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    St. Moritz 3.4 oz EDP Spray

    Paris Hilton - World According To Paris

    The World According To Paris

    Paris Hilton Celebrity Styler

    Celebrity Styler

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    Video: Paris Hilton featured in Demi Lovato’s new “Sorry Not Sorry” music video

    Paris Hilton talks about her new single in an interview with Refinery29

    Refinery29: So, what exactly is Foam & Diamonds?

    Paris Hilton: “It’s my party I’ve been doing — I have a DJ residency [in Ibiza]. And it’s at Amnesia, which is the biggest, most legendary club in Ibiza, if not the world, and it’s basically this really amazing energy — the crowd is insane. I DJ for a couple of hours and do a foam party.”

    You’ve been doing it for so long! Why do you keep coming back?

    “I’ve been deejaying for 8 years and [in Ibiza] for 5 years. I love it, especially [in Ibiza], because I love the energy of the people. It’s so much fun to be up there, seeing everybody have so much fun. It’s an amazingly lucrative business. I really like to optimize my time as a business woman, so when I’m having to travel for 15 hours or more, I like to make sure it’s not just for a meeting. I have my team book me whatever is the best club or music festival or private party or whatever’s happening so I could make the most out of my time.”

    How did you get your start deejaying?`

    “I got started deejaying through my friend DJ AM many many years ago. Just for fun, we would do it at house parties. I was the first one who started doing the whole ‘celebrity appearances at clubs’ thing. And then, from there, I started seeing that it was more about the DJ, so I really studied, and hired the best people in the business to learn the craft. After doing my first show, I really got into it and started doing bookings all around the world.”

    So you’ve trained pretty extensively — what exactly does that training entail?

    “It’s actually very technical. It’s not just something where you put in a song. You need to know the system. When you look at it, it’s just this giant board, there’s so many different buttons, and knobs, and filters. It’s really about learning the art of DJing. There are some other DJs who just play from a computer, but I play from the most advanced systems that are out there. It does take a lot of training to actually learn these systems.”

    This week, you teased a new song — “Summer Reign” — on your Twitter. Why the new release?

    “Well I released my last single last summer — ‘High Off My Love’ — and the summer before that I had ‘Come Alive.’ Every summer, I love being in Ibiza and using it as a showcase. I’d been writing these songs for the past year, and I thought ‘Summer Reign’ was the perfect title for it. We’re doing a lot of versions — a tropical version, a house version, a dance version. A lot of my friends are remixing it. I love the words; they’re really powerful. They speak about love, and summer, and my summer, and I’ve just never been in a better place in my life. I’m just really happy and this is a really happy, uplifting club anthem. ”

    Read the rest of the interview here.


      Video: Promotional video of Paris Hilton’s latest fragrance, Rosé Rush

      The promotional video for “Rosé Rush” features a snippet of Paris Hilton’s newest single “Summer Reign.”


        Paris Hilton introduces latest fragrance “Rosé Rush”

        Press Release

        paris hilton - rosé rushParis Hilton announces the launch of her newest fragrance, ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton. Debuting summer 2017, the whimsical, flirty addition to Hilton’s “GOLD RUSH” fragrance collection ushers in a new sophistication to the portfolio, exuding an effervescent charm and allure with a captivating edge.

        Following the international success of GOLD RUSH Paris Hilton, ROSÉ RUSH marks the second feminine addition to Hilton’s internationally-acclaimed “GOLD RUSH” scent assortment. Reminiscent of its predecessor, ROSÉ RUSH embraces old-Hollywood glamour, while drawing inspiration from the exhilarating “rush” one feels when falling in love.

        “ROSÉ RUSH is a scent to evoke confidence and ambition within all women – particularly in the areas of love and romance,” said Hilton.


        Created by Perfumer, Richard Herpin of Firmenich, the Floral-Rose-Fruity fragrance opens with a flirtatious blend of Rose Petals, Neroli and Lychee. Rose of May and Peony mingle with Juicy Papaya at the mid, resulting in an alluring bouquet of femininity. Sparkling Amber and Cedarwood wrapped with White Musk round out the base, concluding the olfactive with a touch of opulence.

        “I wanted to gather ingredients that would create an aura of femininity around anyone who wears the fragrance,” said Herpin. “To achieve this, I wove together a multitude of Florals and enhanced the Rose Petal notes with hints of juicy pink fruits like Lychee and Papaya to create a fragrance of pure joy and delicacy. In the background, I added comforting and sensual elements of Musk, Woods, and Amber, to create a feeling of elegant extravagance every time the scent is applied.”


        A radiant addition to the enticing “GOLD RUSH” collection, the ROSÉ RUSH flacon reflects the signature distinct feminine form of its predecessor. The evocative silhouette is ornamented with rosé-tinted iridescent glitter emitting a luminous sparkle.


        Reflecting the collection’s signature style, the ROSÉ RUSH campaign is bathed in a rosé hue, with Hilton in a flirtatious stance exuding an aura of glamour and powerful femininity.


        ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz /100 mL $60.00

        ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton will launch exclusively at Perfumania and on July 11, 2017.


          Picture: Paris Hilton attends a 4th July party in Ibiza

          Paris Hilton performs new single “Summer Reign” at Amnesia Ibiza

          Picture: Paris Hilton heads to a meeting in Hollywood