Happer’s Bazaar: Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Full Article

    ParisHiltonSite.net: Not a very smart interview!

    Happer’s Bazaar: Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie

    Here’s the full article of the Happer’s Bazaar’s interview with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Believe it or not, this is the only promotion they did so far for Simple Life 5.

    Paris Hilton music fans will be disappointment (as expected).

    There’s nothing new about Paris Hilton’s latest project, it is the biggest project she ever worked for, and it was released about 10 months. You won’t even find the word “Stars Are Blind” in this article. However, there are a couple of interesting topics discussed here.

    Since the interview is for Simple Life 5, I’ve decided to add Nicole Richie’s interview and pictures as well.





    If you don’t feel like reading the article, I’ve pointed out the most interesting aspects.

    Paris Hilton And Britney Spears Still Talk With Each Other

    “Paris last spoke to her “a couple of weeks ago. She’s okay,” she says with a shrug. The two met through one of Paris’s girlfriends, who occasionally styled Spears. “She’s just a really sweet girl. She’s really nice,” Paris says. “I think the media just needs to leave her alone.” Will she take Britney out when she’s back on form? An uncomfortable pause. “I don’t know.”

    So I suppose, they talk with each other, but keep their distance from each other, unfortunately.

    Paris Hilton’s Next Movie Is Indeed “The Hottie And The Nottie”

    Paris is also amping up her quest for movie stardom. Her next is a romantic comedy called “The Hottie and the Nottie”

    Hopefully, this is a serious movie, unlike Pledge This!

    What Did She Say About Jealous Tina Fey’s Insults To Her?

    “she found Paris “unbelievably dumb and so proud of [it].” Response? “I don’t know who that is,” Paris says.

    But I bet she would recognize the hard-face woman if a picture was shown to her.

    What About ParisExposed?

    “Just by hurting so much that you can’t hurt anymore, because it makes you numb to it”

    Unlike Last Summer When She Was Busy Promoting Her Debut Album, What Is She Planning For This Summer?

    “I’m going to get a boat in Saint-Tropez. I’ve always gone with a boyfriend, but this time I want to take Nicole and some girls with me.”

    In other words, “forget about music and clothing line and movie, I’m going to continue having fun!”

    Remember this interview was conducted before she was sentenced to jail.

    Many thanks to fadedyouthblog.com and HarpersBazaar.com

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    Heidi Fleiss: Jail Will Be A Cake Walk For Paris Hilton

    When everyone has a chance to have their take on troubled Paris Hilton, here is a comment from former ‘Hollywood Madam’ Heidi Fleiss, who feels that the jail term will be a cake walk for the socialite.

    When asked whether it will be tough for the 26-year-old to serve jail time, the American Madam insisted that ‘The Simple Life’ star had been to many filthy places earlier, it wouldn’t be much of a pain for her to spend some time in the big house.

    “Of course not – she’s spent nights in plenty of places that are worse than jail,” the National Ledger quoted Fleiss, as saying.

    The periodic Fox News programs guest made a wisecrack at Hilton saying that she is a star among kids of rich people, as they just want to follow the footsteps of the fortune heiress.

    “Let me tell you, I think Paris is awesome. What I love is that if you take the really richest families in America, all those Fortune 500 parents who send their kids to Ivy League schools and give them the most opportunities to experience culture, their kids still all want to be Paris. I love that,” she said.

    Fleiss claimed that the only thing that will affect Hilton during her time in jail will be her fear of loosing the celebrity status, but she will soon overcome that too.

    “She is just worried about the stigma that will be attached to her: ‘Oh my god, I am not an aristocrat now.’ When she wakes up it will be over,” she said.

    Hilton is scheduled to begin her 23 days sentence on June 5 at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood.


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    Elliot Mintz: “Paris will have my support forever!”

    ELLIOT MINTZ – Mr Mintz had some much needed relaxation at the laid-back lounge. As everyone knows, he is PARIS HILTON’S famous spokesman and manager. I asked him to update me on her situation and to let me know how she is doing. Unfortunately he said he was not at liberty to discuss the case at this point. He said that if he could, he most certainly would fill me in. Elliot told me that whenever he is in a position to tell me anything, he just looks into my camera and tells me all. He is absolutely correct about that and I am greatful and respect him tremendously. He said he is currently in a place where he really cannot comment. His lips were sealed tonight regarding Paris, but Mr Mintz did tell me that he loves and supports her. He has been her friend and confidant for many years and she is very lucky in that regard. Elliot told me “Paris will have my support forever!”


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    EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s Make-Up Scene


    Here is your first look at season five of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s reality show, “The Simple Life.” After spending season four apart, the pair met up for the first time on camera and Extra has your first glimpse.

    For this and more of Paris and Nicole, watch the Simple Life when it premieres this Memorial Day on E!

    YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-pSLkfXoRU

    First posted on http://www.extratv.com/

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    Paris Hilton Spends Some Time With Her Dogs

    With only a few weeks remaining before she faces her looming stint in the joint, Paris Hilton spent yesterday indulging herself with some fake tanning at Sunset Tan and some real dough-spending at Sugar on La Brea. But the day wasn’t all about Paris – as you can see in our video below, she set aside a little quality time for her favorite bitches!

    It’s too bad she wouldn’t give us a comment – after all, yesterday the sheriff cut her sentence to 23 days (nearly a fifty percent reduction) and granted her permission to serve it in a special cell separated from the general population of the Lynwood Detention Center. We’d have loved to have heard her reaction to that news – even if it would have just been a good ol’ “That’s hot”!

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    Paris Hilton Buys Another Ice Cream

    If Paris’ ice cream addiction is a testament to her depression (girls grab the cream when they’re sad — or so goes the cliche), then she must really be sick! And what do think — will Paris beat Lindsay to the Oscar?

    Posted: May 18th, 2007
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    If Only Paris Hilton Could Do The Interviews

    With the next installment of “The Simple Life” set to premiere May 28, the publicity machine for Paris and Nicole should be on overdrive, uh, sort of. What do you do when the star of your show is set to go to the slammer the day before you’re booked to do Letterman? Nothing, apparently!

    Paris and Nicole are booked to guest on “The Late Show” on June 6, just one day after Paris has been ordered to don her prison duds. Our sources tell us Paris is still confirmed for a satellite media tour and other press interviews in the days following Letterman.

    It might be hard to hear Miss Hilton from behind plexiglass.

    When asked, rep for Nicole had no comment and Paris’ rep could not be reached.


    Wouldn’t that be great?

    I have to say TMZ is does a good job of following and remembering her every move!

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