Tyrant Michael T. Sauer: “The church story is completely false”

     An otherwise unassuming career jurist, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer found himself thrust into semi-celebrity last week when he sentenced Paris Hilton to jail.

    Hilton and her spokespeople have since decried the 45-day sentence as unfairly harsh and out of step with her crime of repeatedly driving with a suspended license. Bloggers and celebo-philes have weighed in, alternately criticizing the ruling and applauding Sauer for standing up to Hilton’s reckless ways and consequence-free lifestyle.

    “I don’t care to be the DUI judge to the stars,” Sauer said Monday. “I’m amazed about the amount of talk about this case. I’m amazed at the amount of publicity.”

    Those who know and work with Sauer said he’s one of the last people they can imagine grandstanding for the cameras or altering his judgment for a famous defendant.

    “He’s not the type of individual to make an example of anyone,” said Mark Rafferty, an attorney who said he’s argued hundreds of cases in front of Sauer, most of them DUIs. “He’s not the kind of guy who likes the limelight. He’s a hardworking judge and has been for a long time. He’s not worried about what other people think, good or bad.”

    Another attorney who has appeared multiple times before Sauer speculated that the judge might have been annoyed by Hilton’s repeated violation of her license suspension and her late arrival for her hearing.

    “I think in this case she must have gotten under his skin … basically, she thumbed her nose at him,” Mark J. Werksman said. “There’s a limit to a judge’s patience.

    During the two-hour hearing Friday, Sauer seemed well aware of the defendant’s celebrity, at one point joking with the prosecuting attorney that “I don’t want to deny you your 15 minutes of fame.”

    Making references at points to Shakespeare’s “Henry V” and the Watergate scandal, Sauer repeatedly questioned Hilton on her understanding of the restrictions of her license suspension — stemming from an alcohol-related reckless driving charge in September. Hilton claimed she mistakenly thought she was still allowed to drive as long as it was for work. Sauer, referencing Watergate, said he sought to understand what Hilton knew and when she knew it.

    His ruling, forgoing lighter sentences that wouldn’t have involved jail time, indicates that Sauer didn’t fully believe Hilton’s claims. Since the original incident, Hilton has been pulled over three times and each time warned or cited by the officer for driving with a suspended license.

    A native Angeleno, both Sauer and his wife, Marianne, were born at St. Vincent Hospital — the same hospital where Sauer’s parents, a doctor and a nurse, met. He and his wife live in the same neighborhood where Sauer grew up.

    After graduation from Loyola Law School, Sauer, 69, worked for eight years for the city attorney’s office. In 1971, as deputy city attorney in charges of appellate cases, he argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Cohen v California — an obscenity case stemming from a defendant who appeared in a county courtroom wearing a jacket decrying the draft.

    Appointed to Los Angeles Municipal Court in 1972 by then-Gov. Ronald Reagan, Sauer was elevated to the Superior Court bench in 2000 when the two courts combined. In 2003, he was moved from criminal courts cases to misdemeanor arraignments — a posting heavy on traffic violations and DUIs. The move, which paved the way for the fateful meeting with Hilton, came as a surprise to the veteran judge. But in a January 2006 profile published in Los Angeles Daily Journal, Sauer said he had adjusted to the unexpected transfer.

    “Now that I’m here, I like it,” he said. “I get along with the attorneys. I’ve done this kind of work before. You just fill in the dots.”

    Now, after 35 years on the bench, Sauer’s name will forever be linked with Hilton’s. The urban legends already have begun to crop up; celebrity gossip Web site TMZ.com, citing “sources inside,” reported that Sauer received a standing ovation from his fellow congregants Sunday at St. Brendan Catholic Church.

    “The church story is completely false,” he said.


    TMZ has lied to us two times today, but I still want to teach Tyrant Michael T. Sauer a leason.

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    Unbelieveable Media Hatred Launched Against Paris Hilton


    A torrent of hatred has been launched against famous, pretty and rich girl Paris Hilton in the media and on the internet.

    Every hater is acting in a disgustingly shameless behavior. Even the commentator on entertainment shows have become more vicious and arrogant. Absolutely evil commentators, such as Elaine Lui has managed to spread lies about Paris Hilton on Canada’s popular entertainment show “eTalk” by calling her “evil-spirited.”

    This flow of pure evil has become more powerful today, and this is due to the fact that haters of all sorts see some sort of justice.

    When I say justice, I don’t really mean “justice.” These haters don’t care about justice; what they care about is taking a rich, famous and pretty girl to jail for simply living a better and privileged life. That’s the undeniable truth. They feel that Paris owes them something; that’s why they whine all the time in the first place. Oh yes, she violated the law? But that’s nothing compared to the truth I just mentionned for these haters.

    No matter how vicious they become, never forget what I just said.

    And I remind you that Paris Hilton is a self-made millionaire. Rich from the outside and in the inside. She is only one of the luckiest girls on Earth. With a little common sense, you’ll realized that obviously, everyone will want a piece of her. Decent people on the other hand, don’t want to become Paris Hilton and feel convident and strong about their own selves. They are happy with their lifes (most of them) and these strong people, don’t blame their problems on Paris.

    But remember, we, the fans (many of us, at least), should not accept the media’s dishonest coverage. Many of us don’t only idiolize Paris for being rich, famous or pretty. Actually, we find the idea of a rich, famous and pretty working and making a career for herself even more interesting, because none of these haters would have even want to accomplished what Paris has done so far with her career.

    We’re not the empty-headed idiots who follow her mindlessly for no good reason. No matter how much crap and lies you hear from the media, we know that we are fans of her music (we crave for her music and believe in her as an artist), TV show, movies and of many other things, including personality traits.

    I deplore the reaction of these haters wherever they are, and I am convinced that these “evil-spirited” haters are doing the job of Satan, and unfortunately Paris has naturally born into this lifestyle and become victim. You can’t call yourself a true Christian if you’re going to applaud a monster like Michael T. Sauer who shamelessly abuses his powers and then, try to convince everyone that justice has been served and that the system is working just fine!

    Many people oppose to this and believe in total equality, but the truth is that Paris Hilton is better and above than most of us in many different ways, in beauty or in being a rich working woman for example.

    But obviously, she’s not above the law, no one is. If she commits a crime, she should be held responible, but treated equally and fairly. That clearly hasn’t happened.

    Again, the haters don’t see it this way; they disgustingly envy her in every way.

    Of course, we’ve said this a million times already, but it’s worth to repeat it again, and you don’t have to agree with everything I say.

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    Paris Hilton Spends Some Time With Her Mom In Malibu

    Finding refuge at her parents’ Malibu home after her scandalous sentencing to 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license, Paris found time for an outing to the Malibu Country Mart with her mom Kathy. They stopped at Planet Blue bath and beauty supply and then the clothing store by the same name. Then a break for coffee before braving the paparazzi again. Paris was as tight-lipped as our photographers!


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    Fans Recognize Tyrant MICHAEL T. SAUER As A Target For Injustice

    Not even Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy could comfort her over going to prison as they dined out in Beverly Hills. And not surprising either.

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    Harper’s Bazaar Cover Girls: Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie

    Out On May 22, 2007

    Legally challenged Simple Life stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are the cover girls for the Harper’s Bazaar June 2007 issue.

    “I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am,” Paris tells Harper’s Bazaar in an interview before her 45-day sentence in the slammer. “The cops do it all the time. They’ll just pull me over to hit on me. It’s really annoying. They’re like, ‘What’s your phone number? Want to go to dinner?’”

    Adds the hotel heiress, “They just pull me over, and the paparazzi, of course, take a picture. All the time. I have so many cops’ business cards. If it’s the weekend, I have parties at my house because only cheese-balls go out on the weekend.”

    Nicole was busted on DUI charges of her own back in December.

    Reports The Daily News, “Wearing zebra-print outfits meant to resemble jail stripes the two starlets are pictured in a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot running from models dressed as policemen.”


    Posted: May 7th, 2007
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    BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton Fights Back

    Paris Hilton’s lawyer has made it official — Paris has filed a notice with the court, vowing to appeal her 45-day jail sentence.

    The notice is a formality that lawyers are required to file before lodging the appeal. It does not give the grounds for the appeal, but Hilton’s lawyers must essentially prove that the trial judge abused his discretion by imposing the sentence.

    Check out the document.

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    Another Paris Hilton Sculpture


    Artist Jason Maynard concludes his 10-year exploration of the cultural relevance and symbolic reference to candy in this stunning sculpture, “Suicide Socialite”.

    This Paris Hilton inspired and beautifully rendered piece takes on the guise of neither the moral high ground, nor the role of a public service announcement. In reality, this piece speaks more of Maynard’s masterful portrayal of the pinnacle of modern day mob mentality’s ability to build higher and higher pedistals for their celebrity objects to sit – for the pleasure of seeing them fall.

    In this piece, Maynard brings his audience both the elegance of handling the subject through his medium, as well as the poise with which the subject effortlessly offers herself up for the taking.

    The Venice Contemporary proudly invites you to view this particularly poignant and relevant piece of art for a very limited time.

    View more pictures.

    Many thanks to Michael B.

    Posted: May 7th, 2007
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