News Coverage

News Coverage

The media and tabloids have followed Paris Hilton since she rose to fame in 2004. Even before 2004, the tabloids and paparazzi were all over her.

Somehow, Paris has managed to stay in the news very often. Some people blame her. Others blame the media and tabloids. The media has covered events such as her jail sentence. The jail sentence, in particular, is the biggest media coverage of Paris Hilton. They manage to hire "celebrity experts" to explain to us who Paris really is.

But almost everything you hear from the media and tabloids are either lies or misinterpretations. Of course, often, they don't bother reporting every fact, and they tend to focus on negative aspects because they attracts viewers and readers.

Don't believe everything you hear and read from them. has carefully investigated a couple of major coverages and here are our results.

Note that in order to protect Paris' privacy, we refuse to cover certain events.

DUI Arrest

What really happened in September 2006 after Paris Hilton finished filming her second music video "Nothing in this World."

Probation Violation and Jail Time

Did you know that for the crime Paris Hilton committed, she wasn't supposed to spend time in jail? Did you know that she received a harsher treatment because of her celebrity status? Did you know that she was used as example because of who she is. Did Paris Hilton consciously commit a crime? Have you heard her side of the story? Sometimes, Paris can't say what she really thinks when 80% of the population has negative views of her. Nevertheless, the jail experience greatly changed her.

Relationship with Other Celebrities

The media often writies about Paris Hilton's relationship with other celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Britney Spears. Read our side of the stories!