Perry Taylor Is Paris Hilton’s New Bodyguard

    Paris, looking very Olivia Newton-John circa 1979, stopped by an ice cream parlor where she primped and preened in front of the mirror and posed for pix while she waited for her pink cone.


    Posted: April 11th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Signs Tons Of Autographs And Hangs Out With Mr. Cooper

    It was a flashback to the early ’90s last night as Mark Curry aka “Mr. Cooper”, and Salt-N-Pepa’s Spinderella made rare appearances at Area.

    The two attended Complex magazine’s 5th anniversary party, which played host to all the usual nightcrawlers. A confused Paris Hilton showed up with boytoy Josh Henderson, while Paul Wall showed off his grillz to photogs.

    Hilton’s former BFF Kim Kardashian was there too, proving she doesn’t need the heiress to get recognition — Kimmy had to fight off autograph seekers. That sex tape apparently won a lot of fans!

    Cee-Lo, Andrew Dice Clay, DJ AM, and a sleazy looking JR Rotem — Britney’s producer and alleged one night stand — added to the random crowd.


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    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Talk About Simple Life 5 and Music

    The “Simple Life” just got a little simpler, and “Extra” sat down with a healthy looking Nicole Richie and a smiling Paris Hilton as they opened up about the end of their once bitter feud. Plus, only “Extra” was invited to their first friendly night out in public! Come along as we get up close and personal with these partners in crime.


    Ah yes, it’s going to be tough to get Paris to talk about her own music and about other important stuffs!

    Here’s another clueless reporter asking them unimportant and obvious questions…

    Interview With AP

    Posted: April 10th, 2007
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    Paris And Nicole’s Publicists: No Personal Questions!

    Yeah! Ask only boring questions!

    TV celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie won’t answer questions about their checkered driving records, or Richie’s recent dizzy spells, or the origins of their highly publicized feud.

    But they are more than happy to talk about a certain rectal ministration they performed on participants at a “wellness camp” overseen by fitness guru Susan Powter for an upcoming episode of their reality show, “The Simple Life.”

    “We gave the campers enemas,” Richie told Reuters on Monday in a brief interview given by the pampered pair to promote their show, which returns for a fifth edition May 28 on the cable network E! Entertainment Television.

    “We did it outside, so that was a lot of fun,” Richie, 25, said of the enema sequence. “It probably wasn’t that fun for (the campers), but it was definitely interesting. It was something that I never thought I would do before.”

    Hilton, 26, compared the experience unfavorably to one of her previous “Simple Life” undertakings — working in a dairy, saying simply: “I’d rather milk cows.”

    The show’s upcoming features Hilton and Richie, best friends again after a highly publicized rift that kept them on nonspeaking terms for over a year, assuming their new roles as camp counselors.

    But instead of working in a traditional summer camp for kids, they host a series of groups attending Powter’s fitness program and four other specialty camps — a couples camp, a drama camp, a survival camp and a beauty pageant camp.

    A spokesman for producer 20th Century Fox Television said Powter, author of such books as “Stop the Insanity” and “C’Mon America, Let’s Eat,” ordered the enemas because “she believes the first step in wellness is cleaning yourself out.”

    “You’ll see it on camera,” the spokesman, Chris Alexander, said on Tuesday. “It’s probably a 10-minute sequence, which according to the producer of the show will have you on the floor laughing.”

    Reporters interviewing Hilton and Richie were warned in advance by publicists to avoid “personal” questions. A query about Richie’s dizzy spells last month on the set of “The Simple Life” was cut off before she could respond.

    Asked about their reconciliation, Hilton said she and her friend, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie, patched up their differences after she called Richie on her birthday last September, and the two had dinner.

    “It was like nothing ever happened,” Hilton recalled. But the two demurred when asked what sparked their feud in the first place. “There was never anything really,” Richie said, insisting the media had blown their rift “out of proportion.”

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    How Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Became Friends Again?

    A birthday call from PARIS HILTON to NICOLE RICHIE ended the SIMPLE LIFE star’s long-running feud.

    The socialites, now best friends again, fell out under mysterious circumstances in 2005.

    Insiders claim the friendship turned sour when Richie screened Hilton’s ONE NIGHT IN PARIS sex tape at a party.

    Both have refused to reveal the details of their split, but Hilton has come forward with information about the phonecall she made to end the hostility last September (06).

    She says, “It was Nicole’s birthday and I really missed her and I just decided to pick up the phone and call her.” Speaking to US news show EXTRA, Richie adds, “We just got together that night and it was like there was never anything that happened. “It was weird, like we had seen each other yesterday.”

    Posted: April 10th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Launches Sportswear Line

    Who says a hotel heiress known mostly for her ability to smile can’t design?

    Apparently, no one. On Wednesday, Paris Hilton launched her new juniors clothing line.

    Cappuccino-armed buyers and junior-wear enthusiasts gathered in the downtown L.A. Fashion District’s California Market Center to get a look at Hilton and her sportswear line, which, (un)surprisingly, is not very sporty.

    Apparently, that’s a minor detail in the world of Paris, who opened the show with a decidedly rehearsed welcome/thank you to the Dollhouse clothing brand — creators of her line — for allowing her to put her stamp of approval (i.e. her logo) on whatever they ultimately came up with — more or less.

    What was paraded on the runway turned out to be pretty similar to the current trends of the tween/teen generation. It stayed mostly in the range of bright pinks and greens, with low-cut baby-doll dresses paired with interminable black leggings, and large sequin-adorned tops.

    Hilton closed the show with a stroll down the runway, wearing metallic white jeans and a gold sequined tank, presumably from her own line. Camera flashes assailed the space around Hilton’s grinning face — a face that said, “Get a good look, because you’ll probably never see me wearing low-end denim again … ever.”

    Sentiments around the refreshments table? One middle-age buyer described the line as “horrible.” Nevertheless, teen girls around the globe are probably placing early orders for their Paris-approved cotton-blend frocks, like, yesterday. Hilton’s sportswear — for those who care — will be available in department stores this fall.

    I’ve read this sort of negative and hypocritical attitude many times, always mentionning that Paris only participates by allowing her designer to put a “stamp of approval” on clothes (like as if she’s the only celebrity who does that) but in fact, most of what Paris launches is actually inspired by her and her personality. She also always checks and approves and disapproves everything (according to her).

    Anyway, watch out for some more clothing lines from Paris in the near future!

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    Simple Life 5 Interview With Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

    >>> Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie To Be Featured On “Entertainment Tonight” Tonight. Check their website.

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are famous for having fun. The world first met them in photos from exclusive parties. Now dedicated packs of paparazzi track their every move, capturing each festive (and sometimes bizarre or law-breaking) moment.

    Hilton, 26, and Richie, 25, say the fun continues on “The Simple Life,” the reality show that throws the privileged pals into everyday situations. After famously feuding and filming their parts separately last season, the celebutantes reunite as camp counselors for the show’s fifth installment, which premieres May 28 on E!

    Their task? Leading campers through fitness sessions, couples counseling, drama lessons and beauty-pageant preparations – and surviving without cell phones.

    Hilton, in a lemon-yellow minidress, and Richie, wearing black jeans and a bustier, talked with The Associated Press Monday about their latest on-camera adventures, their friendship and what they’ve learned from “The Simple Life.”


    AP: How did you prepare for camp?

    Richie: We actually didn’t prepare, which I guess was a problem because we were wearing heels and just not camp-appropriate things. But during the fitness camp we wore sweats a lot which was a nice break.

    Hilton: We had fun with everyone who came in. All the camps were completely different. We would have to do all the challenges that they would have to do. We had to stay with them in the same rooms, so basically we were living the camp life. It was hard, you know, not having cell phone service, being away from our friends and our family, but we had each other, so that was a lot of fun.

    AP: Neither of you had been to camp as kids. What did you think of the whole experience?

    Richie: It was interesting. It’s definitely not for me. I’m not a camper. But I’m glad that I did it once. I’m always up to try anything.

    Hilton: I think just being the camp counselors is being a lot different from actually having to go to camp as a kid. But I don’t know. I didn’t really like the camp life either. I’d rather go to Europe for the summer.

    AP: You two have had some ups and downs in your friendship. Where do you stand now?

    P: We’ve been best friends since we were two years old. I’ve don’t have any friend I’ve had as long as Nicole. She’s my sister. Everyone has a fight, you know, it’s just not going to be publicized, you know, and have things construed and changed around. You know, we’re friends. We know the truth. The media made up a lot of silly stories and you just have to not pay attention to it.

    AP: What was the worst media incident and how did you get through it?

    Richie: I don’t know if there’s something that stood out as being the worst, but I mean, people really banked off of it. There were Team Paris and Team Nicole shirts. We didn’t make them, you know? And it was really awkward when people would ask me to sign them because I’m not going to sign them. (Hilton giggles.) It’s true! Like, I’m not going to sign a Team Nicole shirt that says, Yeah, I’m against Paris or anything like that, you know? Even though it’s public, it’s not my choice for it to be public, you know? We just had a falling out and it happened to be public. It wasn’t my choice at all. And the fact that we’re friends again, the fact that that’s public isn’t my choice at all. I mean, we’re human beings and we get into fights, and, it happens. Well, we had one fight in 23 years, so I guess that’s a good thing.

    AP: What is it about “The Simple Life” that fans have connected to?

    Hilton: Just that it’s about two best friends who are together and I think people can relate to that, because everyone has a best friend. We have our secret languages and our secret looks to each other and we just have fun together. I don’t know. It’s hard to find a group who can be like that together.

    Richie: I think that originally people thought “Oh, this is going to be about two spoiled blond girls that don’t know how to do anything and make fun of people,” and that’s not what it’s about. If anything, we’re making fun of ourselves. We’re very different. We’re very opposite, so it’s a good balance, you know, between the two… She has strengths where I have weaknesses and I have strengths where she has weaknesses and it really creates a good dynamic.

    AP: What has doing the show taught you about life and about each other?

    Hilton: I’ve just been doing the show now five seasons so I’ve definitely, you know, learned a lot. I’ve traveled the world and met all these different families and different people and, I don’t know, just learning about other people. With Nicole, I’ve been best friends with her my whole life so I already knew everything about her. I don’t know, just that we can survive any situation and we can have fun no matter where we are as long as we’re together.

    Richie: It’s funny because a lot of people, as close as they are, when you spend so much time with someone, it’s like you see habits that you know, you’re just like ugh, I can’t spend this much time with someone. But I love spending time with her and we have so much fun and, you know, I really just look at it as nothing but fun.

    AP: How are your pending legal problems affecting your projects? (Hilton and Richie were each arrested for driving under the influence in the past year.)

    Richie: We’re not talking about that.

    Associated Press

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