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    Paris Hilton talks to FOX News about her business ventures

    Reported by FOX News

    Long gone are the days when the hotel heiress led party marathons, stirred tabloid headlines on the regular and portrayed the ditzy blonde with a baby voice to Nicole Richie’s troublemaker on the hit reality TV series “The Simple Life.” Paris Hilton, who turns 36 on Friday, insisted she left those days behind and instead, has been expertly crafting her career as an entrepreneur.

    In other words, Hilton has finally grown up.

    “I haven’t really been going to a lot of parties. All of my friends have been telling me to go out every single night, but I have to get up every morning around 7 a.m. for work,” explained Hilton to Fox News while she’s in town for New York Fashion Week where she’s been spotted walking the runway for couture designers.

    “I’ve only been to one party all week when usually it would have been 50 parties,” she said laughing, all while projecting a more poised voice. “My priorities have changed and I’m more focused on my business, getting up early and just being responsible, as opposed to going to all the Fashion Week parties.”

    Hilton wasn’t just in town solely to scope the upcoming styles. The LA-based star has been spending time with her younger sister Nicky, who resides in New York City, as well as her 7-month-old niece Lily Grace.

    She also promoted her 21st fragrance, Gold Rush Man, which she described as her most sophisticated scent for men. She proudly declared to us that like the late Elizabeth Taylor, she’s had a successful collection in her 12 years of producing scents. (Taylor was previously married to Hilton’s great-uncle.) She also revealed that the perfume, “one of glamour and confidence,” reflected the next stage in her life.

    “I feel very lucky that I grew up in a family with amazing businessmen, with my father and my grandfather — they’ve always been such incredible mentors to me that I’ve looked up to,” she explained. “Just getting advice from my family and growing up with a business mindset, I think that’s what really made me the woman I am today and the entrepreneur that I’ve become.”

    And it seems like she’s determined to make her new role the most successful one yet. It’s been reported that Hilton sells $200 million worth of perfume annually. She also owns three hotels, 35 boutiques around the world and is a product manufacturer who has launched everything from makeup to children’s wear — resulting in Hilton, who hops on a plane every other day to launch or help create something new, being worth more than $100 million.

    It’s also the reason why she hopes to be recognized as a role model for girls.

    “I know I have a lot of young fans, especially girls who are very impressionable and are growing up,” she said. “I want to be a role model for them, an independent woman, someone they can look up to who works very hard and created her own empire. [I want to] show them that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your confidence. I love that I could be a great role model for these girls and show that hard works pays off and that they can do it, too.”

    Hilton is pleased with her success so far, but is eager to expand on what she calls an empire.

    “I feel like I accomplished so much already and I’m so proud of what I’ve done so far,” said Hilton. “I’m so excited to be following in my family’s footsteps and getting involved in real estate and opening up my own properties. Another area I’m really focusing on, the next step in my life, is working on different tech projects involving virtual reality and apps….just really innovative, and game-changing projects within the tech world. That’s one area I’m involved in now.”

    However, one thing Hilton has zero plans on conquering again is reality TV. When asked, Hilton stressed that while that was the beginning stage of her career, she’s happily moved on and is just too busy with her countless business projects, which is what she was really meant to do as a Hilton.

    “I get calls every single day from networks and companies pitching ideas for a show,” Hilton explained. “Every single day. I really enjoyed being a pioneer in the reality television world, but now I’m on to bigger and better things. I don’t know, I’m just not into the whole reality thing anymore at all. I just see myself more as a businesswoman now and that’s what I really prefer to put my focus on now.”

      Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner celebrate Paris Hilton’s birthday

      Reported by E!

      As the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star kicked off a long, holiday weekend, fans were surprised to see a fresh haircut on Kim Kardashian.

      This style, however, is dedicated to special friend Paris Hilton.

      The businesswoman also gave fans a clear view of her platinum blond locks on Snapchat while playing with today’s filters.

      Kris Jenner also couldn’t help but give a special shout out to the former reality TV star, sharing an epic throwback photo of the duo from Hilton’s 21st birthday celebration.

      “Happy Birthday Paris!!! I have known you since you were born and you have grown up to be an amazing young lady.. smart, kind, beautiful inside and out and always thinking of others..this is 15 years ago at studio 54 for your 21st birthday!!!! Always so much fun when we are all together…. love you!!!!!” the famous momager captioned the shot.

      While Paris officially turned 36 today, the DJ decided to start the celebrations early with a chic New York City bash on Thursday night.

      As seen on Snapchat, the birthday girl helped celebrate with Ashley Benson, Bethenny Frankel and Nicky Hilton Rothschild at a venue in the Greenwich Village.

      “Happy Birthday to the kindest, sweetest, most fun + loyal sister,” Nicky shared on Instagram with a throwback photo after dancing to Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and more artists. “Love you.”

      While Paris and Kim have experienced some ups and downs in their friendship, the pair has been drama-free for several years now. And although Kim wasn’t able to make Thursday night’s party, fans shouldn’t be worried.

      “They still are friends,” a source shared with E! News. “They don’t hang out like they used to because of their busy schedules but there is no issue anymore between them—only love!”

        Happy 36th birthday to Paris Hilton!

        Paris Hilton turns 36 today.

        paris hilton

          Paris Hilton launches fundraising for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Starlight Children’s Foundation

          Paris Hilton is selling some of her old clothing and her proceeds are going to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Starlight Children’s Foundation. Hilton told Celebuzz, “I’m excited to support a couple of my favorite charities by donating some of my personal items to It’s a simple way to give back. I will support two charities that are important to me, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and The Starlight Children’s Foundation. I hope people will go online and support the auction today.”

            Video: Paris Hilton models at the Christian Cowan fall/winter 2017 fashion show at Pier 59 in New York City

            Video: Paris Hilton comments on Ivanka Trump at the 2017 amfAR Gala in New York City

            At the 19th Annual amfAR New York Gala, Paris Hilton talks with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and discusses her friendship with Ivanka Trump. Plus, she shares her favorite memories of New York Fashion Week.

              Paris Hilton release Gold Rush Man fragrance

              paris hiltonFresh off the heels of the successful GOLD RUSH PARIS HILTON introduced in 2016, Paris Hilton announces the newest addition to her celebrated fragrance portfolio, GOLD RUSH MAN PARIS HILTON. The debut of the men’s fragrance in February 2017 marks the 21st fragrance to be released from Hilton’s illustrious fragrance empire.

              Conceived as the male counterpart to GOLD RUSH, the inspiration behind GOLD RUSH MAN echoes that of its feminine companion. Drawing on the rush of excitement felt during a chance encounter or when meeting someone new for the first time, the charismatic fragrance opens with a vibrant rush of exotic notes evoking a sensual golden warmth and bold masculinity.

              “The launch of GOLD RUSH was a major milestone for me as it represents a new direction and sophistication for my fragrance collection,” said Hilton. “I wanted men to enjoy the essence of GOLD RUSH’s captivating scent for themselves.”

              THE FRAGRANCE
              GOLD RUSH MAN opens with an energetic blend of exotic bergamot, juicy mandarin, and spicy cardamom. The freshness of the mid notes evolves to a sensual balance of Aromatic Lavender, Warm Sage, and Geranium. Finally, dry, smoky Tonka Wood leads seamlessly into a sweet and earthy base of luminous Amber and creamy Vanilla, creating a lasting impression for a smooth, irresistible scent that envelops the skin like liquid gold.

              The Oriental-Fruity fragrance was created by Harry Fremont, Master Perfumer at Firmenich.

              “The fragrance begins with a blend of crisp Citrus and cool Spice combined with the aromatic freshness of Lavender and Sage creating an exhilarating rush,” said Fremont. “The freshness is contrasted with the warm golden richness of Amber, Smoky Tonka Wood and Vanilla for a sensuous masculinity.”

              THE PACKAGING
              The masculine yet sleek design of the GOLD RUSH MAN bottle is the perfect accompaniment to its soul mate, GOLD RUSH WOMAN. The custom bottle is modern and bold, the perfect statement for every man’s style. Remaining true to the aesthetic reflected at the core of the GOLD RUSH collection, the GOLD RUSH MAN packaging reflects a masculine interpretation of old Hollywood glamour.

              THE CAMPAIGN
              Lensed by photographer, Victor Demarchelier, the campaign further illustrates the GOLD RUSH collection’s narrative, capturing Hilton and her alluring male counterpart, symbolizing the ultimate Hollywood glamour couple.

              GOLD RUSH MAN PARIS HILTON Eau de Toilette 3.4 oz ($55.00) is available now exclusively on and in Perfumania stores nationwide beginning February 15, 2017.