Four movie clips featuring Paris Hilton can be seen below.

The Picnic

Nate and Cristabel are having a picnic; he argues that he has found someone for June, and so she needs to make good on her promise by agreeing to go out on a double date.

Here's My Number

Nate talks with Cristabel in the beach front restaurant and she writes her number on his hand, blowing the ink to make sure itís dry. Heís amazed by his good fortune. They make a date to meet at her yoga class later that afternoon.

Someone Special

After yoga class, Nate and Cristabel sit on a bench near the beach. He asks her for a date, but she indicates that unless he finds someone for unattractive June, he's out of luck.

Cristabel Tells Nate

Cristabel takes Nate to here closet. He realizes he's finally achieved his fondest wish, as she tells him to pick out sexy lingerie for her from her extensive collection.

All clips are from the Hottie and the Nottie Press, which can be found at Regent Releasing.