Paris Hilton Holds A Gwen Stefani Doll

    After a long day of shopping, Paris was just about to head out to Sherman Oaks for a birthday party (after showing off the Gwen Stefani doll she’d planned to give the birthday girl as a present and thanking one of the paparazzi for catching her cat after it escaped the other day) when one of the photogs dropped a bomb on her: they’d seen someone going through the garbage cans outside Paris’ house! Paris seemed understandably concerned by the news, asking the shutterbug to talk to her assistant about the mysterious trash thief – although in true Hilton fashion, she didn’t let the scary news deter her from heading out to party until 2 AM!

    Posted: April 20th, 2007
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    Cat Tries To Escape From The Paris Hilton Zoo

    Paris Hilton’s cat got loose last night — but a good samaritan paparazzo wrangled the critter and brought it back.

    Ms. Hilton was home getting ready for a party, when a photog stationed outside the driveway saw Paris’ furball sniffing around, when he corraled it and alerted Paris via the security speaker.

    Paris appeared at the gate in a bathrobe and sunglasses, and snatched up the wayward cat.

    TMZ (edited)

    Posted: April 20th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton And James Blunt Together?

    ANOTHER man has fallen prey to the wiles of Paris Hilton. Although she was supposedly dating “Desperate Housewives” hottie Josh Henderson, Hilton showed up at Teddy’s in L.A. Wednesday night with sister Nicky, David Katzenberg and Petra Nemcova’s ex, “You’re Beautiful” whiner James Blunt. Our spy watched as Hilton and Blunt “danced and held hands” before starting to make out. Blunt’s rep huffed, “This sounds like gossip to me!”Page Six

    I can’t say if it’s true. Again, never trust Page Six. But we know that Paris has already met James Blunt in 2006 and they hanged out together. Just because they met again doesn’t mean they’re lovers.

    I think this whole boyfriend thing is very distracting; we need real Paris Hilton news!

    Posted: April 20th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Parties With Cameron Diaz!

    Seems like a strange fit, but Cameron and Paris hooked up at Teddy’s last night, along with Nicky and David Katzenberg, before taking the party back over to Paris’ house! Cameron was escorted into the party by David (son of Shrek producer Jeffrey Katzenberg), but had to be helped out to her car by a friend (anyone recognize Shane from Survivor: Panama – wtf is he doing there?)! Things got even wackier when the Prius driver tried to board an SUV, thinking it was her car! Our photogs informed Cameron of the mistake, and she was guided over to the more environmentally friendly vehicle before she was driven home. Good thing Cam hired a driver for the night!


    If I’m not mistaken, Cameron Diaz is one of Paris Hilton’s idols (like Britney).

    Posted: April 19th, 2007
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    More Info And Video About Paris Hilton Getting Her Licence Back

    According to her lawyers, Paris’ driving suspension in accordance with her September DUI has been lifted, not sure how since she violated her probation. Any real lawyers out there know why?

    Hey we thought Paris Hilton was still banned from driving? So what the hell was she doing speeding around Beverly Hills in her $200,000 Bentley. And get this, she wasn’t even wearing her seatbelt as you can clearly see in Splash’s exclusive video below.

    She is facing 90 days in jail for being caught last time and is due in court next month. When our shutterbug caught up with her at house, we asked the Hotel Heiress if she had somehow got her licence back on the QT. She gruffly replied:”Obviously.”

    We caught Paris zooming from her house in Hollywood L.A to Santa Monica city where she met a friend, they both then went to a business meeting. As she drove home, our photographers noted she did so a little too fast, cutting off the traffic to the sounds of Justin Timberlake. You’d think for a lady who had her license suspended a few months ago and who also has DUI on her files, she would be behaving herself.

    Oh wait, it’s Paris Hilton we’re talking about here.

    Posted: April 19th, 2007
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    Breaking News: Paris Hilton Gets Her Driving Licence Back!

    Paris Hilton

    There are reports this AM — supported by photos and video — that Paris Hilton is again driving on a suspended license. And get this — the pictures show Hilton driving away from a meeting with her lawyer about an upcoming court appearance for driving on a suspended license!

    TMZ did some digging and found that at least this time, Paris didn’t break the law. Her lawyer, Howard Weitzman, confirmed to TMZ that Hilton’s suspension in connection with her drunk driving arrest last September has been lifted, and she has her license back.

    Paris is back in court May 4, when prosecutors will ask a judge to revoke her probation for when she really did drive on a suspended license.


    Posted: April 19th, 2007
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    Video Of Paris Hilton At BaselWorld 2007

    As reported, Paris Hilton appeared at the BaselWorld 2007 in Basel, Switzerland to introduce her new watch collection.

    Swiss television published a video report online featuring Paris Hilton’s BaselWorld appearance in a sexy black short dress and a perfect opening line: “It is my first time in Zurich and it is a beautiful city”. The audience had to correct her that BaselWorld is in Basel.

    The new line of Paris Hilton watches is are elegant and glizzy as expected. Watchzone already sells several Paris Hilton watches in their online store. Some watches shown in the video report are not featured in the store yet. So expect more to come. PH watches start at $70.

    I was yesterday at the BaselWorld show, but for some reason I missed the Paris Hilton booth. The show is just too big. Expect lots more coverage from the BaselWorld this week on Wrist Dreams. &

    Posted: April 17th, 2007
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