Picture: Paris Hilton has a Simple Life moment in Switzerland!

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    Posted: September 14th, 2015
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    Video: Paris Hilton blasts people with foam at Club Amnesia

    During her Foam & Diamonds events at Club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain, Paris Hilton transforms the place into an ultimate foam party for the attendees.

    Posted: September 13th, 2015
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    Singer Charli XCX’ music work inspired by Paris Hilton

    Reported by Music-News.com

    Charli XCX has been inspired by the pop culture ‘genius’ of Paris Hilton.

    The 23-year-old singer-songwriter is currently penning tracks for her upcoming album, her fourth full LP.

    And she found inspiration for song ideas from an unlikely source, DJ-and-heiress Paris.

    ‘It’s definitely the most electronic pop sound I’ve done. I’ve been really inspired by Paris Hilton, small dogs and a glitter, luxe lifestyle,’ she explained to British newspaper The Mirror.

    ‘I’ve never met Paris before, but we were both at the amFAR Gala during the Cannes Film Festival this year.

    ‘I was performing and I saw her singing along to my song and I freaked out.

    ‘I’m such a fan and one of my favourite songs ever is Stars Are Blind – it’s pop genius.’

    Charli cancelled her tour with Jack Antonoff in order to focus on penning a plethora of new tunes, but she is not just writing for herself at the moment.

    The star revealed she is also working on songs for Rihanna’s forthcoming eighth studio album.

    It’s claimed Rihanna has been scrambling to find solid hits for her new offering and since Charli has written chart topping tunes for Iggy Azalea, it seemed to be a no-brainer to elicit her help.

    ‘I’m a really big Rihanna fan and I think she’s such an incredible artist,’ Charli gushed.

    ‘She’s my favourite pop girl. She’s the real deal.

    ‘I’ve actually been to a couple of writing sessions for Rihanna’s new record. It was really fun to put together a couple of tracks.’

    Posted: September 11th, 2015
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    Paris Hilton is the cover girl of the Fall 2015 issue of New You magazine

    Press Release

    paris hilton new you

    She’s come a long way from her days on the Simple Life – now with 50 retail stores worldwide,18 fragrances, 3 singles, a booming DJ career and even a beach club in the Philippines!

    ONLY in the fall issue of NEW YOU, Paris sits down with executive editor Ruchel Louis Coetzee to put the ditzy-blonde “character” behind her once and for all

    “A lot of people don’t know the real me!” Paris tells NEW YOU at her cover shoot.

    Here, the 34-year-old heiress turned businesswoman spills on love and having kids, while addressing plastic surgery rumors and sharing her lesser-known business-savvy side!

    “Paris is an extremely talented and successful businesswoman with undeniable beauty both inside and out,” Ken Meares, Chairman and Publisher of NEW YOU magazine said. New You is proud to have her as our Fall Issue cover celebrity.”


    What she wants people to know about the real Paris: “A lot of people don’t know the real me. Just that the Paris that they were introduced to over a decade ago on The Simple Life is not who I am. That was just a character I was playing. The real Paris is down to earth, sweet, real girl—woman now—who is a businesswoman and feels very proud. I have worked very hard and I have a really big heart.”

    On building her empire: “I make time for all my brands. I now have 17 different product lines and we are about to open 200 more stores, so there’s a lot of work that goes into it. I am always getting up early, getting on a plane, traveling, and then throughout the day I’m doing interviews, meet-and-greets with my fans, and meetings with my design team. Then at night, I get to DJ in every single country I go to. I make the most out of every single day.”

    Paris tells NEW YOU she’s never had any cosmetic surgery done – including Botox: “I’ve never done anything in my life…People love making things up, but I am very lucky that I listened to my mom through my young age. She told me to stay away from the sun, so my friends would be frying in the sun everyday and now they all look much older and all have Botox. I even asked my dermatologist if I should do it and he’s like, ‘I refuse to do it to you… Your skin is so perfect. I will not do it to you until you need it and I don’t know if you ever will.’ I am happy with that. I have nothing against it; all my friends have done everything—boobs, nose, chin, cheeks. I live in Hollywood so I’m used to seeing it. It’s just that I’ve never wanted to do it.”

    For the full interview with Paris and all the latest trends in skincare and aesthetic procedures, nutrition, fitness, and more – pick up the Fall Issue of NEW YOU magazine, available by subscribing here or at news stands nationwide.

    Posted: September 8th, 2015
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    Video: Paris Hilton’s visit to Poland

    Posted: September 6th, 2015
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    Lost diamond ring returned to Paris Hilton

    Reported by the Associated Press

    Paris Hilton got lucky in Poland.

    The 34-year-old socialite lost an enormous diamond-studded ring on an airport shuttle bus in the Polish city of Lodz last week. But she won’t be parted from the jewel for long: an honest fireman who found it is returning it to her.

    Ewa Bienkowska, the airport spokeswoman, said Hilton lost the ring on Friday as she was leaving the city after taking part in a fashion event. Two days later a fireman who works at the airport found it on the floor of the bus. At first he assumed it belonged to a flight attendant, though none reported missing a ring.

    Soon after he noticed Hilton on TV wearing the ring and contacted the organizers of the fashion event.

    Posted: September 3rd, 2015
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    News Coverage: Paris Hilton solidària a Eivissa

    Posted: September 1st, 2015
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