Philippoussis Linked to Paris Hilton

     SYDNEY, Australia – Wimbledon finalist Mark Philippoussis has been branded a cad by tabloids and callers to talk radio after he was romantically linked with Paris Hilton.

    Since recent reports of Hilton, star of TV’s “The Simple Life,” telling two Australians she was “head over heels in love” with Philippoussis, there has been speculation about the Aussie tennis star and pop singer Delta Goodrem’s 10-month romance.

    A Sydney Morning Herald headline “Is Scud a cad?” reflected the general sentiment in the Australian media. TV and radio focused on his string of failed romances.

    Philippoussis, nicknamed Scud for his powerful serve, has refused to comment.

    Gina Hoffman, a spokeswoman for Hilton, told The Associated Press in New York Monday: “They are good friends who met through mutual friends.”

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    Sydney’s Daily Telegraph cited sources saying Philippoussis had ended the relationship with Goodrem earlier this month, a few days before he met Hilton at a party in Los Angeles.

    Goodrem refused to comment. The 19-year-old met Philippoussis after he sent her a card while she was recovering from cancer last year.

    She was in London this week to launch her new single, “Out of the Blue,” a song inspired by her love for Philippoussis.

    Posted: October 27th, 2004
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    Paris Hilton to open Club Paris in Vegas

    Sin City regular Paris Hilton has finally found a place she can call home here.

    Hilton is opening Club Paris and designing her own personal suite at the Aladdin hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The property was recently purchased by an investment group led by Robert Earl, Planet Hollywood’s founder and chairman.

    “Las Vegas is hot, Planet Hollywood is hot and I wanted to be part of the newest, hottest resort in Las Vegas,” Hilton, 23, said Saturday night at the Aladdin when the project was announced.

    “I will see everyone back here on New Year’s Eve when I officially open Club Paris in Las Vegas and Orlando on the same night! That’s hot,” exclaimed Hilton, who was wearing a black and gold Roberto Cavalli mini dress and clutching her pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.

    The Aladdin intends to rent out her suite when Hilton is not using it.

    Posted: October 25th, 2004
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    Paris: ‘Looks don’t matter’

    Paris Hilton says “looks don’t matter anymore” when it comes to her dating preferences.Hilton told “Access Hollywood” that in her search for Mr. Right, she’d rather have someone with a good heart.

    “Looks don’t matter anymore,” the 23-year-old hotel heiress-model-actress said in the interview, set to air Wednesday. “It’s all about how nice they are. At this point, I want to find a guy who’s right for me. I want someone who’s going to treat me well and love me.”

    Hilton, who broke up with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter this summer, starred in two seasons of the Fox reality show “The Simple Life.” She recently published a memoir, “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose,” and launched a jewelry collection.

    “I’d rather have someone with a good heart than some good-looking idiot with no brain, because looks fade and I know that. I know that I’m not going to be good-looking forever,” she said. “No one is, so it doesn’t matter.”

    Hilton, who just released “Screwed,” the first single from her debut album, said people should listen to her material before drawing any conclusions about her talent.

    “Please, my album is so insane,” she said. “People are going to be blown away.”

    Posted: September 23rd, 2004
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    Paris Hilton’s latest venture: jewellery line

    Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress famous for being famous, has created a jewellery line of pink sparkles, stars and hearts.
    The Paris Hilton collection, which ranges in price from $15 to $95 (U.S.), is available exclusively at It includes necklaces, earrings, a charm bracelet, a belly chain and a belly bar, all in sterling silver and pink crystal.

    “I just looked into my style and looked through my jewellery and things I liked, and used that when I was designing and sketching,” Hilton said Wednesday.

    Hilton, 23, worked with a designer and modelled the jewellery shown on the website.
    “I thought my fans would want to have part of me, something I designed,” she said. “A young girl is able to afford it; it looks expensive but it’s not.”

    Eager fans can also buy a copy of her memoir, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, to be published Tuesday by Fireside, and the DVD of the first season of her reality TV show, The Simple Life, with her friend Nicole Richie.

    Hilton — whose beloved pet chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was missing for a week last month — bristled at the suggestion that she’s able to design jewellery and record an upcoming CD because of her socialite fame.

    “I have a great line of jewellery and I have a great voice,” she said. “The product is there, so people can’t say anything.

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    Paris Hilton writes a book

    Paris Hilton is trying on a new outfit: a hard cover.

    Paris Hilton is trying on a new outfit: a hard cover.

    The model-reality TV star has written a 198-page memoir, “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose.”

    Though the missing Chihuahua saga was too recent to make the book, Hilton writes about her youth as an heiress in a “really close” family. Excerpts of the book (to hit shelves September 7) are in the People magazine that comes out Friday.

    “It’s traditional for an heiress to be raised in a sheltered way,” she writes. “No one thinks that’s true of me, but it actually was.”

    Still, Hilton insists she was not coddled: “The rumor is that I got a credit card at age 9, which is ridiculous. It was more like 19, and I had to get one myself without my parents.”

    Her “Confessions” reveal a girl not as confident as the runway model frequently seen in the tabloids. “It was so embarrassing being flat-chested that I wore padded bras til I was 17. Now, I’m happy to be small. It looks better in clothes. But back then I was really insecure.”

    The notorious party girl also feels a change coming: “I don’t always want the glamorous, jet-set life. Let’s face it, I’ve done it. Someday soon, I want to have children and a big house with a lot of animals — like my parents had.”

    Hilton’s memoirs are not without fashion tips, either. “Trust me, people act differently to you when you’ve got jewelry on your head.”

    Posted: August 27th, 2004
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    Paris Hilton’s pampered pet dog Tinkerbell has been found

    Paris Hilton and her missing pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, have been reunited, Hilton’s spokeswoman said Wednesday.

    No further details were available, Gina Hoffman told The Associated Press.

    Syndicated TV show “Extra” had earlier reported that Tinkerbell, who disappeared last Wednesday, was alive, but that no details on the dog’s condition or where she had been found were available.

    The 23-year-old hotel heiress, who has starred for two seasons on Fox television’s “The Simple Life” with her friend Nicole Richie, had offered a $5,000 reward for Tinkerbell.

    Posters for the pampered pet had been displayed all over the West Hollywood area.

    It was unclear how the dog managed to get away from Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home.

    Tinkerbell – decked out in pink coats or puppy-sized sneakers – has made regular appearances on Hilton’s reality show.

    Posted: August 18th, 2004
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    Hollywood Hills home of Paris and Nicky Hilton burglarized

    “Someone broke into the house Wednesday night, but detectives haven’t identified a suspect, Officer Esther Reyes said. She wouldn’t comment on what was stolen, citing the ongoing investigation.

    “Us Weekly magazine quoted an unnamed Hilton family member, who said the burglar took off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry and personal items.

    “Another unnamed source told the magazine that a laptop computer, several designer purses, video tapes and photographs of Paris Hilton … with ex-boyfriend Nick Carter were also taken.

    “Paris Hilton’s publicist, Gina Hoffman, confirmed the burglary but had no further comment.”

    Posted: August 7th, 2004
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