Evil Christians Are Still Planning To Party Like Demons On June 5

    A US Christian group is throwing a massive party to celebrate Paris Hilton going to jail – because members reckon she had it coming.

    The Resistance, founded by author Mark Dice, even plans to have the knees-up at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

    “I hope this will be a time of self reflection for her,” Mr Dice said. “She’ll have plenty of time on her hands to think about what her purpose in life is, and I hope she will be released a new person.

    “This is one of the greatest opportunities of her life for her to see what kinds of changes she needs to make.”

    Hilton will be the A-list inmate during her three-week stay in a California prison for repeated driving offences – including drink-driving and driving while banned.

    The Resistance is also urging partygoers to bring Paris merchandise – just so they can smash it all up and throw it in the bin.

    The Resistance made news recently after slamming rapper 50 Cent for wearing a crucifix while rapping about murdering people. Jessica Simpson was also dubbed a “singing stripper” for wearing skimpy clothes in a recent music video.


    Posted: May 31st, 2007
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    Caroline D’Amore: Paris Hilton’s Friends Are With Her

    As friends rally to support her, Paris Hilton can rest assured that her visiting hours in jail will be well-attended.

    “We had a little party at her house the other night so we were all around her to be there for her,” childhood friend Caroline D’Amore told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Los Angeles opening of the flagship Diesel store on Melrose Place.

    D’Amore added that, at the Memorial Day barbecue hosted by pal Nicole Richie, “We all watched the first episode of the new season of The Simple Life, which was really cute.”

    Still, another Hilton pal says the heiress is dreading jail time. “She breaks down crying a lot because she just can’t deal with the reality and pressure of everything that is happening,” the source told PEOPLE, adding that some friends have not been so supportive: “She really can’t take how most people around her have scattered and distanced themselves.”

    Hilton has until June 5 to turn herself in to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., where she will serve a at least 23 days for violating probation by driving with a suspended license.

    Still, D’Amore said Hilton “has high hopes” for the future. Added pal Kim Kardashian: “[Paris] is a smart girl and will be okay. It’s all about learning from her experiences.”


    I have a feeling that Kim is still friends with Paris, but just because of what happened with Kim recently, they must not be seen together in public. Same thing with Britney Spears.

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    Paris Hilton Did A Photoshoot With Siren Studios

    The days are counting down (5 to be exact) before our favorite Celebutante has to check into the Lynwood Hilton, and it seems that Paris is keeping as busy as possible before being locked down. Sporting a big smile (to hide her tears?) the entire day and dressed head-to-toe in red and white, Paris did a photo shoot at Siren Studios, then hit up Pinkberry wannabe Cantaloop for some fro-yo. She then hoofed it over to a house party before heading home. Wonder if she’s trying to wear herself out with all this activity so she can use her jailtime for a little R&R!


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    Paris Hilton Seen With A New Guy

    Paris Hilton was caught strolling around The Grove L.A. shopping center with another new guy last night — just days before she’s set to go behind bars. Play on, playa!

    With Josh Henderson appearing to be all but erased from Hilton’s life, the convicted heiress has apparently upgraded to a more ripped and hotter lookin’ dude. Shockingly, the mystery hot guy with the chiseled features chose to stay mum when photogs asked for his name. Paris has this one well trained.

    Hilton kept her trap shut as well — opting not to comment on sometime-buddy Lindsay Lohan’s DUI arrest.


    I think he is one of Paris’ friends.

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    Paris Hilton Goes Back To Recording Studio: Unconfirmed Report


    Paris Hilton went to a studio according to the paparazzi!

    Could this be our dream coming true? Is Paris working on her music career again?

    Well, according to the paparazzi, Paris was just seen going to a recording studio in Hollywood. There is no way to confirm this at this point, so I can’t say if this is 100% true.

    But seriously, if she actually went to work on her second album, this must be one of the greatest Paris Hilton news of 2007. I mean, for someone like me, who is a freak of her debut album.

    One thing I know is that Paris sometimes writes her lyrics on her laptop, and here, she is seen carrying it on her way to a studio.

    This is also an excellent news because it shows us that she is really serious about her career!

    Let’s just cross our fingers and hope this is true!

    Just Jared

    Posted: May 30th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Gets A Parking Ticket

    PARIS HILTON can’t keep out of trouble – even though she is all repentant and creative these days.

    The heiress copped yet more trouble when she got a parking ticket in LA after she spent too much time in a craft shop painting a ceramic heart.

    And yes, I did just say that.

    Paris – due to start her jail term for violating probation on Tuesday – carried home her usual stash of spiritual books.

    I hope she finds herself soon, this well-behaved routine is getting rather dull.


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    Nicole Richie: Paris Hilton And I Have To Do Two More Seasons Of Simple Life


    Intelligent Ryan Seacrest, God you have to love this guy and his questions, asked Nicole Richie how many more seasons of Simple Life she and Paris will do after Simple Life 5, and Nicole Richie said that under contract, they have to film at least two more seasons. However, the show has to be picked up by mid-season. In other words, if the ratings aren’t good enough for this season, then, it won’t be picked up and the show will be cancelled.

    Now we don’t have the ratings for the first episode. Usually, this is the most important rating we have to look at, but hopefully, in a couple of days we will know.

    Nicole also said that Paris Hilton is scarred of going to jail.

    About the media’s coverage of Paris’ jail time, she said:

    A: They were out of control.
    B: They treated her unfairly.

    And I totally agree with her!

    She added that the evil authorities are exploiting her, and my thoughts exactly!

    If you would like to learn more about the filming of Simple Life 5, you should listen to the interview. Nicole is also hinting that there will be bonus clips on the DVD.

    I believe the interview took place today at KIIS FM.

    Nicole Richie KIIS FM Interview

    Posted: May 30th, 2007
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