Paris Hilton Hopes To Reduce Her Jail Sentence

    Paris Hilton is “living like a nun” in a bid to avoid prison.

    The hotel heiress – who was has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended licence – has been told by her lawyers to clean up her act in an attempt to evade jail.

    Paris, 26, has told friends she is quitting alcohol and partying and has replaced her skimpy outfits with a new demure look.

    She also made a public show of playing the loyal daughter by visiting her father Rick in hospital with a huge get well soon card.

    A friend of the socialite’s told Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “Paris’ attorneys have insisted she live like a nun. She has been strictly advised to stop acting like a Hollywood brat and appear more humble as they battle to keep her out of jail.

    “They have ordered her to show a judge she has some humility and social responsibility if she is going to have her sentence reduced on appeal. That means no booze, no parading round in skimpy outfits, no partying. She’s got to stick with her family and take on a healthier regime.”

    Paris is due to begin her sentence at California’s female-only Century Regional Detention Centre in Lynwood on June 5.

    Just in case her appeal is not successful, the socialite is said to be learning self-defence so she can protect herself against inmates who have threatened to target her.

    Authorities have announced that Paris could serve less than half her sentence because of a state directive which reduces the length of incarceration for good behaviour and to ease overcrowding.

    Posted: May 14th, 2007
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    Paris, Nicky And Kathy Unite For Mother’s Day

    Yesterday may have been Mother’s Day, but with all the tribulations Paris Hilton’s been enduring recently, she probably found the day of family togetherness even more beneficial than her mom! We spotted Paris and her sister Nicky enjoying a pleasant lunch at The Farm with their mother Kathy before all the Hiltonesses headed out for a little retail group therapy.

    From there, though, the day took a more serious turn, as our guys spotted the clan slipping into Cedars-Sinai hospital to visit their dad during his as-yet-unexplained stay. Hopefully the news wasn’t anything too serious – our videographer had to split to drop off the tape, but as you can see from the pictures accompanying this story, the family’s next destination was a church!

    Posted: May 14th, 2007
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    Hate Group “The Exies” Promotes Jailing Paris Hilton For 45 Days

    With all the press surrounding the “Free Paris” petition, it was only a matter of time before someone started a counter petition … and the guys from a band called The Exies have done just that.

    The online campaign urges the Governator to “do everything in his power to ensure that Paris Hilton serve her full 45 day sentence.” Whether or not the band is taking action just to get their name out, or if they have a sincere interest in misdemeanor justice, one thing is for sure: they’re getting support. The petition, titled “Jail Paris Hilton” has received 61,663 signatures so far.

    Poor Paris, it looks like she might actually be treated like a mere civilian.


    Well, actually, this hate group is not really interested in ensuring that Paris goes to jail. What they really are interested in is USING Paris Hilton’s name in order to promote themselves. It’s the same thing with the “Go Away Paris” hate band.

    Only Pathetic losers who try to promote their crappy and worthless songs, the type of music you hear everyday on the radio (just my opinion).

    Posted: May 14th, 2007
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    Patty Hearst Denies Helping Paris Hilton In A Letter Sent To TMZ

    Dear TMZ,

    Imagine my surprise upon learning of the “advice” I had been giving Paris Hilton. In spite of reports to the contrary, I can assure you that I have not had any contact with Paris (or any member of her family) regarding her upcoming jail time, or any other matter. Like Governor Schwarzenegger, I have had many more important things to think about.

    However, since I’m thinking about it now, I must say that my heart goes out to the inmates of the Century Regional Detention Center. Forty five days with Paris Hilton and the attendant publicity seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. Perhaps THEY should be petitioning the Governor for relief?

    OK, that wasn’t nice. But seriously, if Paris really wants my advice it’s this: Read Candy Spelling’s letter several times and take her advice to heart.

    Patricia Hearst


    What’s cruel is the punishement given to Paris Hilton, but I guess you and Spelling won’t be writing about that.

    Posted: May 13th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Visits Her Father In Hospital

    Paris dtiched out on her trainer to visit her father Rick in the hospital Saturday, where he’s apparently having an operation for a non-critical issue. The Hilton family seems to be a bit down on their luck lately, but Paris put aside her own worries to make Dad a homemade collage of the Hilton family to cheer him up! My favorite is that pic of Paris and Nicky looking adorably innocent in their costumes – so cute! After stopping by Cedars, Paris spent the night in at a friend’s house.

    Posted: May 13th, 2007
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    Tori Spelling’s Mother Sends A Letter To TMZ Regarding Paris Hilton

    Dear Paris,

    As someone who has known you for most of your life, I pay special attention to your press coverage. (Apparently, I’m not alone, based on the responses every word about you creates on and elsewhere.)

    I hope she doesn’t take those silly comments too seriously.

    Paris, I’m very worried about you. The last week has not only been an obvious roller-coaster for you emotionally, but your strategy went from blaming employees and stating silly excuses like, “I don’t read,” to your new lawyer’s tactic to have you sound mature and take some responsibility. In between, the paparazzi continue to follow you shopping and taking self-defense classes (to protect yourself in jail?), and some over-zealous friends staged embarrassing protests (three people?), and wasted taxpayer funds with a petition to pardon you.

    1. Paris then said she will face the consequences and be more responsible.
    2. She has never said she’s taking self-defense classes. That’s something the media invented. We don’t know for sure.
    3. How dare she writes “(three people?)” Does this woman think that 90% of the population is happy to see Paris go to jail because she broke the law? Those three protesters argued against injustice.
    4. No taxpayer funds were wasted with that petition. All the bandwidth and maintenance are paid by the webhost. Petitions are free, by the way.

    People who are rich and famous are not treated like “regular” people, even though you claim to now be just like everyone else. In most situations, your privileged life works to your benefit. You have opportunities, access and resources like few others; and frankly, you can get away with more bad behavior and excuses than most people could even imagine. However, as the real possibility of jail approaches — whether it’s 21 days or 45 or whatever the latest report is — it’s time to get real. It’s time to find “a Paris” somewhere between “heiress” and a character on “The Simple Life.” I know she’s there, and I know she can be a good citizen and maturely face consequences other people would have to face under the same circumstances.

    Paris has already issued a statement. Did you read it, Spelling? Do you recognize that she is being used?

    I am sorry you have been sentenced to jail. I can’t think of too much that would be worse. But since you let this happen, use the next couple of weeks preparing not only by publicly learning to fight (not a good message to fellow inmates), but by looking around, realizing that you are not as truly entitled as your money implies. You are a young woman who can add more to her community than establishing new definitions for infamy.


    Candy Spelling

    Well, that’s the opinion of Tori Spelling’s mother. It’s not really a hateful letter and that’s good, but she’s still stereotyping her and actually believes that the voice of the crazy majority is the truth.

    Then again, we can’t always blame everything on haters and Spelling. Paris is also to be blamed for what is happening and for the big mistakes she made over the past year.

    Spelling’s letter is also good because it will help her and others take Paris more seriously once she’s out of jail. They will expect that, and it will be a perfect opportunity for Paris to remodel her image.

    Posted: May 13th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Gets Advices From Patty Hearst

    Jail-time advice from one socialite to another? In a segment that will run tomorrow, “The Insider” TV show reports that Paris has been taken under bank-robbing socialite Patty Hearst’s wing, and is getting the inside scoop on prison life from Hearst. Patty did time in the mid-’70s after she was abducted by the Symbionese Liberation Army, and then caught on film robbing a bank with them. After serving two years in prison, Hearst’s sentence was commuted by Jimmy Carter. She later received a pardon from Bill Clinton.


    Posted: May 13th, 2007
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