Paris the Video Game Star


According to Paris Hilton, she has always enjoyed playing video games, and she is interested in having her own games.

Diamond Quest

Diamond QuestThe first mobile game called Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest is produced by Gameloft.

Don't Be Puzzled. Watch the Diamonds!

Discover Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest, the official game of the world's most glamorous heiress. Get a rare look inside the doors to this stunning universe studded with diamonds and sapphires!

Paris needs your help to launch her own line of jewelry. Grab your luggage and hop on board her private jet and travel with her to today's hottest cities on the search for rare jewels. In order to do this, you'll have to solve many puzzles along the way that will leave you breathless for hours at a time. You'll also have your choice of several game modes that have different rules but are all based on a similar concept that is both simple and exciting. Eliminate the diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other jewels contained in a grid by switching around pairs of jewels and lining up at least three identical jewels.

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Paris Hilton promoting Diamond Quest

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