why is the NY Times wasting space talking about Paris Hilton’s petition to keep her out of jail for drunk driving…twice! Join Nikki Sixx, The Pxies and other artists in supporting real talent, not bitches like Paris.”

    And they are not the only ones ready to jump on the Paris hatred bandwagon; Hollywood stars have not been shy in airing their scorn for the heirhead.

    Actor Josh Harnett ranted, “What scares me with pop culture is looking at my younger brother and sister and their friends, seeing my little sister’s friends looking, like, to Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton – I just don’t think that’s anything to strive for.” On the same website.

    And while Lindsay Lohan’s hated for the blonde star is well known – it has been speculated that she may share a jail with her after a recent ping for DUI.

    My favourite quote from this article is: “in supporting real talent, not bitches like Paris.” Simply laughable!

    Bitches like Paris? Isn’t that something? I can name you millions of real “bitches” in this world who can only think about beauty and money. I can even name you so-called “talented” artists who work sooooo hard to produce worthless music even when they work with highly talented producers.

    I know most of you, by far, don’t feel this way (many people do actually), but aside Paris Hilton’s music, I’ve always thought that American was long dead since the 90s. Today, I could just turn on the radio, and say 90% of songs suck. 10% of them aren’t even that good. No wonder Paris’ album is more 90s and 80s oriented.

    Call me crazy, but that’s how I think!

    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Working On A New Movie: Confirmed Report


    I know I’ve disappointed you with the music news yesturday, but now, I’m very happy to report that Paris Hilton was just seen carrying a new movie script.

    The film will be produced by CFP Productions, partner of Paramount Pictures. They have produced movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

    The last time Paris talked about movies, she mentionned that was going to film a superhero movie, and I think it’s produced or related to Spiderman and its director; I’m not 100% sure about this.

    Anyway, I went on CFP Productions’ website, and I found these two movies which would make sense for Paris, hehe:


    Life at Fashionista magazine can be a real bitch. Especially when you work for one.

    Vig Morgan finally worked her way out of the assistant-for-the-bitch-from-hell trenches only to get stuck in a sea of editors. But Vig isn’t like the other associate editors at the aggressively hip and overwhelmingly current Fashionista magazine. For one thing, she couldn’t care less which star wore which designer to which party. Sure, she’s clever and witty — and just as ambitious as the next overqualified underpaid underling, but she would never get drawn into a plot to depose the evil editor-in-chief.

    Or would she?

    Jump with Vig into the choppy waters of scheming, backstabbing, free speech, flirtation and fashion, as the lackeys at the bottom of the masthead band together to take down the queen at the top, with some unexpected – but not necessarily unpleasant – results.

    The Thing About Jane Spring

    A romantic comedy that revolves around a career woman who was raised by a widowed, four-star general without a female role model and has grown up to be a “ball-breaking” prosecutor for the District Attorney in New York City. Although her no-nonsense rough exterior makes her ridiculously unlucky at love, watching some of Hollywood’s leading ladies in a marathon of classic romantic films helps transform her into a woman that uses her femininity to get her way. After falling in love with a grizzled police detective, Jane finally achieves the balance between trying to win at all costs and being a classy, seductive woman.

    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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    Hate Company To Use Paris Hilton

    Nimbus Brewing Company, Arizona’s largest microbrewery, has declared June 5th, 2007 as “Paris Hilton Day”. Jim Counts, Managing Partner for Nimbus Brewing Company, whole heartedly agrees with the California judge in sentencing socialite Paris Hilton to jail for her role in her recent DUI arrest and parole violations.

    “Nimbus Brewing Company will from June 5th, the day Paris Hilton is jailed, until her release, offer a percentage of its pub patron’s purchase of its “Dirty Blonde” Ale sales to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers of Pima County of Arizona”.

    “We at Nimbus Brewing believe that responsible drinking is very important to the community” said Counts. “We would like to invite everyone to our Brewery and Taproom and enjoy a cold beer for a good cause. We at Nimbus Brewing Company also challenge other beer makers nationwide to make a donation to M.A.D.D.”.

    Bill Haas, one of Nimbus’ partners states, “While we’ll have fun poking at Paris Hilton with a party, live music, a Paris Hilton look-a-like contest and celebration at our Brewery and Taproom Bar, on Tuesday, June 5th, we believe in bringing attention to important events of the day and if we can, turn them into fun, charitable affairs. Most recently we had a day long music festival and raised money for Dafur. While Ms. Hilton’s case is vastly different than Dafur, our point is to have all Tucsonans coming together at Nimbus and give back a little if we can. And when you come to Nimbus, don’t be a Paris…if you need to take a cab home, your car will be safe here overnight”.

    If you want to send them a hate email, use this email:

    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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    County Sheriff’s Spokesman: Highly Unlikely That Paris Hilton Will Have A Roommate

    Paris has until 11:59 p.m. on June 5 to report
    Steve Whitmore: “she will do about 23 days”

    Paris Hilton’s mandatory makeover — from designer duds to jail-issued jumpsuits — is fast approaching.

    The 26-year-old heiress has until 11:59 p.m. on June 5 to report to the Century Regional Detention Facility to start serving time for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

    A judge sentenced Hilton to 45 days behind bars, but Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said “she will do about 23 days.”

    “It’s the state law,” he said, explaining the “good time/work time” requirement in which “you get days off for every day that you serve.”

    He said there’s no chance Hilton will be released early due to overcrowding, as actress Michelle Rodriguez was in May 2006, when she served less than one day of a 60-day sentence at the same county jail.

    “The situation in the jail will not determine (Hilton’s) release,” Whitmore said. “She has been given a full sentence. She will do her full sentence.”

    The 13-year-old Lynwood jail, located five miles south of downtown Los Angeles, has been an all-female facility since March 2006. The two-story concrete building sits in an industrial neighborhood, beside train tracks and beneath a bustling freeway.

    Hilton will be housed in the facility’s “special needs” unit, where she “very well may not” have a roommate, Whitmore said.

    Like other inmates in the special-needs area, she will take her meals in her cell and will be allowed outside the 12-foot-by-8-foot space for at least an hour each day to shower, watch TV in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone. She will have to use a public pay phone — cell phones and BlackBerrys aren’t allowed.

    Hilton must come empty-handed to the jail, Whitmore said. Once she’s booked into custody, she’ll have to surrender her clothing and jewelry in exchange for the requisite orange jumpsuit.

    She will also get the same standard-issue kit all incoming inmates at the 2,200-bed facility receive: a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, soap, a comb, deodorant, shampoo and shaving implements, along with a jail-issued pencil, stationary, envelopes and stamps.

    If Hilton wants to prettify herself in her cell’s polished-metal mirror, she can buy a compact, eye shadow, an eyebrow pencil and package of hair coloring from the jail commissary, where she can draw from a prepaid account.

    Inmates are also allowed to have up to three books and magazines each week and a maximum of five photographs — no larger than 4-by-6 inches.

    No special arrangements have been made to accommodate the heiress, Whitmore said.

    “The sheriff treats all inmates alike,” he said.

    But Nicole Richie, Hilton’s on-again friend and reality-show co-star, had a different opinion when she spoke to Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show Wednesday.

    “The way that Paris’ whole entire case was dealt with was, A, out of her control but B, really unfair,” Richie said. “Sometimes people just get exploited so I can only hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

    Richie was charged with driving under the influence and pleaded not guilty in February, and is awaiting the resolution of that case. She was previously convicted of DUI in June 2003.

    Besides starring in “The Simple Life,” Hilton is an aspiring pop singer who released her debut CD in August. She also has a namesake perfume and handbag collection.

    Her spokesman, Elliot Mintz, had no comment Thursday.


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    Paris Hilton Goes To Church

    Paris Hilton’s mom told TMZ cameras that her wayward daughter is “preparing and praying.” The June jailbird is clearly trying to find God before she heads to the slammer next week. Big guy up in the sky, show me a sign! Hallelujah!
    Paris and a pal attended an evening church service at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, which offers several classes on Tuesday evenings, including an Adult Discipleship class — the perfect course for a future convict! TMZ spoke to one of the church’s Bible Study leaders, who explained, “The bible is the key thing. Without the bible you don’t have anything. You get to know who your God is.” This might come in handy in jail!
    The other Tuesday church group is “The Foundry,” for ages 22-35, which according to their site, helps to “Grow them up in the likeness of Christ through small groups, and go out to serve with their gifts and passions.” Retail therapy to save the world! Hoorah! Shop for Jesus!

    Whichever class Paris attended, she is definitely on the road to scrubbing her sins away! Goodbye perdition, hello probation!


    My only advice to Paris is to be careful not to fall in a Christian cult group.

    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton DID NOT Go To A Recording Studio

    There you have it, Paris didn’t go to a recording studio yesturday.

    It looks like the paparazzi got mixed up because the place where she went is called Siren Studios, and it is not a recording studio, unfortunately.

    Most of the websites who reported that Paris went to record an album will probably not update and correct this misunderstanding.

    When a paparazzi asked Paris how the photoshoot went, she said it was “fun.”

    You can see the video bellow.

    So… since September 2006, we still haven’t heard a single official peep about Paris Hilton’s music. And not a single paparazzi, interviewer or even a fan who met her bothered to ask her a 10 seconds question (not even) about her music during all this time. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Siren Studios

    Nestled in the heart of Hollywood on the world-famous Sunset Blvd, Siren Studios is a full-fledged boutique production facility. We provide a classic Hollywood experience with all the comfort, class, and service the industry expects from a state-of-the-art production studio. Siren Studios offers all the luxury one could desire, including newly remodeled production office spaces, a full array of production equipment rentals, a COMPLETELY soundproof stage facility, luxurious VIP greenroom, cozy outdoor courtyard, surround-sound audio with MP3 player hook-up and even a trendy coffee bar lounge. Come experience what production comfort can feel like at Hollywood’s most undiscovered gem.

    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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