What You As A Paris Hilton Fan Can Do In The Meantime

    Although, I’m not responsible for any of this, but if anyone of you believe that what happened yesturday to Paris is unfair, there are certain things you can do to help her.

    I personally see the jail sentence as a lesson to help her pay more attention to what’s happening around her. I don’t really believe she needs to spend 45 days in jail, but maybe something else must be done in order to help her become more responsible.

    However, you can disagree with me, or want to show your support for Paris by:

    Sign a petition (this is the main petition promoted on Paris Hilton fan sites):


    Buy “FREE PARIS” stuffs:


    You can use these to show others your support for Paris as a fan.

    Posted: May 5th, 2007
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    Eventually, The Bubble Bursts

    Ok, I know many fans feel very sick today because of what happened yesturday, but I think it’s time to recap everything and see what went wrong. You’ll feel much better after reading this, trust me.

    One thing is for sure, someone screwed this up, and it’s not entirely the fault of Paris.

    Let’s first look at the causes and see how Paris responded to them.

    What caused this to happen.

    1. The source of this disaster comes from her DUI arrest back in September 2006.

    2. In January 2007, she pleaded no contest to reckless driving. She was then sentenced to 36 months’ probation. Paris had no right to drive. One night, a policeman caught her and asked her to sign documents claiming that she knew she wasn’t suppose to drive.

    3. In February 2007, Paris is stopped and the policeman notices that she was driving with a suspended license.

    4. As of April 2007, Paris hadn’t enrolled in the probation program. This is a clear violation that automatically leads her to jail. In January 2007, the judge told to Paris’ crew that Paris had 22 days to enroll in probation.


    The media is obviously not quoting Paris a lot in their press release, but some of the things she said in court are very revealing and important.

    “I don’t know what happened . . . I did what they said”

    In other words, “I just followed what my lawyer, my advisers and my publicist told me to do and not do.”

    Asked if she read the documents that were sent to her, she said: “I have people do that for me.”

    That’s because Paris doesn’t have time the go through all her documents. It’s not really her job, but she is still responible for this.

    “I just sign what people tell me to sign.”

    When the policeman came to her and asked her to sign the documents, she did it because she had to. I don’t know if he told her that she wasn’t not allowed to drive, but if he told her she has to sign them, she had to. Then again, she should have known and paid attention to everything.

    Elliot Mintz claims that he was misinformed and was told that she didn’t have the right to drive for only 30 days.

    The judge didn’t believe Paris when she said her advisers told her that it was OK for her to drive because she received a written warning, which she signed. The signed documents were in Paris’ car for two months until she was pulled over in Feburary. The judge considers this as “the smoking gun,” meaning that she knew she wasn’t allowed to drive. Could it be that Paris just signed those documents and didn’t know what they were about? The judge doesn’t think so.

    Before the judge revealed the verdict to Paris, she looked at the judge and said “I just want to say I’m sorry and I didn’t do it purposely at all.”

    Indeed, Paris didn’t do this on purpose. She obviously doesn’t want to go to jail, and was crying. What she did do is not pay attention to what was happening. Her lawyer and her publicist aren’t any better. A case as serious as this one, and no one in her entourage told her the risk of going to jail?

    Or did she ignore her lawyers and thought that it would be OK to drive? Was Paris misformed?

    What really shocks me is that she has one of the best lawyers, Howard Weitzman, and he let this happen.

    Why didn’t Paris enroll in her probation program? Why didn’t anyone tell her that she had to do this within 22 days. Who let this happen? Or did Paris ignore this and thought she would get away?

    I refused to think that Paris is stupid enough to let this happen to her.

    Someone didn’t look after her and didn’t inform her.

    Another thing Paris needs to learn: Do not ever depend on others. Such cases are very serious and she should be responsible for herself considering her status.

    Her lawyer, Howard Weitzman, said he would appeal; I don’t know if that’s going to be successful, but I must say I’m very disappointed in him.

    It’s easy to say that Paris just turned her back to laws, but if you read the documents and look at what happened in the court, you’ll maybe realize that she was surrounded by high-profil men who were suppose to take good care of her situation.


    The consequences of her going to jail will be awful, but it won’t last very long. In fact, we are heading towards a real second phase of embarasement. She will keep a low-profil of herself, but believe me, she can come back with vehemence. Obviously, this immense media coverage we saw yesturday will only make her more popular. Why? Because Paris hasn’t been taken seriously by the public, not yet! Remember? Her debut album was suppose to change her image, but she screwed that up with the DUI arrest.

    Paris has self-destructed herself; she destroyed everything she worked hard for: the album, her movies, her whole business. But that doesn’t mean she can’t reignite herself and grow stronger. You know, in philosophy, we learn that when someone is put down and sees that he or she has lost everything, he or she will eventually come back with force. We often forget that Paris is only a human being like all of us, especially the haters don’t understand this. What have they understand about Paris, anyway?

    She is going to go to jail, but it will make her change. She will be locked up in a jail and will question herself and think about what she wants to do from now on. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is not an evil person; she’s capable of learning many things. Perhaps, as a commentator of this website said, hopefully, she will write a few songs and think about her projects as I suggested.

    The powerful world of Paris Hilton has fallen, but this strong person we’ve been with for many years and who gave us so many smiles and worked so hard for an increadible album will be back. I have no doubt in my mind that she feels absolutely terrible right now, but she has already been through all of this.

    I really hope that this will be an occasion for her to change and improve herself.

    I won’t bother talking about haters. This isn’t a funny matter. None of them in the media or on blogs, these hundreads of thousands of souless creatures, who judge people by their beauty, money and fame want her to go to jail because she violated the law. Their view of this matter is completely different. Some of them aren’t even capable of understanding what I just said.

    Now what?

    Obviously, starting from June, we will less and less about Paris in the media for 1 1/2 months. Many of you who come to this website and visit other fan sites won’t find a lot of news, unless if the media has some sort of contact with Paris.

    But I’m happy to say that you won’t be “bored” if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m working hard on EXTRA PARIS. It will run from May 25 to July 13, if you include the Hilton documentary.

    There’s also Simple Life 5 to watch. Hopefully, they won’t postpone it. And I hope that Nicole Richie will be with Paris, and that she does what needs to be done in order to promote the show. No doubt the ratings will be high because of what happened yesturday.

    I’ll try to work on some things, but it will mostly be about Extra Paris. You’ll have tones of things to watch and remember about the good old days.

    As for Paris, I really wish her good luck, and I hope that she takes good care of herself. We’ll be following her very closely.

    Until next time!

    Posted: May 5th, 2007
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    Legal Analysis: Will Paris Really End Up In Jail?

    Legal Analyst Steve Meister talks about Paris Hilton’s sentence and possibility of an appeal.

    Posted: May 4th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton May Be Released From Prison Hours After She’s In

    Paris Hilton, who first gained fame for her hard-partying presence in America’s clubs, will now be spending 45 days in a far different place: county jail.

    Her room will likely be just 3.5-by-2.5 metres in size, with a toilet and small window. And for a mirror, she’ll have to settle on a piece of polished metal.

    Hilton showed up 10 minutes late at the Los Angeles courthouse and told the judge she was sorry for violating her probation, which stemmed from a reckless driving case.

    “I’m very sorry and from now on I’m going to pay complete attention to everything,” she told the judge. “I’m sorry and I did not do it on purpose at all.”

    But Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer sentenced her to 45 days in county jail. Hilton will also not be allowed any work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail or any electronic monitoring in lieu of jail.

    Hilton’s mother, Kathy, laughed when the city prosecutor said her daughter deserved jail time. And when the judge gave his ruling, she sarcastically told Sauer: “May I have your autograph?”

    The 26-year-old socialite must report to a women’s jail in suburban Lynwood, Calif. on the set date or face 90 days behind bars. She’ll get breakfast at 6 a.m., but her diet will be mostly based around chicken.

    “It’s all poultry-based,” Capt. Alice Scott, who oversees the 2,200-inmate facility, told The Associated Press.

    She Hilton may get lucky: former “Lost” star Michelle Rodriguez was supposed to serve a 60-day sentence, but officials released her after a few hours because of overcrowding.

    Hilton had pleaded no contest to reckless driving, after an incident on Sept. 7 in Hollywood. Police said she failed a field sobriety test, and later measured her blood-alcohol level at .08 per cent.

    A judge sentenced her to 36 months probation, alcohol education and US$1,500 in fines.

    Police then stopped Hilton on Jan. 15, and made her sign a document stating her license was suspended and that she acknowledged she was not legally able to drive.

    But more than a month later, on Feb. 27, she was again pulled over. Police said she was speeding with her headlights off, and charged her with violating her probation.

    Hilton’s spokesperson, Elliot Mintz, had claimed his client was not aware her license was suspended. But a copy of the document she signed on Jan. 15 was found in her car’s glove compartment.

    Hilton first grabbed attention in gossip columns and tabloids as a teenager, mostly for her constant partying. But her fame spread exponentially when a sex tape she made with a boyfriend found its way on the Internet.

    She managed to build on that popularity by co-staring in “The Simple Life” with fellow socialite Nicole Richie. The series is now in its fifth season.

    Hilton also had a small role in the 2005 horror film “House of Wax,” and recently wrapped up work on “The Hottie and the Nottie.”


    Judging from what Kathy Hilton said, I’m almost convinced that her prosecutors were extreme haters mixed with truth. But Paris Hilton and her lawyers and her publicist are responsible for this. The haters got their way only because Paris’ crew caused this. I don’t think they care about law; the irrational hate feeling is much stronger. It spices it up.

    If Paris is lucky, she might leave the prison much earlier. It would be interesting to see that, but the hatemongers will certainly try to prevent that from happening.

    Posted: May 4th, 2007
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    What Paris Hilton Can Expect In Jail

    When Paris Hilton does her 45-day stretch, she — like other celebrity Los Angeles County inmates — will be segregated from the general population for her own safety.

    Inmates at the Century Regional Detention Center get three-poultry-based low-sodium meals a day.

    They are allowed outside their cells for an hour each day to shower, watch television in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone.

    There have been other celebrities at the women’s jail. Actress Daryl Hannah, arrested last year for failing to leave a 14-acre inner-city garden where farmers were being evicted, spent a few hours there.

    A year ago, former “Lost” actress Michelle Rodriguez showed up to serve a 60-day jail sentence for violating probation terms after her drunken driving arrest in Hawaii.

    The jail’s overseer says it’s “a very nice place.”

    Posted: May 4th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Sorry; Full Coverage Coming Up

    A judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail Friday for violating her probation, putting the brakes on the hotel heiress’s famous high life.

    Hilton, who parlayed her name and relentless partying into worldwide notoriety, must go to jail on June 5 and she will not be allowed any work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail or any electronic monitoring in lieu of jail, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ruled after a hearing.

    The judge ruled that she was in violation of the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. (Watch why Hilton thought it was OK to be driving )

    “I’m very sorry, and from now on I’m going to pay complete attention to everything. I’m sorry, and I did not do it on purpose at all,” she told the judge before he announced the sentence.

    She was then ordered to report to a women’s jail in suburban Lynwood on the set date or face 90 days behind bars.

    As a city prosecutor said during closing arguments that Hilton deserved jail time, Hilton’s mother, Kathy, laughed. When the judge ruled, Kathy Hilton then blurted out: “May I have your autograph?”

    Paris Hilton was among a series of witnesses who took the stand during the hearing. She maintained she was unaware her license was suspended and thought she was allowed to drive for work purposes.

    She said that when an officer who stopped her in January made her sign a document stating her license was suspended, she thought he was mistaken and did not actually look at the document.

    Hilton arrived at the courthouse 10 minutes after the scheduled 1:30 p.m. start time of the hearing.

    The heiress arrived in the back of a black Cadillac Escalade and swept into the Metropolitan Courthouse with several men in suits, ignoring screams of photographers lining the route into a rear entrance. In addition to her mother, her father, Rick, also came with her.

    Wearing a gray jacket and white shirt over black slacks and with a black headband on, she said nothing and appeared serious.

    She exited the courthouse in a similar manner.

    Prosecutors announced earlier they were asking the judge to sentence Hilton to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction.

    Prosecutors also were seeking to have Hilton ordered to avoid alcohol for 90 days, wear a monitoring device that would chart whether she complies, and have the suspension of her driver’s license extended for an additional four months.

    TV trucks were parked nearby to beam the news worldwide and a helicopter hovered overhead. Extra sheriff’s deputies stood guard.

    Hilton, 26, pleaded no contest in January to reckless driving stemming from a September 7 arrest in Hollywood. Police said she appeared intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent, the level at which an adult driver is in violation of the law.

    She was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

    Two other traffic stops and failure to enroll in a mandated alcohol education program, are what landed the socialite back in court.

    On January 15, Hilton was pulled over by California Highway Patrol. Officers informed her that she was driving on a suspended license and she signed a document acknowledging that she was not to drive, according to papers filed in Superior Court.

    Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies stopped Hilton on February 27 and charged her with violating her probation. Police said she was pulled over about 11 p.m. after authorities saw the car speeding with its headlights off.

    Hilton was also required to enroll in an alcohol education program by February 12. As of April 17, she had not enrolled, prosecutors said.

    Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, first gained notoriety for her hard partying as a teen. She attracted worldwide attention when a sex tape she made with a boyfriend was released on the Internet.

    She stars in the reality-TV series, “The Simple Life,” now in its fifth season, with Nicole Richie. She appeared in the 2005 film, “House of Wax” and recently finished filming “The Hottie and the Nottie.” She also is a handbag designer and has a namesake perfume.

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    FINAL VERDICT: Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail

    How It All Happened

    Paris’ Summer at the Prison Hilton

    While her pals are hanging in Malibu or the Hamptons, Paris will be spending 45 fun-filled days and nights with 2200 of her closest female felons at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF).

    Reopened in March, 2006, CRDF is located in beautiful Lynwood,Calif. — just minutes from nearby Compton! While Mr. Chow takeout isn’t available, according to the AP, CRDF does serve three low-sodium poultry based meals a day. Yum! For her own safety, Paris will most likely be segregated from the rest of her prison pals and live in a one or two-person cell. Cozy. During her days at Chez Clink, Paris will get just one hour a day to shower, exercise, watch TV or talk on the phone. And sorry to say, Blackberries are not allowed. Oh, the humanity!

    As for wardrobe choices, Paris will have the option of one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on how she is classified and where she is housed in the facility, Paris could don a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece from the House of Detention collection.

    Paris better get crackin’, because with June 5 fast approaching, it gives her just one month to plan her kick-ass going away party!

    Paris’ Summer at the Prison Hilton

    Moments after Paris Hilton was sentenced to serve 45 in the clink, TMZ learned that her mother, Kathy, rushed over to the lead prosecutor and lashed out, “I want your autograph. This is pathetic.”

    In the same breath, as she walked out of the courtroom, Kathy looked up and said, “I can’t believe all the money we spent on this.”

    Paris’ Fate Just Moments Away

    TMZ has learned that the judge deciding Paris Hilton’s fate is currently in his chambers pondering the deeds of the embattled heiress. His decision on whether Hilton will go to jail for violating the terms of her probation (by driving with a suspended license in February) is expected to be announced any minute.

    Before he left the courtroom, the judge heard three witnesses on each side of the case, including Hilton.

    On the stand, Hilton blamed the violation on her rep Elliot Mintz, telling the judge that Mintz misled her into believing that her license was valid. In fact, Hilton’s license was suspended after she was busted for DUI on Sept. 7, 2006. CHP officers told the judge that they informed Hilton of her situation — to her face — when they pulled her over on January 15. Hilton was not cited for that incident.

    Paris Sings in Court

    Paris Hilton is currently testifying on her own behalf before a judge who could throw her in jail for violating her probation.

    Hilton’s voice is uncharacteristically somber and monotone as she explains why she drove twice on a suspended license after being busted for DUI. Hilton pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving last January. The City Attorney wants to throw her in jail for 45 days for the probation violation.

    Moments before Paris entered the courtroom, TMZ cameras caught Hilton touching up her make-up. Never underestimate the power of the powder.

    Posted: May 4th, 2007
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