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    • Tom: She’s good with kids
    • Tom: Looking forward to hearing it
    • Tom: Ibiza looks like a nice place.
    • dane: Don’t think she played it 🙁
    • admin: Thanks, Dane. Though she mentioned it on her Instagram, I guess it hasn’t leaked and there’s no...
    • dane: Paris is playing her new single in Ibiza tonight 🙂
    • admin: It’s not exactly clear what she said. It could’ve also been mistranslated. I read a lot of BS...

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    Paris Hilton to expand her brand to include new baby clothing line

    Reported by AOL

    Paris Hilton has 20 fragrances to her name — and just released her latest, Gold Rush Paris Hilton — and runs a business that encompasses 17 product lines and includes hotels and resorts. She uses phrases like “optimizing my time” when discussing her crammed schedule. And she’s spent her summer spinning as the DJ in residence at Amnesia in Ibiza.

    “It’s my fourth year being a resident DJ in Ibiza. And I tour around Europe and the world. Ibiza is incredible. It’s a special magical island. It’s an honor to be a resident DJ. The energy is indescribable,” says Hilton.

    She could cash checks and spend them. But Hilton is a workhorse. “Since a young age, I’ve looked up to my father and grandfather. I always wanted to build my own brand. I want to be known for myself, for Paris. There’s a lot of trust-fund kids who don’t work at all. I want to do something on my own,” she says. “Success drives me. It gets me excited. I can’t stop being creative. I love what I do. I’m passionate about my brand.”

    Her future goals are on point. “I want to continue to expand the brand. I’m getting into real estate and the tech world. I’m releasing new product lines all the time. I have my children’s line. I want to do a baby line,” she says.

    Speaking of babies, Hilton’s sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild recently gave birth to daughter Lily Grace Victoria and yes, Paris is a doting aunt. “I love it. I’m so happy for my sister. The baby is such a beautiful girl. It’s so much fun shopping for a little girl,” she says.

    On Wednesday, Hilton does art workshops with kids and DJs with them in Ibiza, raising cash for children in need. Up next: the launch of the Gold Rush men’s cologne. Plus Hilton will go to the Burning Man musical festival for the first time and then swing by New York Fashion Week in September and hopes to see Jeremy Scott, whose style and personality she adores. “I love fashion. With my line, it’s affordable luxury. I want my fans to be able to buy things that have that high designer look but at a great price point,” she says.

    So when Hilton walks into stuffy business meetings and starts reeling off numbers, are people stunned?

    “I find it really interesting. It makes me laugh because people expect me to walk in and speak like a baby and say, ‘That’s hot.’ A lot of people are very surprised and blown away. I love that. There are so many misconceptions about me. It feels good to prove people wrong. It’s a nice feeling,” she says.


      Video: Paris Hilton arrives back to LAX airport in Los Angeles

      10th anniversary of debut album Paris!

      Paris Hilton’s debut album “Paris” dropped on August 22, 2006 in the US. It debuted at Number 6 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart and sold over 400,000 copies its first week of release worldwide.

      Making of “Paris”

      paris hiltonDuring the making of the debut album, Paris went to Miami to meet uber-producer Scott Storch, who is known for his work with 50 Cent, Mario, Beyonce, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera. ‘Turn It Up’ was his first collaboration with Paris and it set a new, rhythmic direction for the rest of the album. Storch melds a bangin’ beat to a sexy lyric and infectious melody. The song was the beginning of a killer collaboration that generated more than half the songs on the album.

      Storch invited Fat Joe (and his larger-than-life-persona) down to the studio in Miami and they came up with a tongue-in-cheek gem, ‘Fightin’ Over Me.’ The only question was: Who should be the second rapper fighting for Paris’ affection? Turns out it was Jadakiss.

      Originally, Paris’ album had more of a guitar-driven pop/rock direction, sort of like the Go-Go’s meets Blondie. Warner Brothers Records thought having a reggae-flavoured track would be a really good fit and break things up a bit. They asked Shep Solomon, who won the prestigious Ivor Novello Award in the UK in 2006 for Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Shiver,’ to write something specifically for Paris in this vein. He brought in Fernando Garibay and Ralph McCarthy, and ‘Stars Are Blind’ is the result. When Warner Brothers Records started doing remixes, they reached out to the Luny Tunes (Latin Producers of the Year) to do a reggaeton mix. They invited Wisin and Yandel to add their magic.

      While looking for one more track to add to the album, JR Rotem (who co-wrote and produced ‘S.O.S.’ by Rihanna) and DioGuardi (who has co-written hits for Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, and Ahshlee Simpson) sent an infectious song ‘I Want You.’ Rotem is well-known for his work with samples. He utilized the horns from the title track to the Grease soundtrack to add familiarity. Paris finished the vocals within days of it being written.

      Paris and Kara DioGuardi wrote the lyrics to another Scott Storch track, ‘Jealousy,’ in Miami, a song about the disintegration of a very close friendship – due to envy, jealousy and betrayal.

      Storch came up with a contemporary update of an ’80s style track (‘Heatbeat’) while in Los Angeles. Warner Brothers Records ended up asking stellar lyricist Billy Steinberg (who co-wrote Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin,’ Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ and Divinyls ‘I Touch Myself’) to write the top-line of this song, the only ballad on the album.

      They then asked Dr. Luke (who co-wrote and co-produced Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’) to come up with a song for Paris. Luke hooked up with Shep Solomon and started writing ‘Nothing In This World.’ Once they had the chorus and rough sketch of the lyrics, they invited Paris to meet them at a little hole in-the-wall studio on Sunset Blvd. Paris was so taken with the song that she committed to cutting it after the first listen.

      ‘Screwed’ was the very first song Paris recorded; the original demo was done before she signed her deal with Warner Brothers Records. Written by Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells (who has worked with Pink, Aerosmith, Jewel and Elton John, among countless others), the song was coveted by numerous artists. Ultimately Paris won out, and ended up re-recording it with Wells, DioGuardi and Rob Cavallo.

      While recording the vocals on ‘Screwed,’ Paris, DioGuardi and Wells decided to write another song. The result is an upbeat, dance-oriented track, ‘Not Leaving Without You,’ that gives listeners a taste of Paris’ confidence when she sings: ‘I got my eye on you boy and when I get my eye on something, it’s like search and destroy.’

      Storch cooked up the beat for ‘Turn You On’ in Miami and brought it to Dr. Dre’s studio in Los Angeles, where Paris worked with Lonnie Jackson and Taura Jackson on the lyrics and melody.

      After Paris and Scott came up with the idea of covering ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ while visiting Rod Stewart’s home, the other ideas for cover songs were put on the back burner.

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