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Club ParisThe opening of Club Paris for Paris Hilton is all about business, but it sure is a great nightclub! Club Paris doesn't really have much to do much with Paris, expect that it is very pink and it has Paris' beautiful pictures hanged everywhere. And she was also the designer of some parts of the nightclub. But the businessman who's really behind Club Paris is Paris' good friend, Fred Khalilian. The first Club Paris which is located in Orlando opened on New Year's Eye in 2004, but Fred and Paris also plan to open their club in Las Vegas, New York City, Miami Beach, London and Paris.

When the first nightclub opened, reports indicated that Paris earned seven-figure for having lent her name to the club. Under contract, Paris is obliged to appear at the nightclub twice every month, which isn't a problem for Paris since she loves to party!

Paris certainly loves her nightclub, and so do many party people out there who enjoy having a night of fun at Club Paris.

As of 2006, there are two Club Paris: one in Orlando and another in Jacksville, but more Club Paris will open in 2007 according to its official website.

Paris Fired by Club Paris

On January 5, 2007, the owner of the club said that Club Paris will no longer be associated to Paris Hilton, but instead to the city Paris.

Fred Khalilian explained that Paris failed to makes scheduled appearances at his nightclubs, and that all the problems started when she arrived six hours late for the grand opening. He told The Associated Press "She's created a circus for herself. It's all about: How has she screwed up now?"

But he won't change the name of his nightclubs because "Club Paris" has become too popular.

Elliot Mintz, Paris' spokesman told The Associated Press that neither he nor Paris have been contacted by Khalilian before making this announcement. He also said "I'm certainly disappointed to learn of Fred's unfortunate comments. We shall address his statements at the appropriate time."

This is actually quite interesting because when Paris made an appearance at David Letterman's show, he warned her that if she doesn't care of her nighclubs, bad things could happen. I think everyone knew that Paris didn't care much about them. It was only for business, and she's too busy to make appearances every month if you consider her busy schedule. But this may be very unfortunate to Paris because Fred is a very good friend of her.

Fred partly blames it on her "bad" behaviour, meaning the DUI problem she had in Fall 2006 (apparently Paris must make no mistakes). She didn't really screw up things, that's only an excuse to spice up his justification, but she maybe slaked a bit after the release of her music album in Summer 2006. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call for Paris. Or maybe, she just wants to move on with her bigger schedule which is understandable.

Paris Hilton partying at Club Paris

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