Paris Hilton Signs Autographs and Takes Pictures With A Fan

    Starlets like Paris Hilton can be pretty shameless when it comes to showing off their wardrobes – after all, in addition to showing off the depth of your taste, you give the press a perfectly good excuse to photograph you again! So just imagine our surprise to catch Paris Hilton out and about in the same getup – all day long! Paris was sporting a black-and-red babydoll dress when we caught her in the company of both one of her non-Tinkerbell dogs during the afternoon and Josh Henderson at Parc later that night. (Word from the wise, Paris – next time you’re going to pick an outfit to wear all day, why not pick something that doesn’t look ridiculous?)

    Posted: April 10th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Are No Longer Friends

    Time to report this one…

    Famous friends and fellow sex-tape sirens Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian might be turning against each other – because Kim’s getting too big-time for Paris’ liking.

    Paris, according to MSNBC, didn’t show up for Kim’s big birthday bash in Vegas on Friday, and various sources say that Kim didn’t want to be overshadowed by Paris anyway. Fueling the feud was Kim K’s former rep, Jonathan Jaxson, who wrote on his blog that magazine editors “are moving past Paris in hopes to bring [sic] someone fresh to the spotlight, like Kim.

    Jaxson adds that Britney texted Kim in New York to hang out “and go bowling,” but that Kim passed on the invite because she didn’t want to piss off Paris.

    I’m sure that the media is overexaggerating this one, but what Kim’s former rep just said is obviously not true, and it’s only his opinion. I think that many people believe Paris will loose her spotlight, but that’s only because she hasn’t made a comeback since the release of her music album – way back in Fall.

    I know that Kim (or her ex-boyfriend) released her tape and is now trying to make a career out of it. Well, her cousin said she was pissed off about it, but I guess she doesn’t mind anymore. However, I don’t think it became as popular as they had thought it would. In fact, Kim is really not as popular as Paris by far. You can google both names and you’ll see what I mean.

    Anyway, I think it’s really unfortunate that they’re no longer friends, but hopefully, someday they’ll reconcile.

    Posted: April 10th, 2007
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    Second Simple Life 5 Video!

    Apparently, Paris and Nicole were being filmed “in the middle of no where.” No wonder this time the paparazzi didn’t have the chance to film them… This season will probably look more a lot like the first one.

    Posted: April 9th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Avoiding Each Other Again

    Everyone knows Lindsay and Paris aren’t exactly the closest of companions – but are things really so bad between the two celebs that they can’t even coexist in the same club? That’s exactly how things went down on Friday night – we caught up with Lindsay as she left Teddy’s to head over to Les Deux, but when we got there, we discovered the fiery yougn starlet still sitting in her car. Why? Apparently word got around that Paris Hilton was in the club – and Lindsay didn’t want any part of that action! Lindsay ultimately decided to trek back to Teddy’s to keep the party going, but if she’d stayed around a little longer, she might have saved herself a trip – we spotted Paris leaving Le Deux just a little while later!

    Posted: April 9th, 2007
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    Just Another Night With Josh Henderson

    Paris had a pretty full Saturday night (and an even fuller moon). Her new bf, Josh Henderson picked her up and escorted her over to the very classy West Hollywood establishment, Saddle Ranch, to meet up with his boys. Well, Paris musta thought the place with the mechanical bull wasn’t up to her standards, cuz soon after they arrived, she called her car to come pick her up and take her over to Republic, where she met up with a bunch of girlfriends. She then had her car take her back over to the Ranch, just to fetch Josh and bring him over to Mood. All the shuffling didn’t seem to damper her mood any, though, because the pair ended the night over at Paris’ house!

    Posted: April 9th, 2007
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    Another Party At Paris Hilton’s House

    Hot Hollywood club opening? Nope. Big Hollywood movie premiere? Try again. Party at Paris Hilton’s house? Ding ding ding!

    Would-be partygoers tried to make their way to Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Hills pad on Saturday night, but most were turned away when a bouncer yelled out, “The guest list is closed! No one else is getting in!” Denied.

    LAPD showed up to try and clear the traffic, and a few cars ended up getting towed; a small price to pay to boogie down with Paris.


    Posted: April 9th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Lawyer Going After A Blogger

    PARIS HILTON’s attorney has fired off a furious warning to a US internet blogger after he posted a parody of THE SIMPLE LIFE poster on his website poking fun at the socialite and her co-star NICOLE RICHIE.

    GREGORY GABRIEL insists the insinuations are untrue and has demanded the images be removed from MICHAEL K’s site.

    According to Page Six, the lawyer wrote, “This poster clearly implies Ms.

    Hilton has loathsome diseases and also implies Ms. Hilton uses Vicodin.

    “The inferences… are false and defamatory.” Hilton was left red-faced earlier this year (07) when alleged contents of her old storage locker were posted on the internet, including a prescription in her name for Valtrex, the drug used to combat genital herpes.

    Meanwhile, according to police, Richie admitted to officers at the time of her December (06) driving arrest she had taken the painkiller Vicodin.

    I’ve seen the photo, and I have to admit it’s somewhere funny and well done, but yet very shocking and disgusting. It’s clearly made by a hardcore hater.

    Oh and by the way, and Page Six are a hardcore Paris Hilton haters. I, too, was wondering where it came from. I guess her lawyer somehow got the information.

    It’s pretty lame to see that Page Six went to her lawyer for this. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think it’s really a serious matter.

    Posted: April 9th, 2007
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