Paris Hilton as Executive Producer

Paris Hilton as Executive Producer

The Hottie and the Nottie is the first film that Paris Hilton co-produced. She had studied the project a few years ago, but she had no time to work on it because of her busy schedule. The Hottie and the Nottie conflicted with the filming of her hit TV-show, the Simple Life.

Paris HiltonTherefore, she waited until the time was right, and in early 2007, they started filming the movie.

Paris says that the writer, Heidi Ferrer, came up to her, showed her the script of the movie and asked her if she could play the role of the hottie. She, of course, read the script, absolutely loved it, found it very funny and finally, agreed to play the role of Cristabelle Abbott.

Before the shooting, she sat down with other producers and together, they began editing the script. She brought a few changes to the script, and she was almost involved in every aspect of the movie.

She was involved and went through the casting process. She wanted and insisted on having the perfect cast. She also had different meetings with the financers.

One big change that she brought to the script was the location of the movie. She insisted that the film had to be shot in warm LA instead of in chilly Boston.

Paris HiltonDuring interviews, Paris expressed that she enjoyed being the executive producer of the movie. She also says that she enjoyed being in control, making decisions and working on creativity. However, she remarks that being an executive producer is not easy task due to the fact that it often puts you in stressful situations and because you have to work on and off camera. Nonetheless, it didn't really bother her, and she is proud of her work.

The experience made her realize that she wants to be an executive producer for future projects.