Paris Hilton Switches Attorneys From Howard Weitzman To Richard Hutton

    TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has switched attorneys. [edited].

    Hilton has jumped from famed criminal defense lawyer Howard Weitzman to famed DUI defense lawyer Richard Hutton. TMZ got shots of Hilton bawling as she left Hutton’s office Tuesday afternoon.

    Hilton is in a pickle and it seems she’s thrown a Hail Mary, hoping she can convince the courts she shouldn’t serve 45 days in the pokey. This could be the most expensive DUI case ever.

    TMZ edited

    Posted: May 9th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Receiving Death Threats By Future Masculine Inmates

    Paris Hilton is being threatened by her future neighbors in the county jail where she’s supposed to start her stint in the clink in June, according to Life & Style. Paris has reportedly already gotten dispatches from possible inmates suggesting that she’ll be “beaten to a pulp” and that her shoes might get stolen when she gets there. “These maniacs have been writing, ‘We’re going to get you’ and ‘I’m going to kill you,'” disturbingly enough.

    Meanwhile, while a petition to pardon Paris sits on the Governor’s desk, another, circulated by, is asking Schwarzenegger for the exact opposite to ensure that she gets no clemency and so that she will.


    I knew there weren’t be happy to see her there. This is a serious matter and I think prison workers are going to be anything about this. We’ll see about it.

    Posted: May 9th, 2007
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    ALERT: Paris Hilton Is Online On Her MySpace!

    Paris Hilton is currently on her MySpace.

     She hasn’t posted any new messages, but if does we will let you know!

    Update: Comments from her fans are being posted none-stop. It is 10:04pm; she is still online.

    Update 2: The singer and actress just went offline at 11:08pm. She was online for about an hour. It’s not clear what she did. However, she did not post anything.

    Posted: May 8th, 2007
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    Rosie O’Donnell Sympathize With Paris Hilton

    “I used to drink and drive”

    Actress ROSIE O’DONNELL can empathise with PARIS HILTON because she used to drink and drive. The Sleepless In Seattle star, 45, yesterday (08May07) admitted she sometimes drove under the influence in her younger years – although there is no excuse for doing so. Talking on US TV show The View, O’Donnell said, “Many people drive drunk. If you asked people in this audience how many have ever driven when they’ve had too much to drink, nearly everybody would raise their hand. “It doesn’t make it the right thing to do, and hopefully as you get to be an adult… “I remember being 21 years old coming home from gigs, totally not in any capacity to drive. Thanks God I didn’t kill anyone or anyone else.

    One thing I’ve noticed about Rosie regarding Paris Hilton is that this woman really knows nothing about Paris, except the tape. I don’t think she has ever bothered researching about Paris and find out for what Paris is really famous for (at least, for her fans). Same with that redhead woman.

    Of all the women on “The View,” Barbara Walters knows her best because she actually spent some time with her. And there’s also that younger woman who is pregnant.

    I think the one who got booted from the show liked Paris.

    Posted: May 8th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes To Sunset Strip

    The parade of Paris continues: Straight from Robert Shapiro’s Sober USA party, Paris jetted down the Sunset Strip and over to what might be the least sober place in LA: The Rainbow (affecionately referred to as The ‘Bow by the numerous Musicians Institute students who frequent the place immortalized by G n’ R). From The Rainbow, Paris, Nicky and Elliot Mintz crossed the parking lot to go to the Roxy, where Andy Dick was reportedly hosting a night of live music. Seeing Paris enter the place I spent many a night in the mid-late 90s brings a few questions to mind:
    1) What the hell was Paris doing at The Rainbow?
    2) What about Elliot?
    3) Does Joey Buttafuoco still work the door?

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    All The Latest On Paris Hilton

    Be sure to watch your local TV news and entertainment news tonight. The media is about to report a lot more about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, and also talk a bit about us, the fans! At this rate, Paris Hilton is becoming one of the high-demanded celebrities in the world. Any TV appearance or interview (included the Simple Life) is expected to be huge.

    And we’re doing great progress with the petition; the media is helping us a lot. There also has been many websites selling “Free Paris” items. I’ll try to post some more later.

    Posted: May 8th, 2007
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    About The Tyrant’s Church Story Again

    A few newspaper websites are reporting that the judge who sentenced Paris Hilton did not get a standing ovation in church last Sunday.

    They were right. Turns out the ovation was Saturday — the day after Michael T. Sauer dropped the hammer on Hilton. Our bad, assuming people only go to church on Sunday.

    According to several God-fearing witnesses, Judge Sauer went the day before, and as he walked in, the congregation erupted in applause. Several parishioners buttonholed the judge to express their approval.


    At this point, I don’t know it is the tyrant or TMZ who is lying, and I don’t think I care anymore.

    Posted: May 8th, 2007
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