Associate Press. FINALLY Spreads The News About Simple Life 5

    On-again friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are taking “The Simple Life” – which shows the tabloid-ready celebutantes thrown into everyday situations with real people – to camp. After last season’s format allowed the then-feuding friends to have little to do with each other, this year’s edition brings them together again.

    “The Simple Life Goes to Camp,” set to debut in May, has Hilton and Richie working as counselors at Camp Shawnee in the mountains near Los Angeles, E! Entertainment Television Inc. announced Wednesday. The camp will be host to five different specialty groups: Wellness Camp, Pageant Camp, Couples Camp, Survival Camp and Drama Camp.

    Hilton, 26, and Richie, 25, will be expected to eat, sleep and keep the same schedule as the campers. They will be working under the direction of various experts, the network said.

    “The fact that Paris and Nicole are friends again and will have to survive without their luxuries at a family run camp in the middle of nowhere takes us back full circle to the original concept that makes this show so much fun,” Lisa Berger, who oversees original programming and series development, said in a statement.

    “Paris and Nicole will be advising and training girls and their moms for beauty pageants, or providing therapy for couples seeking to strengthen their relationships,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Richie has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, or low-blood sugar, her publicist confirmed Wednesday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

    Richie was visibly heavier in 2003 when she began filming “The Simple Life.”

    Last fall, she acknowledged in an interview in Vanity Fair magazine that she was “too thin right now” and was getting treatment to add pounds.

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    Simple Life 5 Will Air In May 2007: Confirmed!

    Great news! E! Entertainment just announced that “The Simple Life Goes to Camp” will air in May 2007.

    Producer Jon Murray is promising that this season may be the funniest yet!

    However, its production has been slowing down because of Nicole Richie’s health issues.

    Read more from

    The Simple Life star, who took ill on the set of her E! reality show this month, has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, or low-blood sugar, her rep confirmed Wednesday.

    “[Richie] is taking steps to manage it,” the rep said.

    According to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation’s Website, hypoglycemia occurs when the pancreas secretes too much insulin, usually because of a glucose rush, causing blood-sugar levels to crash. Symptoms include faintness, fatigue and dizziness.

    Last fall, the weight-watched Richie announced she was seeking a medical explanation to determine why she wasn’t putting on pounds.

    On Mar. 2, during production on the latest season of The Simple Life, the 25-year-old was briefly treated at a hospital for dehydration.

    Health issues aside, Richie is contending with legal issues stemming from her driving-under-the-influence arrest last Dec. 11. Richie has pleaded innocent to the misdemeanor charge. A pretrial hearing was set for Apr. 2.

    Professionally, Richie is keeping on. The Simple Life Goes to Camp, the fifth season of her and Paris Hilton’s misadventures, will premiere in May, E! announced Wednesday. (E! Online and E! Entertainment Television are divisions of E! Networks.)

    As the title indicates, the show’s latest edition will see Richie and Hilton bunking down, and playing counselors to a variety of campers, from at-risk couples to pageant-aspiring little girls.

    Richie and Hilton, whose shared screen time dwindled as their off-screen friendship cooled, are said to be back on good terms.

    “The chemistry between them is resulting in one of our funniest seasons yet,” executive producer Jon Murray said in a statement.

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    Kids Love Paris Hilton’s “Nothing in this World”!

    BMG’s Commercial Music Group have released Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice, Vol 3, a compilation CD featuring recent hit favorites from today’s hottest musical superstars. The album is set to come out in conjunction with Nickelodeon’s 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, which will air live on Nickelodeon March 31st at 8:00 pm EST. Justin Timberlake will host the massively popular show, which honors kids’ favorites from the worlds of film, music, sports and television.

    This year’s ‘Kids’ Choice’ CD marks the third installment of the Kids’ Choice music franchise. Over 18,000 kids voted on this year’s cover design. The CD features 16 songs from today’s most popular recording artists including Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys and Ashlee Simpson.

    Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice, Vol 3 Track Listing: 1. Christina Aguilera / Ain’t No Other Man 2. Danity Kane / Showstopper 3. Kelly Clarkson / Walk Away 4. Natasha Bedingfield / Unwritten 5. Ashlee Simpson / Invisible 6. Daniel Powter / Bad Day 7. Nick Lachey / What’s Left Of Me 8. Justin Timberlake / Cry Me A River 9. Chris Brown / Yo 10. Omarion / Entourage 11. Alicia Keys / Unbreakable 12. Pink / Who Knew 13. Paris Hilton / Nothing In This World 14. Drake Bell / I Know 15. The Naked Brothers Band / Crazy Car 16. Carrie Underwood / Don’t Forget to Remember Me


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    Paris Hilton Met Jenna Jameson Yesturday

    Paris Hilton and her more-or-less friend, Jenna Jameson, bumped into each other at 2 B Free Collection fashion show yesturday where Paris modelled.


    At a night club a paparazzi caught the two girls hugging, one of them who is always caught up in some scandal, Paris Hilton, and the other one of the biggest stars of the porn industry, Jenna Jameson. It was only an introduction, according to

    Even though many have compared the two, first of all because of physical appearance, they had just met.

    According to the guests at the club, the two were created for each other.

    Maybe it was only a marketing trick, because a lot of people want to put them together, and maybe the newly made friendship will last.

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    Paris Hilton and Stavros Break Up!

    It looks like it’s finally over between Paris and Stavros.

    I personally prefer to see Paris single because when she’s alone, she tends to work harder on her projects, and… quite franky, unlike the media, I really don’t think it’s important to know how’s Paris’ boyfriend at the moment. They always ask her the most unimportant questions!

    But unfortunately, just as she dumped her boyfriend, she found another one, Ashlee Simpson’s ex-boyfriend, actor Josh Henderson. Another one to pull back Paris from the scene.

    Well, the good news (at least for me) is that it’s not confirmed they are officially going out together, but we’ll likely know that later.

    On the other hand, the media is finally focusing on the filming of Simple Life 5, so we’ll probably see more information about that in the coming days.

    Here’s a report about Paris’ boyfriend from the very trustworthy
    Have Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos split up again?

    Sounds like it.

    A close pal of the hotel heiress tells me they have called it quits. Hilton is said to be the one who ended things because Niarchos has never been too pleased with all the attention Hilton gets from her male admirers, the pal reports.

    “He gets jealous, so they argue,” the pal says. “Not sure if it is permanent, but they have not been seeing each other for the past couple of weeks.”

    Another pal tells me Hilton may have already moved on to Josh Henderson, a musican and actor who used to date Ashlee Simpson. You may also know him from Desperate Housewives, on which he played womanizing troublemaker Austin McCann.

    The pal reports that Henderson and Hilton were spotted together at Area nightclub last Thursday and at one of Hilton’s own house parties this weekend.

    However, another friend says there’s nothing brewing between Hilton and Henderson. “She’s been over Stavros for a while,” the friend says. “Now she’s into just hanging out with her girlfriends.”

    Of course, don’t be surprised if Hilton and Niarchos are back together by the time you finish reading this item.

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    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Continue To Film Simple Life 5

    Paris and Nicole were probably working on the Simple Life all weekend. Here’s a report from with a new video.

    “The Simple Life” just got a little less “real.”

    (We already know the Simple Life is fake; at least I hope you did.)

    TMZ spotted Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie shooting a scene for the upcoming season of their “reality” show, a scene that took careful planning and multiple takes?! Michael Richards would love that kind of reality!

    Moments before the scene, the “Simple Life” crew briefed the band of photogs waiting outside Hilton’s home, telling them exactly what the two starlets would be doing in the next take.

    When Hilton and Richie emerged from Paris’ pad, the smiling BFFs staged an “impromptu” photoshoot for cameras, before jumping into a waiting SUV which whisked the pair away. Minutes later, it brought them back.

    The girls then re-shot the exact same scene, to perfection if we might add, before retreating into Paris’ place — apparently do-overs are allowed in reality TV!

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    Wish Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Good Luck!

    Several sources are now reporting that the real filming of Simple Life 5 has yet to begin. We can now expect less and less news about Paris Hilton as she goes back to work on the set of Simple Life 5.

    Paris and Nicole are going to start recording the episodes after having filmed the opening of the new season at places such as Hotel Woodland Hills.

    Meanwhile, x17online reported today that Paris went to party either at Area or the Black Pearl and was too tired to take a picture with a fan who was waiting outside of her house.


    Report from Usmagazine

    Nicole Richie, 25, and Paris Hilton, 26, are going to be counseling overweight campers on the fifth season of The Simple Life, a rep for E! confirms to

    “They are going to be camp counselors at one camp in the Southern California Mountains,” says an E! spokesperson. “The camp has five different themes. Each week will be a different theme. And yes, one week is a weight loss/fitness camp. It’s not a fat camp.”

    You have to hand it to E! There’s a subtle genius to hiring a celebrity who’s admitted to suffering from an eating problem to counsel people at a weight loss camp — one who was hospitalized two weeks ago because she forgot that she’s supposed to drink things.

    But seriously, isn’t Paris Hilton the spokestard for a burger chain? This plan is full of conflicts of interest.

    They should make this a two-parter and have these poor campers get a mixology degree from The Lindsay Lohan School for Bartending afterward.

    (Joking aside, Nicole is looking much, much better.)

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