Paris Hilton Cancelled Bullrun Participation

    Paris Hilton was supposed to kickoff a cross-country road race today, but sources tell TMZ she’ll likely be a no-show.

    Ms. Hilton is scheduled to participate in BullRun 2007, a race from Montreal to Key West, but a rep for the race now confirms to TMZ that jail-bound blonde will be chauffeured to and from destinations on the route, with the convicted socialite hosting a party at the Versace mansion in Miami.

    Elliot Mintz cryptically tells TMZ that Paris “will be in L.A. this weekend,” not Canada, so unless Hilton possesses the powers of Hiro Nakamura, it’s safe to say the heiress won’t be at the starting line.


    Posted: May 12th, 2007
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    “Screwed” Is The Third Single In Asia


    Warner Music released the third single “Screwed” only in Asia.

    ScrewedApparently, “Screwed” is been played on Asian radio stations. According to Warner Music Thailand, “Screwed” was released on February 7, 2007, but it looks like only in Asian countries.

    I have a link for this to prove it to you. I’ve asked someone who reads Thai and I can confirmed to you that it says “Screwed” is the third single.

    It probably won’t be released in America or Europe, but since “Nothing in this World” has become a major hit on Asian charts, they decided to release a third single there.

    I can’t believe this has been going for months and we haven’t heard anything about it.

    I’ve also checked Wikipedia, not a reliable source, and indeed, it talks about it:

    “The song has been a radio friendly single in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. It is also the most requested song in most popular radio stations.”

    I don’t know if that statement is true, but I hope I will get more info about this soon.

    If you have any doubt about this, check the link for yourself directly from Paris Hilton’s label:

    Anyone who can speak Thai, please gives us a full translation.

    By the way, for two weeks straight, “Nothing in this World” is at #7 on Bulgarian Airplay Chart. It was at #8 two weeks ago.

    Posted: May 11th, 2007
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ve never got any request”

    An online petition was launched by her supporters this week urging Schwarzenegger to grant the celebrity hotel heiress a pardon.

    However, the California Governor, star of the Terminator action flicks, has said he won’t be coming to the rescue of the embattled heiress, news agency AFP reported.

    “I’ve never got any request,” AFP reported Schwarzenegger as saying, when asked if he would give Hilton a pardon, before adding: “But I have many more important things to think about.”

    A Los Angeles judge last week ordered 26-year-old Paris to spend 45 days in jail for violating her probation by driving on a suspended licence.

    Hilton must begin her prison sentence on June 5 or else risks having her sentence doubled.

    The media is lagging behind. Paris doesn’t need Arnold anymore, unless if the harsh punishement is maintained.

    Posted: May 11th, 2007
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    No Word On Whether Or Not Paris Hilton Is Coming To Montreal Tomorrow

    I know many of you are wondering if Paris Hilton is coming tomorrow to Montreal to participate in Bullrun 2007.

    Although she still has a valid licence, I’m not sure if she’s in the mood of doing this thing. At this point, I hasn’t received any indication that she will definitely go there.

    I can’t tell you if you should go tomorrow, but I’m still going.

    I have checked Bullrun’s website, and no where they mention that Paris has cancelled her participation. If she had, they would have told us.

    I seriously think it would be best for her to leave California and have some fun, but that’s just my opinion.

    All I can say at the moment is that you should still come to the event and hope she’s there.

    Bullrun 2007 will take place in Montreal, Quebec, at Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal (Old Port/Vieux Port), at 9am. This event will be broadcasted live in about 42 countries.

    You can the metro transit (subway) of Montreal to attend the event. The closest metro station is “Champ de Mars.”

    Posted: May 11th, 2007
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    Jane Fonda Is Happy That Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail

    New York, May 11 Movie legend Jane Fonda says she is glad that socialite Paris Hilton has been handed a jail sentence for violating probation.

    Fonda appeared on the ‘Larry King’ talk show and said those less privileged than Hilton would have received a much harsher sentence, reports

    She said: ‘I’m glad she’s being sentenced. If she were black, if she were poor, she would have done it much sooner. Maybe the first time that she had an offence.’

    Fonda emphasised on the fact that children need good training at home.

    ‘I believe these young people have to, you know, have to learn their lessons. You pay for irresponsibility. Kids need structure. Kids need a good foundation and values. I was lucky, my dad had values and he passed them on. If you don’t have that in your life as a young person, it’s really tough.

    ‘Especially if you’re rich and spoiled and you are made into a celebrity. Somebody is going to give you your comeuppance and hopefully these young people are smart enough to learn from it.’

    Do want to know how I can discredit all of Jane Fonda’s statements in a second? Let me tell you.

    Read this:

    FACT: Paris Hilton is NOT spoiled.

    When someone talks to you about Paris Hilton, and tells you that she is spoiled, right away, you should know that the person doesn’t really know/understand who the real Paris Hilton is.

    Or anyone who says that Paris is spoiled is not a serious person.

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    Paris Hilton Goes To Samy’s Camera

    For those of you looking for a working definition of “irony”, try this one on for size – after biking all over creation yesterday, Paris Hilton led her paparazzi entourage right to Samy’s Camera! Of course, with just a few weeks separating the heiress from a state-mandated vacation, it makes sense that we’d catch Paris stocking up on photo supplies – after all, this would be the ideal moment to stock up on memories!

    Also, as we made our way back from Paris’ pad, we couldn’t help but notice the heart-shaped gift sitting on top of Paris’ garbage can. Given the extent to which Paris reaches out to her fans, we seriously doubt she’d be so careless with a gift clearly given out of support – but as any guy who’s dealt with Paris can tell you, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s thrown somebody’s heart in the trash!


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    Sophia Bush Is Happy That Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail

    Paris was rumored to be the reason for Sophia’s split from Chad Michael Murray — so don’t expect Miss Bush to be sporting a “Free Paris” shirt.

    TMZ spotted the raspy voiced “One Tree Hill” starlet last night outside the Avalon, where Bush could do nothing but laugh when asked if she thinks Ms. Hilton deserves to go to jail. One of her girlfriends even shouted “She does!” as the rest of the group just kept giggling.

    Gossip spread that Bush’s ex-husband, co-star Chad Michael Murray, hooked up with Hilton during the filming of “House of Wax,” something Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Nick Carter confirmed on KIIS-FM. Bush, attempting to be the better person in the situation, tried to shut her buddies up last night, telling them, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Or call TMZ.


    I think that the Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton rumour was nothing but a rumour. There was absolutely no evidence that the two hooked up with each other.

    Nick Carter back at that time was trying to come up with an excuse to break up with Paris. Apparently, some say, he was jealous of the amount of attention Paris was getting.

    But I think Sophia Bush should instead go after Chad Michael Murray if she suspects that the two fell in love together, not Paris. Oh, same with jealous Shanna.

    Anyway, all those teenage looking girls, who laughed at Paris Hilton, laughed because they’re not as good-looking, as famous or as rich as Paris, not really because she broke the law.

    Posted: May 11th, 2007
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