Paris Hilton Won’t Attend Monaco Grand Prix This Weekend

    American socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has called off her scheduled visit to the Monaco grand prix.

    She was set to visit the glamorous Monte Carlo event as a guest of the Spyker team, to promote the fizzy alcoholic drink Rich Prosecco.

    But shortly after 26-year-old Hilton was booked for her Monaco appearance, she was handed a looming prison term for violating the terms of probation for a drink-driving charge.

    She will start the 23-day jail term on June 5.

    Meanwhile, it has emerged that cigarette logos will be displayed at the Monaco grand prix this weekend, despite widespread tobacco advertising bans.

    Sections of the famous street circuit have also been resurfaced since the race last year, we have learned.

    Posted: May 23rd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Peruses Buddhist Literature?

    We’ve all heard about Paris Hilton’s fickle attitude towards men – but apparently she’s just as capricious with her God! Just one day after parading around with a very conspicuous copy of the Bible, we caught Paris at the Bodhi Tree perusing their selection of Buddhist literature! Could Paris be two-timing the Man (or Woman) upstairs? You’d think right now she’d be more interested in staying on His (or Her) good side!


    Is Paris trying to find happiness in her life by reading religious books? Is she trying to find a way to prevent haters like Michael T. Sauer from affecting her life?

    Weird questions, but I think she should be careful not to fall in a cult group. I would recommend her to do her own thinking because I know she’s going to become the target of Christian groups if she continues this way.

    But I think she can push all of this aside. She should do the jail time, and then simply work harder on her career. I’m not suggesting that she should stop partying altogether as the hater wants. I actually think that’s a very bad idea, but she should be working more than partying, because since Fall 2006, we haven’t seen her do a lot of productive work. Funny enough, the media didn’t notice it.

    Posted: May 23rd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Talk About Simple Life 5 With US Magazine

    April 9 Interview

    Paris Hilton‘s frustrations with the camp living that came with her Simple Life 5 shoot are starting to look like premonitions of her upcoming stay in jail.

    On April 9, almost a month before Paris was sentenced to jail time for her probation violation stemming from an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction, she and her Simple Life co-star, Nicole Richie, sat down with Us and talked about missing blackberry service, a nice bed, and most of all, privacy!

    Excerpts from the interview below:

    Us: You get recognized. Did that make camp life harder?
    Nicole Richie: I think that within the first five minutes, you realize that we’re just like everyone else and we really went out of our way to make sure that we didn’t make it so they thought we were above them in any way. We slept in the same cabin as them, everything that they did, we did. We gave them the message that “Whatever you’re going through, we’re going through too and you know what, it doesn’t matter who we are. We’re at a camp, let’s just have fun together.”

    Us: What did you miss most?
    Paris Hilton: Blackberry service!

    Us: You had no service at all?
    Paris: Not really. It was in and out. It was really bad service.

    Us: Anything else?
    Paris: A nice bed! We were living in a small log cabin with seven beds. There was always five other campers at all times in the room with us. Privacy as well we missed. It was kind of annoying always being around everybody.
    Nicole: It’s really crazy sleeping in the cabin with five other people because what if you don’t want to go to bed at the same time they do? Some people snore, some people have other not so great habits.

    Us: Did you make friends that you’ll stay in touch with?
    Nicole: Hopefully we’ll stay in touch with all of them.
    Paris: Everyone was really nice. We’re going to miss the other counselors and the families that were staying there. They were really sweet.

    Us: Any friends visit you two?
    Nicole: Mine didn’t, no.
    Paris: I had two friends, Joel [Moore] and Christine [Lakin]. We just finished a movie, The Hottie and the Nottie, so they came during acting camp to help us train the kids to audition.

    Aww, how sweet! We hope Paris’ co-stars will be willing to come and mentor her new friends at the Century Regional Detention Center in June.

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    Is Simple Life 5 Put In Jeopardy Because Of This?

    Actress and celebutante Nicole Richie has entered rehab for treatment of an eating disorder and substance abuse, according to media reports.

    The emaciated Simple Life star checked into the Beau Monde Treatment Center in Corona Del Mar, California on May 11th, reportedly weighing in at 83 pounds.

    The news comes amid reports that Richie has split with rocker beau Joel Madden.

    Sydney’s Daily Telegraph claims the couple secretly split after attending the MTV Australia Video Music Awards last month.

    The publication revealed that the Good Charlotte frontman Madden dumped Richie for being “too clingy.”


    Bad, BAD news for E! This is really not good. I really hope Nicole gets better soon and helps save this show from disaster. I’m not sure how well it will do anymore despite all the jail publicity thanks to Paris.

    Of course, health is much more important issue, and I think Nicole should get treatment and end her health problems soon.

    But what about Simple Life 5? Is she going to do interviews in order to promote the show if Paris can’t?

    Hopefully, this isn’t too serious. We’ll know for sure in a couple of hours as we get more information.

    Posted: May 22nd, 2007
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    Exclusive Simple Life 5 Clip: Nicole Richie Explains The Male Body

    Nicole Richie leads a lesson about the male anatomy on Simple Life 5.

    Yikes!!! I don’t know about you, but I don’t find this appropriate for mainstream TV! Hrm, I really don’t! E! should consider cutting out this scene regardless if it is funny or not (just my opinion).

    Posted: May 22nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is NOT A Billionaire Heiress

    You’d expect to see Paris Hilton on a list of billionaire heiresses, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

    Louis-Dreyfus ranks fourth on Forbes magazine’s list of the top ten Hot Billionaire Heiresses. Her father is worth $3.5 billion.

    Paris Hilton tops the list. She and her sister Nicky are separated by Ivanka Trump, who comes in at number two. Nicky Hilton is third.

    Fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan ranks fifth.

    At number six is Aerin Lauder, whose dad chairs Clinique Laboratories.

    William Randolph Hearst’s great-granddaughter Amanda Hearst is number seven, followed by Delphine Arnault Gancia, the daughter of luxury goods tycoon Bernard Arnault. Britain’s answer to Paris Hilton, Tamara Eccelstone, is ninth and Virgin mogul Richard Branson’s daughter Holly Branson is tenth.


    This is a phony article from the Associated Press. Paris Hilton is not a billionaire, although Barron Hilton, her grandfather, is.

    On their website, Forbes makes it clear: “We evaluated all the familiar faces to come up with our second annual list of the world’s 10 hottest heiresses. To compile our list, we considered the size of their relatives’ fortune and their relationship to the billionaire. Daughters, for instance, were given more points than more distant relations. But because this list is more about that buzz than billions, we gave three times more weight to exposure as measured by Google (nasdaq: GOOG – news – people ) hits, mentions in print publications and media transcripts.

    This is only going to speard more misinformation about Paris.

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    Paris Hilton Want To Take Her Religion A Bit More Seriously

    Hallelujah Brothers and sisters! Paris Hilton has cometh over to the light! Can you feel Jesus knockin?! Let him in!!!!

    Paris Hilton

    With her jail term only two weeks away, Ms. Hilton is pulling out the big guns to prepare for her stint in the pokey, carrying The Bible and “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” as she left her home yesterday.

    Say goodbye to the sinner — and hello to the winner!




    I know many people are going to steretype her into thinking that someone like Paris could never dream of being religious, but that is simply not true. Paris Hilton is a religious person. She has never hidden that fact from the public; it’s only the media who does not want you to know it because it doesn’t fit the image they try to present.

    Now I don’t know if well-informed TMZ is pretending to be shock over this “shocking news” for their massive ignorant haters, or if they really didn’t know that Paris is religious.

    This is a very positive step for Paris. And hopefully, she’ll take it seriously. I think a bit of religion can greatly change you. Religion is of course a very positive image, and I can see that Paris wants to prove everyone that she is willing to change, which is excellent news.

    I think it’s really a good way of contradicting the media and the haters, but most of them won’t understand the real message behind this.

    Posted: May 22nd, 2007
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