Watch “Entertainment Tonight” For Simple Life 5 Tonight

    I received information that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (“The Simple Life Goes to Camp”) will be featured tonight on “Entertainment Tonight.” I don’t know what it will be about.

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    Also tonight, the wait is almost over! In about four hours, “Extra Paris” will be officially launched on The list of June 01 will be revealed and the links to today’s videos will be posted here on Extra Paris‘ main page and sent to our Subscribers.

    Stay tuned!

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    Paris Hilton Adopts A New Cat

    Screw the Birdman of Alcatraz – we prefer the Cat Lady of Lynwood! Paris added another pet to her menagerie yesterday, adopting a black kitten at Judy’s Pet Depot as a reward for the grueling workout session she’d just endured at the hands of her trainer. Unfortunately, Paris’ new feline friend had other ideas, and made a daring escape attempt just a few hours after being incarcerated at the heiress’ house! Luckily, the gal pal Paris had brought home from Hyde had quicker reflexes than the kitty, and managed to retrieve it before it disappeared into the night. Hopefully Paris was taking notes – if she can’t handle her twenty-three day sentence, she’ll need moves like those to bust out!


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    Paparazzi E.L. Woody: “The City Attorney is just looking for votes”

    Paris Hilton Celebrates 11 Days Before She Surrenders For Unfair Jail Sentence

    PARIS HILTON celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of HYDE in HOLLYWOOD, last night. She parties on, in spite of the approach of her very unfair jail sentence, set to begin on June 5th.

    You may ask why I continue to say the sentence is unfair.

    The sentence is unfair because the prosecutor, CITY ATTORNEY, is using PARIS, as a way to advance his political career. He is the same person who refuses to send the attack, on me, back to the District Attorney’s office for reconsideration as a felony, even though his own CITY ATTORNEY office staff member advised it.

    Seems a paparazzi has no rights, and no protection under the law. Isn’t justice supposed to be blind? Shouldn’t all crimes be prosecuted appropriately to the offense, and not based upon who the person is, or how many votes persecuting that person will garner. Prosecuting people because they are who they are, is not justice, it is politicing. Seems to me that THE CITY ATTORNEY is just looking for votes, or maybe campaign contributions, by persecuting PARIS, and, by by not protecting my rights or safety? Does he think, PARIS is bad and so are the paparazzi, so punish Paris, and don’t protect the paparazzi? That will please the voters?

    This seems to be justice by public opinion, instead of justice by the law. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

    JUNE 5th is set by the judge as the day PARIS must check into jail. Just 11 days to go. Maybe justice will prevail before then, but, I doubt it. We are pulling for you PARIS!

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    Paris Hilton Takes A Break

    After weeks of studying the Bible and working on her fitness, Paris Hilton finally got back to what she does best — partying at Hyde.

    Ms. Hilton has been MIA on the club scene since she was sentenced to jail time, but last night she made a triumphant return to her former stomping grounds to celebrate the club’s first anniversary. While Hilton didn’t comment on her upcoming stint in the pokey, her rep Elliot Mintz told TMZ she’s “doing the best she can.”

    No DUIs for Paris last night — her buddy Ashley Scott took the wheel.


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    Meet Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend (On Simple Life 5)!

    Hunter Cross: Simple Life is absolute chaos

    How did this former Abercrombie model become Paris Hilton’s on-screen fling?


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    Whatever Happened To The “Free Paris Hilton Movement”?

    Well, it seems that neither the fans, nor the haters are very much interested in this issue anymore. At least for the fans, this is the case because most of us are excited about the premiere of Simple Life 5 and because Paris’ sentence was greatly reduced and she’s going to a high profil jail or something.

    However, most of us still disagree with the 23 days jail sentence, and I’m sure Paris and her family think the same way.

    Wait a minute? Paris? What happened to her? No more clubbing, no more nothing? Notice how boring it has been because of the quality of the news this week? She also still looks sad while we are happy and excited for Simple Life 5.

    I think Paris is hoping that her jail sentence will be reduced even more. Hopefully, it will be replaced by 7-10 days.

    But is anyone really interested in fighting back again? Hrm, I don’t think so. The petition is dying, so is the hater’s petition, even though they have a lot more signatures. It seems that both camps are tired of it.

    But it will definitely reignite on June 5. Just watch how the media will go ballistic. I was thinking that Paris could trick them and go to jail earlier than June 5, like June 4, because it will be a very embarrassment for her.

    Anyway, some groups are still fighting to free Paris. is a good example. I think and I’ve said this before, the “free Paris Hilton movement” should be converted into “Fair punishement for Paris,” but I guess we’re too late for that, huh?

    Still, consider it that way.

    You can order your “Free Paris” bracelet to show your support to Paris.

    Show it by buying a limited edition “Free Paris” bracelet. These high quality
    bracelets are available in three different sizes and in Paris’ favorite color – Pink!

    By wearing the limited edition “Free Paris” bracelet, you will be showing your friends and the world that you support Paris and she should be set free.

    Thanks to Paris’ friends at

    Posted: May 24th, 2007
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    Extra Paris Banner

    Tonight, the second list of video files for June 01, 2007 will be revealed only to Subscribers. The list will be send to everyone at 8:30pm, eastern time. For those who haven’t subscribed, you can still view the list tomorrow night at 8:30pm on Extra Paris‘ page.

    Also, tomorrow night (May 25 2007), simultaneously, on this website, I will post the links  to these files and sent them to subscribers, again at 8:30pm:

    [Extra Paris May.25.2007] Paris And Nicole Blond (96.3 MB)

    | – Paris And Nicole Blond Farewell XviD.avi

    [Extra Paris May.25.2007] Late Show With David Letterman 12 06 2006 Paris (60.2 MB)

    | – Late Show With David Letterman 12 06 2006 Paris Hilton XviD.avi

    [Extra Paris May.25.2007] Bonus Clips Of Simple Life (57.1 MB)

    | – Simple Life 3 Bonus [1-16] XviD.avi
    | – Simple Life 3 Unofficial XviD.avi

    [Extra Paris May.25.2007] Simple Life 2 The Stuff We Werent Allowed To Show (202 MB)

    | – Simple Life 2 The Stuff We Werent Allowed To Show You XviD.avi

    [Extra Paris May.25.2007] Simple Life 5 (117 MB)

    | – The Simple Life 5 Goes To Camp commercial Xvid.avi
    | – The Simple Life 5 Goes To Camp commercial 2 Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Ad Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Ad 2 Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Interview With ExtraTV Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Interview With Kristin Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Interview With Kristin 2 Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Interview With The Insider Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Filming March 16, 2007 Xvid
    | – Simple Life 5 Filming 2 March 16, 2007 Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Coverage Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Coverage 2 Xvid.avi
    | – Simple Life 5 Coverage 3 Xvid.avi

    Remember “Extra Paris” is a special project directed only to hardcore Paris Hilton fans. Nothing is guaranteed as mentioned on its main page, which is worth to read it again since it has been remodeled. Don’t forget to test your media player with the test file I posted. To play the videos, you need to install either the XviD or DivX codec on your computer, and you also need a media player like Windows Media Player.

    I hope everything goes successfully, and you can always email me if you have problems.

    Simple Life 5 Banner

    I’ve probably mentionned this a thousand times already, but I’ll say it again, don’t forget to watch the premiere of the fifth season of the Simple Life 5 (Goes to Camp) this Sunday at 10:00pm et/pt only on E! Television.

    Now I am aware that many of you don’t live in the US and don’t have E! Television, and some of you have asked me where to download the episodes. I can’t guarantee you anything, but I’ll certainly try my best to get the episodes for you. I’ll set up a webpage and tell you how to download. If you can download the Extra Paris files, you shouldn’t have any problems with the episodes. All the links to the episodes will be removed right after the season ends in order to make room for the official DVD release.

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