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    • admin: I think the fragrances, clothes, handbags, shoes etc are great projects that Paris can involved in and work...
    • Tom: She’s good with kids
    • Tom: Looking forward to hearing it
    • Tom: Ibiza looks like a nice place.
    • dane: Don’t think she played it 🙁
    • admin: Thanks, Dane. Though she mentioned it on her Instagram, I guess it hasn’t leaked and there’s no...
    • dane: Paris is playing her new single in Ibiza tonight 🙂

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    Video: Paris Hilton joins Fat Joe at Philipp Plein fashion show in Milan, Italy


      Paris Hilton talks about Gold Rush and new skin care line

      Reported by Allure

      It’s been more than a decade since Paris Hilton launched her first scent—Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton perfume first hit shelves in 2004. You might have sprayed it around your room while watching the Simple Life. Flash forward 12 years, and we’ve found that both the Juicy Couture tracksuit Hilton was famous for sporting is back in style, just in time for the launch of her latest fragrance. In fact, Paris Hilton Perfumes is actually a billion-dollar business, so you can safely assume that someone you know has spritzed one of her 19 scents lately. But wait, now we need to make it 20: The latest Paris Hilton perfume, Gold Rush, is here as the newest scent part of her ongoing partnership with Parlux, a manufacturer and global distributor of fragrances.

      The latest Paris Hilton perfume, dubbed Gold Rush, is a sexy, feminine perfume with top notes of lemon zest, bergamot, and nectarine, and undertones of vanilla, praline, and cashmere woods. It’s a far departure from her previous fruitier fragrances. It’s available now on and in Perfumania stores nationwide.

      We sat down with Hilton at her New York City apartment (Yes, we went to Paris’s apartment!) to learn more about the perfume, how scent has become her passion and what her next big project in the works. Hint: More beauty.

      When did you first decide to create a fragrance?

      “When I was 16 and first moved to New York City, that’s when I first came up with the idea to develop my own perfume. I met with Parlux over 11 years ago and we developed my first perfume, Paris Hilton [for Women], and it was a big success. Now we have our partnership together and we’re on the 20th perfume. Twenty-one is coming out next month as well—a men’s cologne.”

      Did you ever think you’d get to make almost two dozen scents and counting?

      “I literally had no idea. When I was a little girl, I used to go into my mother’s boudoir and try on all her perfumes. I was obsessed with all the bottles and the scents and I told my mom, ‘One day I’m going to have my own perfume.'” But I had no idea in my wildest dreams we would be on number 20 now. I feel very proud.”

      How does Gold Rush differ from your other scents?

      “It’s completely different than any of my other fragrances. Gold Rush is a lot more mature and grown up. I’ve obviously evolved as a woman and this really represents that. It’s [got] that Old Hollywood glamour—[it’s] more sophisticated, more mature, and more romantic than the earlier, more girly scents.”

      Rest the rest of the interview here.

        Video: Nicky Hilton describes her childhood memories with Paris

        Paris Hilton comments on US presidential candidate Donald Trump

        Reported by Entertainment Weekly

        During an interview with Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Wednesday, Paris Hilton was asked about the controversial businessman-turned-politician as well as his elder daughter, Ivanka Trump, both of whom are longtime friends of the Hilton family.

        Regarding Mr. Trump, Hilton said, “I’ve known him since I’m a little girl. He’s a very nice man. You know, I think on TV people like to say things about certain people, but he’s actually a very sweet person. I like him a lot.”

        She stopped short of formally endorsing Trump, however. Asked if she would vote for him, Hilton said, “My mom always told me not to talk about money or politics.”

        Hilton also expressed respect for Ivanka Trump and called her “a brilliant businesswoman.”

          Video: Paris Hilton interviewed on AOL’s BUILD Series in New York City

          Paris Hilton interviewed on the Today show on NBC

          Paris Hilton is keeping busy these days running her clothing, shoe and fragrance line. As she chats with Kathie Lee and Hoda, they remark on her unexpectedly low voice, which Paris says has been her real voice all along.

            Paris Hilton still working on her new album

            Paris Hilton says she is still working on her new music album, which has not yet been released. She recently told The Huffington Post: “I’ve actually been in the studio all summer in Ibiza, I’ve been living there for my DJ residency. So I’ve been in the studio recording, writing, producing, making my own tracks, as well. So the album is almost finished.”

            In an interview with Refinery29 website, she also revealed that she will be recording new music with Charli XCX in London.