The Two Percent Is Us!

    Love to hate Paris By CNN

    There is a tendency among the “holier-than-thou-why-should-I-care” crowd to pooh-pooh this whole Paris Hilton thing — to dismiss it as a story not worthy of anyone’s time to talk about Paris doing time, to toss the topic into the junk bin.

    Yet the interest remains, as we count down to her lockdown for an expected 23 days in the L.A. pokey for violating her probation on a charge of alcohol-related reckless driving.

    In fact, there’s not only interest, but passion — which led to a passionate discussion on “Showbiz Tonight” about why so many people love to hate Paris Hilton.

    After we learned that Paris was claiming this whole jail thing had left her “traumatized,” we asked in our “Showbiz Tonight” Question of the Day: “Do you feel sorry for Paris?”

    Not only was the result one of the biggest responses to any question we have ever asked, it was also the most lopsided we have ever received. Ninety-eight percent said “No,” they did not feel sorry for Paris. I’m guessing the 2 percent who said “Yes” — they did feel sorry for Paris — were her friends trying to stuff the ballot box so this wouldn’t be a clean sweep.

    I don’t know Paris Hilton personally. I suspect that if I did get to know her, I would discover fine things about her that would dispel a lot of the pre-conceived notions surrounding her public persona. She has a true talent: the ability to nurture a lucrative career out of nothing more than her image.

    Yet what she has to realize is that images and perceptions work both ways. They can be a cash cow, and they can turn you into dead meat. If you also project an image of thinking you are above the law, that the rules of common decency are a one-way street — and you don’t realize that a little humility can go a long way — then you are destined to not only learn from history but are doomed to repeat it.

    Paris will no doubt cash in on this chapter of notoriety in her life as well. And people will continue to love to hate her. But no one ever sustained a career fueled by sheer negativity. Paris needs to not only get her act together, but reinvent it. If not, she’ll become a segment on a future edition of “Whatever Happened To …” And you can bet this episode will have a laugh track.


    This article is more and less right and fair, but there is more to what they say. Paris is not going to reinvent herself for the haters, but for her fans. Actually, I believe she reinvented herself when she released her debut album, but notice that no one is talking about it anymore, and so people probably pretend it doesn’t exist. But that’s another story.

    It’s true though, Paris has a lot to do after she ends her jail term. The only question is she willing to reinvent herself and work harder for her career?

    I’ll post an article about this soon.

    Posted: May 22nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton To Be Tagged In Jail?

    Paris Hilton is to be tagged with an alarm to protect her from fellow prison inmates.

    The hotel heiress will be provided with a panic device giving her a 24-hour link to prison guards in case she encounters trouble when she begins her prison sentence next month, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

    Hilton must report to Century Regional Detention Centre in Los Angeles by June 5 after she was found guilty of driving with a suspended licence.

    As well as being tagged with an alarm ‘The Simple Life’ star will be kept in the prison’s ‘special needs’ unit, which is reserved for police officers, public officials, celebrities and other high-profile inmates.

    The 26-year-old has made it known she is “really scared” by the prospect of going to jail.

    Her sentence has already been cut from 45 to 23 days for “good behaviour”, despite the fact that she has yet to begin serving it.

    Hilton’s mother Kathy called her daughter’s imprisonment “horrendous” but added: “Hopefully young people who look up to Paris will learn from this.”

    The socialite’s representatives last week announced that she was dropping plans to appeal against her sentence.

    Posted: May 22nd, 2007
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    Extra Paris News: Paris Album: Remixes And Unreleased Songs

    Extra Paris Banner


    Paris album: Remixes and Unreleased songs

    Originally planned to be released on June 1st, 2007, the second week of “Extra Paris,” but because the buzz will be mostly about Paris Hilton’s jail time, I’m going to released it on the follwing Friday, June 8th, at 8:30pm, Eastern time. I have to let the storm pass by first, unfortunately.

    It’s such a secret that I’m not going to say anything about it. Unlike other files, I won’t even give you the list of tracks until June 8th, 2007, at 8:30pm. It’s the crème de la crème of “Extra Paris.”

    All I’m going to say is that some of you will be very happy to have listened to the songs, and others will probably end up being disappointed. Reactions to this will be very mixed. But there’s one thing I can garantuee you, you won’t be 100% disappointed.

    Yes, there are unreleased songs, but they’re only clips. In other words, you won’t find any full unreleased songs. I won’t tell you how many unreleased clips there are. ;P Sorry, I have to be extremely tight-lipped about this for some reasons… Outch!

    I’m also happy to say that the whole CD is longer than the original album!

    And let me also assure you, you won’t find any of the remixes in stores. You can’t buy them. 95% of the stuffs you will be downloading from “Extra Paris” are not available in stores!

    On June 1st, 2007, I will also released a small petition to ensure that a second album from Paris Hilton is released soon. It will be a message directed to Paris and Warner Music in order to keep this great Paris project alive.

    I’m not planning to get thousands of signatures in an instant, and I’m not expecting to, but hopefully, it will get some noticed after a while.

    I’m sure that after hearing this CD, many of you will have the urge to sign the petition because the unreleased songs are just as good as the songs on her current debut album “Paris”!

    Posted: May 21st, 2007
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    Disgusting Women Talk About Paris Hilton’s Jail Time On Fox News

    My God, Fox News is obsessed by Paris Hilton’s jail time! And… they clearly hate Paris. I’ve never seen an interviewer or interviewee who likes Paris, except for Mary Cary and Spencer Pratt, who, unfortunately, was terribly downgraded by a harsh and ignorant interviewer. Poor fellow. I mean it’s like as if Fox really enjoys doing this.

    Now look at these happy and hard as nails women laughing and grinning because Paris is going to jail. The interviewee, appropriately named Ashlan Gorse appears to be a lemming. It’s not the first time I see this woman. She believes everything she reads in magazines and on the internet.

    They really LOVE the idea of seeing Paris going to jail. It’s really disgusting and awful. Just look at the comments they make about her. It truly makes you sick.

    I’m just going to point out a few mistakes from this interview.

    1. Paris does exercice and has been doing long time ago, but clearly, Gorse isn’t aware of this. I can even show her months old pictures of Paris doing exercice. Or maybe, no positive points about Paris are permitted to be mentionned it appears!

    2. The lemming interviewer read somewhere that Paris is practicing karate and obviously, Gorse nods YES YES and suggests that Paris really is, but in fact, there’s no truth to this at all. It was probably invented by some writer and he managed to sell it to the public. Again, Paris nor her trainer has ever said that she’s practicing karate in order to protect herself in jail. And it’s such a dumb invention or idea. I mean it’s not even in her to be like that.

    Posted: May 21st, 2007
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    Extended Version Of Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie’s Make-Up Scene

    This is posted by someone who works for Extra TV. I believe this is the opening of the Simple Life 5.


    So what happened to the video?

    Well, to be honest, I don’t know. I suppose he took it down. Like an idiot, I forgot to save it! Either way, I probably wouldn’t be allowed to post it.

    I saw the video, and don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. It starts with Nicole going to the restaurant and telling a waitress that she’s here for a friend (Paris).

    Then, Nicole goes and meets Paris, and they start talking as seen in the video I posted. Later, after they say “love you sill” and “love you bill,” they start singing salasala… I think it ends there.

    After that, they show a couple of clips of the entire season while a narrator is talking. At the end of the video, a new theme plays in the background (no, it’s not the one I posted a week ago; we haven’t heard this one, but I think it’s the same lyrics). I just heard 3 seconds of it; it’s really nice, even better than the one I posted in my opinion.

    It’s definitely the opening of Simple Life 5; I think it’s really well done, but they should have made it a bit fresher.

    Posted: May 21st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes Shopping Again

    Paris looked distraught Friday afternoon as she talked on the phone in her car outside of the Coffee Bean (while a Nicky lookalike was grabbing her some coffee) – but she perked up as soon as she entered the stores! Hey, at least the girl knows how to cheer herself up! She hit the clothing store Inago on 3rd (where you can see her cracking a smile inside) and found time to pose for pix for a fan before heading over to card and gift store “The Good Life”, where she picked up a gift basket. (For her new cellmate, perhaps?) After that, Paris headed home, where she practically ran from her car inside.


    Posted: May 21st, 2007
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    Christian Activist Mark Dice Is Obviously An Ignorant Idiot

    Beverly Hills, CA Christian activist and author Mark Dice has extended an invitation to Paris Hilton for her to go to Church with him in order to prepare herself spiritually before she turns herself in to authorities and starts her 45-day jail sentence.

    “Paris needs Jesus in her life” explains Dice. “She has been living recklessly and is out of control, and the only thing that can get her on the correct path is if she has God in her life.”

    Speaking on her jail sentence Dice says, “I hope this will be a time of self reflection for her. She’ll have plenty of time on her hands to think about what her purpose in life is, and I hope she will be released a new person. This is one of the greatest opportunities of her life for her to see what kinds of changes she needs to make.”

    While some are hoping Paris can somehow get out of serving time, going so far as to petition Governor Schwarzenegger for a pardon, Mark Dice thinks she got what she deserves. “When someone messes up, they have to pay for their mistakes whether they are a world-famous celebrity, or an ordinary person.”

    Dice, who has recently been in the news for slamming rapper 50 Cent for wearing a crucifix while rapping about murdering people, and has made news around the world for calling Jessica Simpson a singing stripper after the release of her recent music video, is author of the book The Resistance Manifesto.

    While journalists around the world are writing hate articles about Paris, Mark says “Paris needs Jesus in her life”, isn’t that something?

    I bet he’s part of one of those Christian cult groups. You know what he and his gang are planning to do on June 5? They are going to organize a hate protest against Paris next to a Hilton hotel in order to use her name and promote himself and his group, which I don’t know what it is about and don’t care.

    Mark Dice is an idiot. Just by reading his quotes, you can tell that this guy doesn’t know anything about Paris, although he pretends he does, and he always stereotypes her. This guy has no clue that Paris is a Catholic Christian who attends church time to time.

    What he wants to make out of her is a 200% religious person, and probably make her join his cult group, so he can attract more people. So he and his gang are going to use her.

    Mark Dice is also an extremely ignorant guy. He doesn’t understand why there are fans who like Paris Hilton. Not a clue. He’s going to go out there and make a hate protest while most of us are going to laugh at his nonsense.

    I suggest him to go and study Paris Hilton’s life and career before making more stereotyping comments.

    Posted: May 21st, 2007
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