Paris Hilton Slides Back To Artifical Stupidity

    Paris Hilton launched her worldwide career by staring in the hit tv show the Simple Life, in which she portrayed herself as a rich and stupid blonde who hadn’t work a day in her life, alongside with Nicole Richie.

    Back then, Paris was already hated by many people because she is rich and pretty just like today. But in Summer 2006, she showed the world the real side of her by releasing her debut album “Paris.” We saw a documentary about her music career on MTV and VH1. Basically, she was saying that music was her thing and that she is a serious person, not the character she plays in the Simple Life.

    When she released her debut album, she urged the world to look past stereotypes and give a chance to her music. But, right after she said that, a month later, she was caught driving under the influence and that made her look even more stupid and totally discredited her. It meant going back to the old days. Almost everyone forgot about the album and started talking about her DUI (till this day).

    While her second single “Nothing in this World” was struggling in the charts, she took a break and went out partying every week. The promise of a tour and music performances suddenly disappeared.

    Heck, even if she cancelled the tour because of poor album sales, she could have still done it. Most people would just love to see her. Even if her songs suck (which they by far don’t), people would go see her because she’s Paris Hilton and everyone knows that you’ll always have fun with Paris.

    That way she could have also promoted the album (with music performances).

    Ok, I’ll get right to the point. I have a lot more to whine about her music, but I’ll stop here. But I’m just going to say the album represented the real Paris Hilton and not the fake Paris Hilton we see on the Simple Life.

    With the rise of haters these days and with the upcoming fifth season of the Simple Life, people still won’t take her seriously. They will watch the Simple Life and still think she’s stupid.

    I hate to say this, but I think this should be the finale season. And their contract has already ended; Paris and Nicole are no longer obliged to do another Simple Life.

    As much as I love this series to death, I’m still going to say it’s time to move on. Paris should stop offering what the viewers want to see, instead she should surprise them, if she wants to be taken serious as a singer and as an actress.

    So yes, Paris is headed back to degeneracy, but I would be very surprised to see a Simple Life 6 in the future.

    Posted: April 14th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s “Nothing In This World” Is Still In The Charts!

    The song that bombed in America and in Europe is still being played in certain countries, showing off its potential.

    On Slovak Charts, for example, it’s currently at 48, and get this, it has been there in the charts for 26 weeks! It peaked at 19.

    As I said in the past, “Nothing In This World” became a hit in Asia and lasted in its charts for months.

    According to Wikipedia, the single reached high in these countries:

    Poland Singles Chart 1
    Singapore 1
    Ecuador 1
    Venezuela 1
    Costa Rica 1
    Thailand 1
    Asia 2
    Finland Singles Chart 7
    Romanian Top 100 26
    Dutch top 40 20

    Something seriously failed in America and in Europe, but it’s a mystery. You can probably blame it on Paris for not having promoted it.

    Posted: April 14th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Will Present Her Watch Line at BaselWorld 2007

    Paris Hilton will be in Basel at the BaselWorld 2007 watch show today. She will hold a press-conference at 1pm to introduce her new line of timepieces in partnership with ParluxThe initial Paris Hilton watch offering will consist of five collections, including a sleek bangle with a floral design in a host of colors ranging from pink to blue, white, black and even faux leopard. There is a stunning square-cased series, a whimsical charms motif and a superb acrylic-bracelet chronograph line. The watches will retail from $85 to $200, which makes them affordable to most Paris Hilton fans out there.

    I assume photos of the new Paris Hilton watches will surface over the weekend. I will be at the BaselWorld, I make sure I stop by the Hilton booth.
    Paris sure will draw a crowd today at the BaselWorld, as she is always doing when she appears somewhere.

    Parlux Ltd., located in Fort Lauderdale, is already selling the Paris Hilton fragrances since 2004.

    The photo above shows Paris at the E3 2006 Video Game show.

    Posted: April 14th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Meets Josh Henderson At Teddy’s

    Looking draggier than Jaslene on America’s Next Top Model, Paris met up with her pretty-boy-toy, Josh Henderson at Teddy’s last night before bringing him back to her place. Josh walked Paris through the gate before stopping to pose for pix with fans!


    Posted: April 12th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Still Filming The Simple Life 5

    Paris Hilton and BFF Nicole Richie reunited today to shoot another episode of The Simple Life at Kitson For Women on Roberton Boulevard.

    Paris even gave onlookers something to gawk at when the wind blew up her dress. The good news was that she was actually wearing underwear.

    Everyone on the street was probably so excited to see Paris and Nicole since Robertson is a tourist attraction. It’s definitely on the list of to do’s for star sightings when visiting the Los Angeles area. &

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    Paris Hilton And Josh Henderson At Complex Magazine

    The happy couple rolled up in Josh’s SUV. Paris wore a cute hat and a sweet Summery outfit that fitted her to a T! She signed autographs for her fans and made their night fantastic! After a bit she asked which way they should go. I told her they could go any way she wished! Josh is a fine boyfriend and brings his lovely lady plenty of happiness…which she really deserves!

    Beautiful Paris walked hand-in-hand with her “Desperate Housewives” beau. Josh is definately not desperate, with Paris at his side. He is one lucky fellow! Once again, he escorted her to his Range Rover and politely shut her door. The flashes lit up this exciting and fun couple and Paris did cute little poses. I was only too pleased to end my night with Paris and Josh.

    Posted: April 12th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton To Launch Clothing Line In Late July 2007

    It was suppose to be ready in a month from now, but the latest is that the new clothing line (Dollhouse brand) from Paris Hilton will be in stores by late July 2007.

    As always from the Hiltons, each dress will cost you less than a 100$.

    I hope they promote this latest project more in the coming months. There’s been barely any mention about it in the media…

    Always from the very supportive E!

    Posted: April 11th, 2007
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