Paris Hilton Heads To Sunset Medical Plaza

    TMZ caught a silent and subdued Paris Hilton showing off one of her new puppies for photogs yesterday in West Hollywood. Hilton was heading into the Sunset Medical Plaza — though there’s no word on if the appointment was for the bitch or the bitch.

    “American Idol” sore loser Chris Sligh was spotted making a trek across the Les Deux parking lot, joking with our cameras that “you guys have five ‘American Idols’ … and you’ve got me.”

    Also out yesterday: The unconvicted Hilton sister, Nicky, who was caught making a dash to the gym for an afternoon workout, and healthy singer Mya, Audrina from “The Hills,” and Fran Drescher, in head-to-toe leopard.

    All this and more in today’s cat’s ‘n dogs edition of Star Catcher.

    Posted: May 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Meeting With Her Lawyers

    Think Paris Hilton and OJ Simpson have nothing in common? Think again!

    A well-placed source tells us that none other than Faye Resnick — Nicole Brown Simpson’s F (former) BFF — was at Paris’ folks house during a meeting yesterday between Paris and her attorney. You may remember Resnick testified against the Juice in his murder trial, and then posed for Playboy magazine.

    Wonder what Paris has in common with Faye?………..


    Of course, the jail sentence case is not over. The injustice is still there. Someone needs to end it and give her a reasonable jail sentence. and many fans are still not satisfied with the punishment, and we also stand against the 23 days jail sentence.

    Posted: May 17th, 2007
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    Nicole Richie Caused Problems During The Production Of Simple Life 5

    Paris Hilton has always been the prime prima donna on the set of E!’s “The Simple Life” — until now. Sources on set tell TMZ that this time around, Nicole also got all divalicious during taping of the show’s fifth season.

    During the shoot, we’re told Nicole constantly showed up late, and upon swanning in would impose a deadline on producers, saying “You’ve got me for an hour or two.”

    Our sources also say that Richie upped her unreasonable behavior to another level during the final shoot of the season, when the all-important “show open” was being taped. Nicole turned up “several hours late” with boyfriend Joel Madden, and then gave producers another impossible deadline. After a serious blow-out argument, we’re told producers had to call her agents just to get her to stay on-set.

    According to Nicole’s rep, stories like these have been floated since production began. She says Nicole was a professional on the set and discrepancies in call and wrap times were par for the course. Nicole’s rep makes it clear that the season wrapped on time and on schedule.

    The newest season of “The Simple Life” premieres May 28.


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    Buy Pink Bracelets To Show Your Support For Paris Hilton

    Forget LiveStrong … show your love for Paris by slapping one of these babies your wrist. And no, we don’t mean handcuffs! is selling these hot pink bracelets inscribed with “Paris is my cell mate” for a measly $5. That’s hot!

    “The heiress has been a loyal customer of Red Freckles and we want to show our love and support for her during this most difficult and trying time,” says Red Freckles Founder and CEO, Lisa Shulman. Red Freckle’s celebrity clientele also includes Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Alicia Keys.


    Posted: May 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Covers Herself

    The jailbound socialite haunted her own neighborhood yesterday, running down the street with a blanket over her head. Some may prefer her this way.

    The usually un-camera-shy Miss Hilton apparently didn’t want to be photographed — and booked it from her car to her home, looking like a ghost on the run from Dr. Peter Venkman. She’ll be booked June 5 at Century Regional Detention Facility — the CRDF, in glamorous Lynwood, Calif.


    After her relatively cheerful Tuesday afternoon, we were saddened to see Paris Hilton’s demeanor returning to normal yesterday – though our sadness didn’t look to be in the same galaxy as Paris’! The Hilton heiress hung her head as she visited the Sunset Medical Tower (where our photographer reported that she visited with her psychiatrist). and looked even lower on her way back to her car. Heck, Paris was feeling the strain so acutely that she even threw a blanket over herself as she returned home – although it wouldn’t be the first time she’s borrowed a page from Lindsay’s playbook!

    Hopefully her lawyer (who we caught walking up to Paris’ house) and her sister Nicky brought her some good news – Paris could seriously use some right now!


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    Paris Hilton To “The Sun”: “I’m doing OK”

    But she hopes her new fitness regime and goody-goody approach to life will keep her out of trouble with tough lags.

    Hotel heiress Paris, 26, is preparing an appeal against her sentence for driving while banned.

    But pals say she has accepted she will spend some time behind bars. Paris told The Sun: “I’m really scared right now, but I’m trying to stay strong.

    “I’ve been concentrating hard on keeping busy with workouts and my family. I’m doing OK.

    “All the support I have had from people has really helped.”

    Paris must report to California’s Century Regional Detention Facility by June 5 or the jail term will be doubled.

    The prison’s inmates include hookers, junkies and butch lesbians who control by force. Paris’s lawyer has told her to ditch her party lifestyle and act like a model citizen as he prepares the appeal.

    Computer game fan Paris said at the launch of Xbox 360 game Halo 3 in Hollywood: “I haven’t been going out. I’m being a good girl.”

    Finally, as a final reminder, Paris will be in Miama tomorrow for Bullrun Rally and host a party at Casa Casuarina,  the former Versace Mansion.

    Posted: May 16th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Were Reportedly Lost In The Woods While Filming Simple Life 5

    PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE had to be rescued after finding themselves lost while shooting the new season of reality show The Simple Life in the California wilderness.
    The socialites play camp counsellors in the upcoming series and wandered off into the woods one night.
    Hilton recalls, “We had to call a rescue service; we finally found service in part of the mountains.
    “They had a helicopter come and harness us up and we were flying through the air, through the mountains… It was so much fun.”

    Posted: May 16th, 2007
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