Downloading “Simple Life 5” Episodes

    Just to remind everyone who doesn’t have access to E!, will do its best to get the episodes for you to download and watch. Although none of the episodes will be uploaded on YouTube or on any other service, they will be posted here for download.

    I’m not guaranteeing that they will be available, but if a group releases them which will certainly be in Xvid format, I will email subscribers and post the links on the main page.

    One more thing, the first episode won’t be available tonight if it’s a group releasing it, and that, I can almost guarantuee you, but you can still check if you want. It will most likely appear tomorrow afternoon as usual.

    The premiere of “Simple Life 5” will air on E! channel at 10/9e.

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    Play The Simple Life 5 Game!


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    E! Set To Launch “Simple Life 5”

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie enjoyed more than simple success with the first season of The Simple Life. The program brought in good numbers for FOX, one of the power players in the network ratings game. Hilton and Richie became more than celebutantes, known for shopping in sunny L.A. – they became bona fide reality stars. For three seasons, they enjoyed funny exploits for FOX. Then, the friendship fallout. Headlines were splashed everywhere, speculation ran heavy, and soon Richie was making her own headlines for rehab stints and startling weight losses. FOX wanted out of this not-so-simple mess when Paris and Nicole publicly stated they wouldn’t work with each other. The show was dropped, and the two famous-for-being-famous former friends might have lived the rest of their days as mere tabloid fodder. Instead, E! decided to pick the show up, formatting the fourth season of The Simple Life, this time subtitled ‘Til Death Do Us Part, so that the two wouldn’t have to actually spend time together on-screen. The simple show opened to record-breaking ratings on E!, though the same amount of viewers for the season would have been considered a huge flop for FOX. E! announced plans to renew the show even before the fourth season was finished airing. Early on, execs of the cable station said the girls would not get through the fifth season without sharing camera time. Conveniently, they didn’t have to worry about how they were going to pull it off – the girls reconciled, and now the dazzling ditzy duo will be featured together again for their fifth Simple season: The Simple Life Goes to Camp.

    Paris and Nicole have made lots of headlines lately, but only a handful of these have had anything to do with their new season. Nicole’s weight, rehab rumors, and love life still play out huge in celeb gossip, while everyone’s been likewise fascinated with Paris and her upcoming stint in jail. But, the show must go on, though production was reportedly delayed last spring for several reasons. Tonight will mark the season premiere of this Simple reality show, which will re-cap the reconciliation of Paris and Nicole. The famous cell phone call between Paris and Nicole, heavily reported when it happened months ago, has been re-created for airing tonight.

    The camp mentioned in the title of this season is located near Malibu and is actually made up of a few different themes, including a weight-loss camp.  In tonight’s season premiere, the girls will laughingly attempt a stunt that involves a vehicle, a fridge, and a length of chain. Whatever drama surround their personal lives, whatever headlines they make, there is one thing about them that people still seem to love: their on-screen antics. They’re back, they’re together, and they’re Simple again. E! will unveil the fifth season of The Simple Life tonight at 10pm ET.

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    “Simple Life 5” To Be Crushed By Jail Sentence?

     By Tom Dorsey

    Paris Hilton heads for jail next week, but tonight she heads for camp.

    “The Simple Life Goes to Camp” at 10 on E! kicks off a new season of Hilton and Nicole Richie playing dumb and dumber again. The E! publicity department had no idea how much material Hilton would create for late-night talk-show jokes when they cranked out press releases about the series.

    We are told that the “girls” will be roughing it at a real camp, where they will be expected to eat, sleep and obey all the regulations. Of course, there will be lots of time for “camping it up,” the press department says.

    Somehow I don’t think the camp will live up to toughing it out in jail. No previews were available, but you have to wonder if the show can live up to the reality Hilton is facing behind bars.

    On the other hand, the tidal wave of coverage her going to jail next week will generate is a press agent’s dream because stories are sure to connect it to the TV series. It’s just that her antics on the program may not seem as simple-minded and funny to an audience who knows where she’s really spending most of next month.

    What’s next? Standby for the media brawl over who gets her exclusive account of her life in the Big House. Can’t wait for that. All said, it will undoubtedly be a pretty sobering episode for Hilton.

    Dorsey is a bit misinformed when he writes “No previews were available,” we saw plenty of those.

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    Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Talk About “Simple Life 6”

    Paris Hilton wouldn’t mind filming another season.

    Nicole Richie doesn’t want to think about it right now.

    Bellow, I posted an interview that Paris and Nicole did with TV Guide. If you look at the last question, it’s about “Simple Life 6.”

    TV Guide: What scenario would you like to put yourselves in next season?

    Paris: I’d like to go skydiving.

    In other words, she means that she wouldn’t mind doing yet another season of the Simple Life, but I don’t know how serious she is. However, I’m sure Paris doesn’t really mind doing another one; she seems to enjoy this. Then again, I think it’s time for her to move on…. Or maybe not.

    Nicole: We literally just wrapped [filming] two days ago. We’re so, like, “Uh!” from this season right now that we really need to, like, take a minute to see.

    In other words, she doesn’t want to think about filming “Simple Life 6.” She wants to take a break and see what else they could do. But I don’t really think Nicole would want to do another season, especially after reading the article about her on Harper magazine.

    Really, is there going to be a “Simple Life 6” if this show still remains popular with good ratings? I think it’s a very interesting question to ask. I’m also very excited about the ratings. Will they benefit from all the publicity about Paris Hilton’s jail time? Or will they need Paris to promote the show?

    I personally predict that they won’t benefit from it, simply because not many people know about it at the moment. We’ll see!

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    TV Guide Interviews Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie About Simple Life 5

    The Simple Life takes on a whole new meaning as heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie substitute mansions for pup tents in The Simple Life Goes to Camp. Premiering Monday at 10 pm/ET (before settling into its regular Sundays-at-10 slot), the E! series’ fifth romp is set in the Malibu Mountains at Camp Shawnee. Ersatz counselors Paris and Nicole join campers of assorted ages and goals as various theme weeks unfold. To name a few, there’s a Wellness Camp led by Susan “Stop the Insanity” Powter, Couples Camp under the guidance of love expert Dr. Diana Kirschner, and Drama Camp directed by the Oscar-nominated Sally Kirkland. Of course, adding their own advice to the mix are the unpredictable gal pals. Here is what the twosome shared with TV Guide about the experience — alas, weeks before Ms. Hilton’s jail sentencing.

    TV Guide: Have either of you ever been to camp before?
    Paris Hilton:
    I went to camp for one day and I hated it.

    TV Guide: How did you prepare for this edition of Simple Life?
    We didn’t. We just went in as how we are — two best friends. All the adventures we go on on the show are things we’ve never done before. It was neat to get to experience that.

    TV Guide: With the five different theme camps, did either of you excel in any activity, over the other one?
    We didn’t really think about it, we just did it.

    TV Guide: But in pageant camp, did you, like, teach the campers runway secrets?
    Nicole Richie
    : They actually taught us. This one 5-year-old knew way more about makeup and hair and everything than I did. But I taught them how to give the finger.

    TV Guide: How did that go over?
    Not that well.

    TV Guide: What were the age ranges of the campers?
    From 5 to 50.
    Paris: Oh, older than that. There was a 70-year-old couple.

    TV Guide: Did you learn anything from the assorted experts?
    Yeah. The experts really knew what they were doing. In Survival Camp, [former Green Beret Myke Hawke] sliced his finger open, he’d had stitches and they’d come undone. I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan so I was like, “Oh, can I redo your stitches?” He let me do them.

    TV Guide: Did you learn that during your plastic-surgery rotation on the season where you were interns?
    Oh, I didn’t even think about that.

    TV Guide: Did you learn anything new about each other during the camp situations?
    I don’t think there’s anything else to learn, we’ve known each other for so long. We’ve taken trips together since we were babies.
    Paris: We know everything about each other.
    Nicole: It was great just to catch up on lost time and be together and have that time away from Los Angeles and everything, and be alone.

    TV Guide: Did they have any restrictions on what you could bring with you?
    No. There weren’t really any rules.
    Paris: They wanted us to wear uniforms, but we said, “There’s no way…. ”

    TV Guide: What unexpected things happened at camp?
    I didn’t expect anything, actually. I was so surprised just because I’d never been to camp before.
    Paris: Plus, every camp was so different.

    TV Guide: Did you get care packages from home?
    No, but I totally should have thought of requesting that!

    TV Guide: Did you send postcards to anyone?
    Paris and Nicole:

    TV Guide: Was there arts and crafts? Swimming?

    TV Guide: Did you play any pranks?
    Yes! We can’t tell you [details], you have to see, but they’re really great. I really took it to the next level.

    TV Guide: Can you at least say what props you used in your prank?
    Yeah — a chainsaw.

    TV Guide: Did you have to sing camp songs?
    Sometimes. They had one camp song that we didn’t really like.

    TV Guide: What kind of camp food did you have? S’mores?
    We had s’mores.
    Nicole: And we had worms. Live ones!

    TV Guide: Is there anything you did for the first time at camp that you’d like to do again?
    We got lost in the woods. We were just looking around and we got lost. We finally got cell reception and called a helicopter to come and get us. They couldn’t land, so they sent down two little strings and attached them onto us and we were hanging onto the helicopter, dangling in the air. It was a lot of fun actually. I want to do that again.

    TV Guide: I’ve interviewed you both in the past and know you’re not keen on working out. Did that put you at a disadvantage, camp-wise?
    No, there weren’t a lot of physical things to do.

    TV Guide: Of all the campers you worked with, who touched you the most?
    There was this one couple who’d been together since they were in their teens and they were so in love. It was so sweet to see them together. And the little girls were really sweet.

    TV Guide: What were the highlights of the experience?
    One of the highlights came during drama camp. They had people come in from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the Jackie Chan movies who do stunts. I got to be attached to a harness 200 feet up and jump down and kick all these karate moves. People were, like, flying in the air. It was really fun to do that.

    TV Guide: Any lowlights?
    Our living situation wasn’t that great. We stayed in cabins and it was freezing. It was always uncomfortable. We had to walk outside to go to the bathroom. Little things like that. It’s funny, because you don’t appreciate them, but they’re really important.

    TV Guide: What scenario would you like to put yourselves in next season?
    I’d like to go skydiving.
    Nicole: We literally just wrapped [filming] two days ago. We’re so, like, “Uh!” from this season right now that we really need to, like, take a minute to see.

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    E! Promotes “Simple Life 5 on TMZ?!

    I don’t know how to react to this!

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