How Come Paris Hilton Is Still Driving?

    Today’s burning question: If Paris Hilton is such a traffic scofflaw that she has to be locked up, what was she doing behind the wheel of a car this week?

    It turns out that, despite her jail sentence for violating probation by driving with a suspended license, that California card in her designer purse is now perfectly valid. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, her license was suspended in November – and reinstated in March.

    “If her license was reinstated, she’s perfectly okay to drive despite her probation violation. There’s no problem with that,” explains veteran DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor. ^


    As for her her fans’ petition asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to pardon her, it won’t likely have any effect. According to a source at the California Board of Prisons, the governor has jurisdiction only in felony cases, and only after time has been served.

    “Pardons don’t generally keep people out of jail – they’re used after the fact to expunge the criminal record to allow the offender to get a job, vote and other things non-felons can do,” the source says.
    Governor’s spokesman Aaron McLear tells PEOPLE that no official documents or requests for a pardon have been received, and that the governor would only act in extraordinary circumstances.

    Legal experts say Hilton stands little chance of winning an appeal, although it may delay her surrender deadline date of June 5.

    But if she’s well-behaved behind bars, she may be get an early release due to jail overcrowding policies.

    “It’s possible that Paris will do less than the 45 days,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore tells PEOPLE. “She may very well be eligible for an early release, but I can’t go into what the variables are.”


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    Paris Hilton Goes To Gym And Her Doctor’s Office

    In a few short weeks, Paris Hilton’s capacity to manage her life is going to be rather jarringly inhibited by the state – so it’s a smart move on the heiress’ part to take every step she can for her own preservation while she’s still got her freedom! Yesterday, for instance, we caught her heading back to the gym before stopping by her doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, two areas to which she’ll certainly be able to attend better on the outside than she will down at Lynwood. All that and she still had time for a booty call – er, booty text? Looks like the Paris we all know isn’t gone quite yet!

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    Paris Hilton Autopsy Debuts In New York City

    How did Paris Hilton end up in a former Brooklyn garage — naked, provocatively posed and seemingly very, very dead?

    Of course, it’s just a sculpture — one that graphically depicts an autopsy on the jail-bound socialite celeb for a show warning teens about underage drinking.

    The sprawled-out “Hilton” clutches a cocktail glass in one hand, a cell phone in the other as her distressed dog, Tinkerbell, jumps across her bare chest. She and the animal wear matching tiaras.

    It’s one of several whacked-out works that have gotten attention for artist Daniel Edwards. Last August, Edwards flaunted a busty Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton sculpture at Manhattan’s Museum of Sex. His earlier works — of Ted Williams’ severed head and a naked Britney Spears giving birth — stirred up other artistic storms.

    In the Hilton exhibit, which opens Friday at a gallery run by Capla Kesting Fine Art in the Williamsburg neighborhood, removable “innards” are exhibited on a display stand placed in a sexually suggestive manner next to the “body.”

    Hilton’s spokesman, Elliot Mintz, did not immediately return a call for comment from The Associated Press.

    “Around this time of year, I think of a couple of friends I lost in high school because of drinking and driving,” said the artist, dressed in snow white as he stood by the feet of his creation on Wednesday.

    Edwards said he’s using this celebrity “as a vehicle for a public-service announcement, to educate teens.”

    Edwards started making the work in polyester resin in January after the infamous party girl’s arrest. On May 4, a judge ordered Hilton, 26, to report to a county jail by June 5 to serve a 45-day sentence for violating the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. Her lawyers have taken steps to appeal the sentence.

    The 42-year-old artist, a father of three from Moosup, Conn., acknowledges that Hilton’s primary claim to fame is “as a seductress. But I do respect her ability to build this career out of pretty much nothing.”

    He says his provocative use of empty celebrity, plus the shock factor, “rings a bell, it brings it home. If one person is saved, that’s awesome.”

    Gallery director David Kesting said the sculpture counters a disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood girls gone wild. The work, no doubt, is also aimed at making money. Buyers are asked to call Capla Kesting for a price, which was not disclosed.

    High school students are encouraged to take a virtual tour of the installation at — then compete for prizes by writing an “obituary” for the socialite.

    If you go to the gallery, by the way, you’re encouraged to touch.

    Asssociated Press

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    When It Comes To Paris Hilton, Nothing Is For Sure

    I think the video I just posted had certain things to suggest.

    I don’t know if I really believe Paris knew her licence was suspended while she was driving. I think that maybe she was aware at a subconscious level, but maybe she didn’t think she would get the harshest treatment. And that the judge turned out to be a monster unfortunately.

    I think that she has definitely been abused by the decision of sending her to jail for 45 days with no release or anything and literally, acting as if she is some sort of serious danger to public safety.

    Well, is she? Honestly, I can’t say for sure. I know the haters are 1000% convinced (as always), but when I watch that video I have some doubts. From what I can see, someone is certainly taking advantage of her, or of her crime if you prefer.

    Maybe she is innocent, or maybe not. I would go with the latter but at certain limit. But the sentence already says a lot.

    I believe that Paris should take a lie detector test to determind if she really is lying, but even if she is, the way they are treating her is unfair. No one is questing this nonesense because no one wants justice for a rich, pretty and famous woman. Everyone is nodding in agreement.

    Paris has already withdrawn from MySpace. She removed all her new posts. This probably happened due to the media coverage. Though, the petition is doing fine.

    Let’s just hope that the new lawyer will get her out of this, or at least give her a softer punishement that doesn’t involve jail.

    There’s not enough solid evidence to suggest that she deserves jail. In fact, many high profil commentators are stating their honest opinion that Paris could have gotten a different type of punishement, but because of who she is, she didn’t.

    Again, it is for injustice we’re fighting for.

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    Other Celebrities Add Their Thoughts About Paris Hilton’s Jail Sentence

    “Heroes” cheerleader Hayden Panettiere has a few tips for avoiding a summer slammer stay that’s just been slapped on Miss Hilton.

    TMZ caught Hayden in NYC last night, where she was momentarily flustered when asked what she thought about Paris Hilton’s upcoming jail sentence. Instead of commenting on the situation, Hayden went into full “Hero” mode, telling our photog, “Don’t drink and drive … or drive without a license!”

    Meanwhile, in L.A., David Weintraub and one of his gal pals had the best tip — “Get a driver!” Why didn’t Paris think of that?

    Other Team Paris players at Mr. Chow last night: “Full House” still-a-hottie Lori Laughlin, former basketballer Rick Fox, and Hilton’s aunt Kyle Richards — who played little Lindsay Wallace in the original “Halloween” — all railed against the judge who’s tossing Paris in the can.

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    Paris Hilton Listens To “You’re Beautiful”

    Paris Hilton is beautiful. Just ask her … or her car stereo.

    The clink-bound blonde was on her way to meet with her lawyer when she pulled her Bentley into a parking garage with the stereo blaring. Her song of choice was James Blunt’s “You’re Beautfiul.” With a gaggle of paparazzi around to film her, she provided a score to her own entrance!

    In the future, everyone will have their own theme music.

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    Paris Hilton To Met Paris Latsis

    Yesterday, in between meetings, appointments and more meetings, we were surprised to find that not only was Paris driving (against her lawyer’s recommendations), but that she was texting ex-fiancee Paris Latsis to arrange a secret rendez-vous! We got a good look at the message, which says “Hey babe, I’m getting followed by a billion paparazzi, il come after the meeting at 4 and try to lose them.” Forty-five days can be a long time for a girl as, er, popular with the fellas as Paris, so it’s only natural that she’d want to spend as much time with the people who are close to her as possible before she’s resigned to talking to them through an inch of bullet-proof glass.

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