Paris Hilton Will Do Some Photo Shoots

    After a quick stop for smokes, Paris Hilton hit up the Roosevelt and Parc in rapid succession – and we do mean rapid! The hotel heiress turned in early last night, ditching her gal pal Micheline after Parc in order to catch up on some beauty sleep for a photo shoot she’d scheduled for this morning. (But we gotta wonder if her exit might have had more to do with Paris’ mortal enemy Lindsay Lohan showing up at the same club – after all, they’ve certainly been going through their fair share of public squabbles lately!)


    Maybe she’s going to do an interview and some photo shoot to promote Simple Life 5?

    Posted: May 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes To Shopping

    Now here’s a sentence we never thought we’d hear ourselves saying: Paris Hilton’s got too much junk in her trunk! Or at least that was the case at Fred Segal yesterday, where Paris walked out with so many bags that she needed help from two of the store’s employees to haul them back to her car. From Fred’s, it was off to the gym to bust her ass with her trainer before heading home.

    Naturally, we couldn’t let the chance to ask Paris if she might be planning to attend Britney’s secret concert, but she declined to answer – still worn out from Coachella, Paris? She did, however, have plenty of energy to answer our questions about her rumored relationship with James Blunt – she shot back a quick “No, we’re just friends!”

    A more appropriate question would be “When are you going on tour?”

    Posted: May 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Does Some Shopping With America’s Next Top Model Contestant, Micheline

    Paris went to the Grove yesterday for some shopping and a movie with her new BFF. (She seems to change BFFs as much as she changes clothes!) America’s Next Top Model experts have identified her new girlfriend as Micheline, the tattooed cutie who was booted too early from this round of the competition (thanks, Andrew!) If that really is her, what the heck is she doing with Paris Hilton? She didn’t make the ANTM cut, so now she’s getting her 15 minutes as Paris’ new sidekick? But hey, seems to have worked for Nicole and Kim!

    This video is awfully boring. Very poor news about Paris these days. This is one of the worse seasons in terms of news reports. I hope this trend will be reversed once Simple Life 5 starts airing.

    More annoying news on the way…

    Posted: May 1st, 2007
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    Fake Paris Hilton Visits Koi

    Paris’ crack is whack … and so is her lookalike.

    Paris Hilton, ever the dignified socialite, exposed her coin slot to TMZ cameras Friday afternoon outside her home — but it’s her impersonator, Natalie Reid, who put on a real show over the weekend.

    TMZ spotted Reid outside Koi where the faux Hilton made sure photogs got a shot of what appears to be a strategically rehearsed panty-revealing exit from her car.

    Reid then went off on a curiously giddy rave about a few songs she just wrote, with titles such as “Thanksgiving: A Day to Give Thanks” and “Birthday: The Day of My Birth,” saying they’re “very profound songs.”

    Paris would be proud.

    Posted: April 30th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton To Get A Deal in F1

    According to a whisper in F1 circles, an impending visit to an upcoming Grand Prix by American socialite Paris Hilton hints at a major sponsorship deal for Spyker.

    It is believed that Hilton’s destination could be Monaco next month; but, as Hollywood gossip would also suggest, it is unlikely that her trip is going to be merely social.

    According to speculation, the 26-year-old will be paid for the paddock appearance; with the origin of the cash to soon emerge on the livery of Silverstone based Spyker’s orange racer.

    The smart money is on Rich Prosecco – a fizzy drink in a gold can.

    Posted: April 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Prepares Herself For A Big Month

    So it looks like there hasn’t been any significant news about Paris for a while now. Music and movies aside, Paris Hilton will face a judge this Friday to defend herself. I think we already know what the outcome will be. We still don’t know how she all of a sudden got her licence back, but I think she’s back on the right track. She needs to win this last case and finally move on, and finish her probation.

    What’s really going to be exciting to watch is her participation in Bullrun 2007, in Montreal. She has already visited Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, many times in the past, but never Montreal, or maybe once. I’ve contact major news station in Montreal so they can prepare themselves. One of them is trying to get involved in the event, but we were having trouble contacting Bullrun.

    Paris Hilton’s coming to Montreal, Canada’s second biggest city, on May 12th should be huge. As I said, I’m going to try to attend it, but it will certainly to be hard to find her.

    I’m also very excited about Extra Paris. Due the lack of projects from Paris’ part, I thought it was the perfect time to launch this one. If you feel like you have to collect everything that is related to Paris Hilton’s career, Extra Paris is for you! There are tons of video and audio files to be release. If I were you, I would download all of them and burn them on CDs as a souvenir.

    You’re also welcomed to share the files with your friends and on your favourite forum.

    Again, I strongly suggest you read the webpage, I’ve updated it. Sign up to the new Newsletter to get a bonus documentary about the Hilton family on July 13, 2007. You should also download the test file and see if it works.

    Finally, on a positive note, I’m happy to report that “Nothing in this World” has jumped from #14 to #8 on Bulgarian Airplay Chart!

    April 23, 2007


    1 1 Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
    2 15 Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar
    3 4 Grafa – Zeleni I Kafiavi
    4 5 P. Diddy Featuring Keyshia Cole – Last Night
    5 6 Antibiotika – Az Disham S Teb
    6 2 The Fray – How To Save A Life
    7 8 Timbaland Featuring Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake – Give It To Me
    8 14 Paris Hilton – Nothing In This World
    9 3 Fergie Featuring Ludacris – Glamorous
    10 7 Robbie Williams With Pet Shop Boys – She’s Madonna

    Posted: April 28th, 2007
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    Witnesses Say Us Magazine’s Story About Paris Hilton And Prince Is False

    “As it turns out, I’m the lady from the audience who sang “Play that funky music” with Prince on Friday 20th April 2007. He had already invited a handful of people onstage to dance, Paris Hilton was one of them and so was I. Prince respectfully asked anyone to from the audience to sing that song with him and never said anything about whether Paris could sing or not. The microphone was with his backing singer, Shelby and she was the one that apparently offered the microphone to Paris. I knew the song and I in my excitement I frantically ran across the stage to seize the opportunity of a lifetime; the honour to sing with the greatest of all entertainers, Prince himself. It looked as though the problem was that Paris did not know that particular song, so I started singing the first bar of the verse of the song with the mic still in Shelbys hand. Prince then signaled Shelby to let me continue and that was it. Prince did not dis Paris and Paris did not storm off in anger. All dancers left the stage together. The whole event was great fun and awesome entertainment, nothing should be taken away from that. And I’ll never forget that moment that I shared the stage with Prince!!!!”

    Janet Gabriel

     Another blow to the haters. Always question what you read!

    Posted: April 28th, 2007
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